Friday Free-For All: Zombie Immigration Reform Stumbles Forward

immigration-reform-500Via Mike Luckovich

Bryan Preston, PJ Media: Republican Fools Are About to Throw 2014 Away:

Preston makes the argument I’ve been making for about a year. There is something deeply wrong with the GOP’s priorities. They seem to be devolving from the “Stupid Party” to the “Weapons Grade Stupid Party.”

Weapons-grade stupidity is exactly what John Boehner is flaunting. He is flying his idiot flag high.

This video started making the rounds yesterday. It shows employees at a small business in a swing state coping with the damage that Obamacare will do to them. Their reaction can be boiled down to, Obama lied and my bank account died. Similar videos could be produced showing similar effects on about 93 million Americans who now find themselves in similar circumstances.

They could be cut in with the moment from this week’s SOTU address, in which all of the Democrats stood proudly to applaud Obamacare.

Add to that, the fact that Obamacare’s rollout in Maryland has been so awful that the Democrats there — it’s a one-party Democrat state, by the way — are using Obamacare as a weapon against each otherObamacare’s unpopularity is on the rise nationallyMore Obamacare regulations and taxes are on the way. Obama himself is such popular fellow that Democrats like Mark Begich and Kay Hagan don’t want to be seen with him. Obama’s approval rating keeps sinking. The majority have tuned him out. Even labor unions are mad at him. Meanwhile, on the other end of the country from Alaska, the Democrats’ new darling, Wendy Davis, is proving to be one of the worst candidates for office of the 21st Century. Davis is making Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend’s run for gov in Maryland a few years back look like a dream ride. Davis is making the much-derided failed Tea Party candidacies look like they were run by Lee Atwater and James Carville together. Her awful campaign could be tied not only to all Texas Democrats, but to Democrats elsewhere.

Let’s not forget the plethora of scandals that should be providing low hanging fruit for the GOP to be swiping at instead of gagging on immigration reform – an issue that is on the bottom of the list of conservative priorities, right now. This administration is not following our current immigration laws, for crying out loud. The whole idea of immigration reform should be sh*t-canned until the border is secure, and there is an administration in place than can be trusted. End of story.

Immigration simply is not a priority issue for 97% of the country. It doesn’t rank higher than about 15 out of 20 in issue priorities. It is not going to move votes toward the GOP — most of those who have the hottest hopes for immigration reform aren’t Republicans — but it may move a lot of voters into not moving at all this fall. Pushing immigration now is an excellent way for the GOP to convince lots of its voters that there is no point to voting. That attitude will not only hurt the GOP as it tries to re-take the Senate, it will hurt down ballot candidates all over the country. Picking this immigration fight now is the worst thing the Republicans could be doing. Yes, it will bring in cash from the Chamber of Commerce and business interests. It will not help them solidify or motivate the base and it will not help motivate independents. It won’t even help with the Hispanic vote. Hispanic voters care about jobs and hate Obamacare just like everybody else.

The Weekly Standard: Sessions Warns House GOP: Immigration Bill Is Bad Politics, Bad Policy:

Yesterday afternoon, before President Obama’s State of the Union Address, Senator Jeff Sessions’ staff hand-delivered to each Republican member of the House an important memo on the so-called immigration reform bill being debated on Capital Hill. The 3-page document, written by Sessions, argues that pushing the current immigration legislation forward is bad politics, bad policy, and that there’s a better way for Republicans.

Sessions believes House Republicans are at risk of falling into President Obama’s trap. “[A]ccording to news reports, House Republican leaders are instead turning 2014 into a headlong rush towards Gang-of-Eight style ‘immigration reform,'” writes Sessions. “They are reportedly drafting an immigration plan that is uncomfortably similar to a ‘piecemeal’ repackaging of the disastrous Senate plan—and even privately negotiating a final package with Democrat activists before consulting with their own members.”

It’s bad politics, Sessions writes. “In the rush to pass an immigration bill, there has been a near absence of any serious thought about the conditions facing American workers. The last 40 years has been a period of record immigration to the U.S., with the last 10 years seeing more new arrivals than any prior 10- year period in history. This trend has coincided with wage stagnation, enormous growth in welfare programs, and a shrinking workforce participation rate. A sensible, conservative approach would focus on lifting those living here today, both immigrant and native-born, out of poverty and into the middle class—before doubling or tripling the level of immigration into the U.S.

You can read his entire memo at the link.


Immigration is the zombie of political issues–even when it is dead, it is still alive. The combination of the Democratic Party, business interests, and a GOP operative class yearning for its promise of improved standing with Hispanic voters means that you can never really count it out.

That said, it is hard to imagine Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) moving forward after yesterday’s closed-door showdown. According to estimates from those who were in the room–both in favor of moving forward and against–the dozens of GOP lawmakers who spoke were at least 80-20 against bringing a bill to the floor this year.

There is a palpable sense of disappointment among those interested in moving forward. In private conversations, the word that is used is that the meeting was “predictable.” The same people in the GOP conference who kept Boehner from moving on a bill in 2013 are just as opposed in 2014.

Immigration hawks, meanwhile, sense they scored a major victory.

“I don’t understand why House leadership would bring this issue up now,” Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina (R) tells me, adding, “After yesterday, that feeling is strengthened based on the overwhelming pushback from Conference meeting attendees.”

Boehner himself, despite having almost single-handedly resurrected immigration reform from life support over the last two months, was surprisingly tepid in his remarks to the conference.

He even suggested this is just not in the cards.

On to the IRS:

The Washington Times: IRS rules change seen as limiting free speech for nonprofit organizations:

Conservative groups are mounting a major resistance effort against the Internal Revenue Service’s post-tea party targeting scandal rules, which are designed to clamp down on outside groups’ ability to organize as nonprofits and still play a role in political conversations.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell fired a major shot Thursday, taking to the chamber floor to say the rules amount to a declaration of war on free speech and vowing the GOP will try to block them.

“Every American needs to know about this abuse of power,” said Mr. McConnell, Kentucky Republican. “Let me be clear: What the administration is proposing poses a grave threat to the ability of ordinary Americans to freely participate in the Democratic process.”

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, which has faced IRS audits, said the rules would give the Obama administration more power to muzzle its critics.

“We have seen that this administration cannot be trusted with the authority they have,” he said. “Why give them more?”

Mitch McConnell: Proposed IRS Regs Would Squash Free Speech:

Yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, took to the Senate floor to lambaste the Obama Regime for its “thuggish attempts to shut down its critics.”

He said the arrogance of what is being attempted with the rule change, “incredible” and “literally breathtaking”; “Democrats think that 2014 is shaping up to be a tough year for them politically, so instead of trying to persuade the public that they have the best answers to the problems we face, they try to shut everybody else out of the political process – they try to shut them up – and they have no problem using the powers of the government itself to do it less than a year after presiding over one of the biggest abuses of government power in modern memory.”

McConnell went on to state that “every American needs to know about this abuse of power. Let me be clear – what the administration is proposing poses a grave threat to the ability of ordinary Americans to freely participate in the Democratic process. Rather than reform the IRS and root out any hint of corruption or targeting of political opponents, they’re now proposing to codifying it.”

He concluded by addressing the president directly; “ordinary conservatives across the country aren’t buying the idea that you’re some kind of pragmatic problem solver instead of a liberal ideologue who seems more interested in shutting down your critics, than working with us to address the nation’s most urgent problems.”

Bryan Preston, PJ Media: PHOTO: Wendy Davis Awkwardly Holds Ann Richards’ Shotgun For Some Reason:

So the other night, this would be Tuesday while the majority of the Texas political press were locked out, the Wendy Davis campaign thought it would be a good idea to make their candidate look more “badass.”

This is the unfortunate result.


Patrick O’Hannigan, The American Spectator: AIDED AND ABETTED BY EXTRATERRESTRIALS:

American astronomer J. Allen Hynek shuffled off this mortal coil in 1986, but I wonder what he would have made of this week’s State of the Union address, which as far as I can tell vindicated a good bit of his research. Hynek tried to codify relative strangeness by outlining differences between “close encounters” of the first, second, and third kinds. His 1972 book explaining that classification impressed filmmaker Steven Spielberg back in the day, and could be understood as an ascending scale of oddity, depending on whether you saw an unidentified flying object, noticed that the UFO had an effect on your environment, or swore on top of the two previous impressions that an inexplicably animated creature of some sort was also present.

Hynek’s taxonomy for encounters with extraterrestrial life makes as good an interpretive key for what happened on Capitol Hill earlier this week as any other. Consider this: When Scott Pelley of CBS News summarized President Obama’s forthcoming year as “He will work with Congress where he can, and bypass Congress where he has to” before asking CBS colleague Bob Schieffer how he (Bob) “thought that would play” among Republicans, Bob all but copped to extraterrestrial origins. Speaking of President Obama, Schieffer solemnly assured viewers that “He has not done that [bypassed Congress] in the past; He has used executive power sparingly.” This might mean that Schieffer, a veteran journalist, is unfamiliar with the definition of “sparingly,” but it seems more likely that off-Earth newscasts told him nothing about the president’s cavalier treatment of everything fromrecess appointments to enforcement of immigration law to provisions of the Affordable Care Act. President Obama’s once-impressive collection of shadow cabinet “czars” was also created by Executive Order, but nobody on the CBS News team covering the SOTU mentioned that, or raised a powdered eyebrow when President Obama said, “We’re working to redesign high schools.” This country’s founding fathers never played that kind of smallball, and how by the way would a great American like Davy Crockett have “kilt him a bear when he was only three” if his every boyish instinct — however apocryphal — had been squelched by federally mandated “Early Childhood Education”? Where is the Weekly World News when we need it? Start looking for tentacles!

News Channel 3: Neighbors Say Planned Parenthood’s Billboard Goes Too Far:


(Memphis) A Planned Parenthood billboard has only been up a week in one South Memphis neighborhood, but some people there already want it to come down.

They say the billboard, which includes the message “Getting It On Is Free” and a picture of a condom, is too graphic.

“I was shocked. I was appalled that anyone would put up a picture of condom,” said Karen Wallace.

Karen Wallace works at a church nearby and has to drive by the billboard every day.

She said what is worse it’s right next to an elementary school cross walk.

“The graphic was not necessary the message was enough,” said Wallace.

The Volokh Conspiracy: MSNBC flap: New evidence on the political views of mixed-race adopted and step-families:

Not surprisingly, there is no statistically significant left-right political differences in the proportion of adopted or step-families that are in mixed race households.  Indeed, among families with step-children or adopted children, 11 percent of conservatives were living in mixed race households compared to 10 percent of liberals living in mixed-race households.

Similarly, 9.4 percent of Republicans living in step- or adopted families were in mixed-race households, compared to only 8.8 percent of Democrats in such families. (Again, this small advantage for Republicans is not large enough to be statistically significant).

If one breaks things down further by both party and political orientation, only 7.7 percent of liberal Democrats and 3.6 percent of moderate Democrats lived in mixed-race adopted or step-households, compared to an insignificantly different 10.6 percent of conservative Republicans.

Thus, there is no evidence in the GSS data that Republican, conservative, or conservative Republicans who were living with step-children or adopted children were less likely to live in mixed-race households than Democrats, liberals, liberal Democrats, or moderate Democrats in adopted or step-families.  Indeed, in each instance the point estimates for living in a mixed-race household were insignificantly higher for the right side of the spectrum than for the left side.

As Matt Welch suggests at Reason, when some in the press think they are attacking bigotry, they are instead spreading it themselves.

Uh oh…Ace: Claim: Chris Christie Knew About Lane Closings: Kate Zernike Strikes Again; Lede Changed, Claim That Wildstein Has Evidence Stealth-Deleted:

she is the New York Times’ go-to gal when they want a silly attack made on conservatives or the Tea Party. So it doesn’t surprise me she fails to mention Wildstein’s possible emotional investment (and his possible legal investment) in this until her final sentence.

The former Port Authority official who personally oversaw the lane closings on the George Washington Bridge in the scandal now swirling around Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey said on Friday that the governor knew about the lane closings when they were happening, and that he had the evidence to prove it.In a letter released by his lawyer, the official, David Wildstein, a high school friend of Mr. Christie’s who was appointed with the governor’s blessing at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which controls the bridge, described the order to close the lanes as “the Christie administration’s order” and said “evidence exists as well tying Mr. Christie to having knowledge of the lane closures, during the period when the lanes were closed, contrary to what the governor stated publicly in a two-hour press conference” three weeks ago.

“Mr. Wildstein contests the accuracy of various statements that the governor made about him and he can prove the inaccuracy of some,” the letter added.

Whatever the truth of the claim, we now know that Christie’s version of events will be challenged by at least one of the other players. (And Bridget Kelley also seemed to signal her desire to fight back, as her friends told the New York Times (IIRC) that she was a “team player” and wouldn’t exercise her own judgment because, you know, she’s Catholic.)

Thanks to @DrewMTips.

* I’m not sure about this, because I’m not as race-obsessed as Kate Zernike or MSNBC, but I think Jason Matera is actually Puerto Rican by descent.**

Which makes White Whitey-White Kate Zernike’s immediate thought — he’s not speaking with the upper-class Non-Regional Diction that all my white Manhattan friends use, and therefore, his DistastefullyEthnic accent must be a grotesque parody of minority — sort of racist in and of itself, doesn’t it?

Can’t say that I care too much about this one way or the other. I lost interest in Christie around the time of the 2012 Republican convention.

Politico: Dear America, I Saw You Naked:

This former TSA agent has done the nation a huge service by exposing what goes on behind the scenes at the airport screening checkpoints. And it is every bit as bad as we feared.

I hated it from the beginning. It was a job that had me patting down the crotches of children, the elderly and even infants as part of the post-9/11 airport security show. I confiscated jars of homemade apple butter on the pretense that they could pose threats to national security. I was even required to confiscate nail clippers from airline pilots—the implied logic being that pilots could use the nail clippers to hijack the very planes they were flying.

Once, in 2008, I had to confiscate a bottle of alcohol from a group of Marines coming home from Afghanistan. It was celebration champagne intended for one of the men in the group—a young, decorated soldier. He was in a wheelchair, both legs lost to an I.E.D., and it fell to me to tell this kid who would never walk again that his homecoming champagne had to be taken away in the name of national security.

There I was, an aspiring satire writer, earnestly acting on orders straight out of Catch-22.

I quickly discovered I was working for an agency whose morale was among the lowest in the U.S. government. In private, most TSA officers I talked to told me they felt the agency’s day-to-day operations represented an abuse of public trust and funds.

My latest at The Conversation: 

Video: Obama’s Abuse Of Power

Ted Cruz released this video today highlighting the President’s continued “lawless and abusive” disregard of the Constitution.Jan 28, 2014 11:57 AM PT

Why Democrats Love Obama’s Minimum Wage Hike

When the president announces his executive order raising the minimum wage for workers under new federal contracts to $10.10 an hour at tonight’s State of the Union address, it will be one of the biggest applause lines of the night on the Democrat side. Jan 28, 2014 9:33 AM PT

Ted Cruz Has Some Helpful Ideas For Obama’s SOTU Speech

Senator Ted Cruz is full of great ideas for the president to use in his State of the Union speech, Tuesday. Although the probability of Obama actually taking his advice is approximately 0% – you have to admire Cruz for trying.Jan 27, 2014 1:06 PM PT


The Council Has Spoken!! This Weeks’ Watcher’s Council Results


Alea iacta est…the Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and we have the results  for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up.

The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living – Marcus Tulius Cicero

It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives – Samuel Johnson

To the living we owe respect, but to the dead we owe only the truth- Voltaire


This week’s winner, Joshuapundit’s Obama’s Loving Requiem For A Prominent Communist – And Mine is an obituary. Singer Pete Seeger passed away this week, and  President Obama saw fit to issue a handsome and fulsome ( and revealing) tribute out of the White House. Since I knew a bit about whom Pete Seeger was and about his career, I thought I’d write one of my own. Here’s a slice:

The mask is coming off, even if it never covered much to begin with.

Pete Seeger is dead today, at 94. And this is what our Dear Leader had to say about it:

“Once called “America’s tuning fork,” Pete Seeger believed deeply in the power of song. But more importantly, he believed in the power of community – to stand up for what’s right, speak out against what’s wrong, and move this country closer to the America he knew we could be. Over the years, Pete used his voice – and his hammer – to strike blows for worker’s rights and civil rights; world peace and environmental conservation. And he always invited us to sing along. For reminding us where we come from and showing us where we need to go, we will always be grateful to Pete Seeger. Michelle and I send our thoughts and prayers to Pete’s family and all those who loved him.”

Now, aside from being someone who made quite a contribution to American music, Pete Seeger was also a hard core communist and apologist for Stalin during the time when ‘Uncle Joe’ murdered over 100 million people. The forced collectivization, the murder of political opponents, the show trials, the forced famine in the Ukraine that murdered at least 3 million people, the gulags…none of it mattered at all to Pete Seeger, that ‘champion of justice and freedom’.

By his own admission, he was a red diaper baby, someone who was brought into the party by his parents and raised under what the Comintern called Party Discipline. That meant you followed the orders of the Kremlin, no questions asked. And that’s exactly what Pete Seeger did. He claimed that he ‘drifted out of the party in the 1950′s’, but he never once lifted his voice to oppose Soviet tyranny until the game was almost over, in 1982 when he made statements in favor of Poland’s Solidarity movement.

After the 1939 Hitler-Stalin pact, there were some commies who woke up to what that meant and left the Party. But not Pete Seeger! Whatever Hitler was doing to the Jews was no never mind to him. As a member of the Almanac singers (later called the Weavers) with a fellow party member, Woody Guthrie, he totally followed the Moscow line, calling for America to stay out of WWII…here’s a sample lyric: “Franklin D., listen to me,/You ain’t a-gonna send me ’cross the sea.”

He and his fellow Party members lobbied aggressively against aid to Britain, American re-armament and against FDR’s selective service act, which passed in 1940 by one vote. If it hadn’t, things would have been very different after Pearl Harbor. The Almanac’s 78 recording, Songs for John Doe was so subversive even Eleanor Roosevelt, a fan of the group, denounced it.

That changed abruptly in June, 1940, when Hitler invaded Russia. Then, Seeger and his friends started singing a brand new tune, urging America to get into the war and save Stalin’s posterior. In a true 1984-style example of revisionism, Seeger and his pals had all the available copies of Songs for John Doe recalled and destroyed…although enough copies remained in a few people’s hands so that we can see exactly how hypocritical, radical and anti-American these people were.

After the war, Seeger remained active in shilling for Stalin and his successors. He was one of the leaders calling for clemency for the Rosenbergs, the spies who gave Stalin the atom bomb. Yes, the great world peace advocate had no problem with a homicidal maniac and mass murderer like Stalin getting the bomb.

In 1945, Seeger put together something called People’s Songs, Inc, an organization designed to “create, promote and distribute songs of labor and the American People.”

Here’s what the California Senate fact finding committee had to say about it:

“People’s Songs is a vital Communist front … one which has spawned a horde of lesser fronts in the fields of music, stage entertainment, choral singing, folk dancing, recording, radio transcriptions and similar fields. It especially is important to Communist proselytizing and propaganda work because of its emphasis on appeal to youth, and because of its organization and technique to provide entertainment for organizations and groups as a smooth opening wedge for Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist propaganda.”

Seeger was actually subpoenaed by the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1955, but refused to answer questions about his communist past and eventually refused to answer subpoenas. He was actually tried and convicted of contempt of Congress, but his conviction was overturned over a technicality.

Along with his commendable support for civil rights for blacks in America, Seeger continued to be a shill for the Soviets and ultra-Left causes throughout the years.

He was a big advocate of unilateral disarmament by the West, including the Soviet’s phony International Peace Petition. In spite of his image as a champion of freedom, he had nothing to say about the Soviet repression of democratic revolutions in Hungary in 1956, or in Czechoslovakia in 1968. And of course, he was a supporter of Fidel Castro and his executioner, Che Guevara.

He was predictably against the Vietnam War, but had nothing to say about the North Vietnamese gulags and fascist repression after the war, or Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge’s Killing Fields in Cambodia. 
He opposed President Reagan’s rearmament of the West after the Carter years, and was huge advocate of he Nuclear Freeze Movement of the 1980s, a Soviet-sponsored initiative that would have frozen Soviet nuclear and military superiority in place and stopped Reagan from defeating the Evil Empire.

Much more at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was Kevin Williamson NRO for Great Caesar’s Ghost submitted by Joshuapundit. Written the day of President Obama’s SOTU snoozefest, it takes apart the entire institution with wit and savage precision. Do read it.

OK, here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week! Don’t forget to tune in on Monday AM for this week’s Watcher’s Forum, as the Council and their invited special guests take apart one of the provocative issues of the day with short takes and weigh in…don’t you dare miss it. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us onTwitter…..’cause we’re cool like that!

Trey Gowdy To Eric Holder: ‘Appoint A Special Counsel To Investigate IRS Case’ (Video)

Rep Trey Gowdy appeared On The Record with Martha MacCallum to talk about Attorney General Eric Holder’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary, yesterday.

“The Attorney General should appoint a Special Counsel because it’s an extraordinary case where it benefits the public interest”, Gowdy began, noting that 70% of the American public support a Special Prosecutor to look into the IRS scandal.

“If the media leaks can be believed, they don’t anticipate any criminal charges, they can’t tell who’s been interviewed… and we know that the lead prosecutor is one the most politically active prosecutor that I’ve ever heard of!” He exclaimed, later  characterizing her as someone “who has maxed out to the president.” Those things don’t bode well for this investigation,” Gowdy concluded.

The SC congressman had some advice for Holder, “at a minimum, in a secure, classified setting where nobody’s going to discuss what you tell us — update us on this investigation!” Gowdy suggested. “This is not your garden variety robbery case – this is a targeting based on political ideology that goes to the foundation of our republic!”

Martha MacCallum, playing the Devil’s Advocate, said “what they’re saying is, it’s been looked into, it was an unfortunate thing, these were underlings that were carried this out, they were politically targeting groups to basically make their paperwork easier…and they’re saying to just keep walking…”

“Unfortunately for whoever believes that, there are five criminal statutes at play”, Gowdy answered, dryly. And if the facts are as you just recited them, I can think of one criminal statute that they did violate. You cannot target people based on political ideology – that’s a crime! It’s not just bad manners, it’s a crime!”

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!

Nostrildomus Is Retiring


I know this because lots of people are finding their way to my “What’s Wrong With Henry Waxman’s Nose” post from many moons ago. See, when folks gets a gander at that man’s schnoz for the first time, they run to their computers and google up “henry waxman’s nose” “what’s wrong with henry waxman’s nose” or in one case, today, “henry waxman rhinoplasty” I kid you not.

Well,  we won’t have Henry Waxman’s nose to kick around anymore. Word on the street is – it ain’t fun being in the minority party in the House – so he’s taking his ball and going home.

Ace says “Henry Waxman decides that after decades of doing his best to destroy American democracy, he too wants to spend more time with his K Street lobbyists.

“I just think it’s time to move on,” Waxman [said].

He specifically denies that he’s dropping out of congress after nearly thirty yearsof, um, “service” due to the fact that Democrats have no chance of taking the House.

“I don’t accept the idea that Democrats won’t get the House back,” Waxman said. “I think that the Republicans have nothing to offer. They’re against everything. They’re against everything Obama wanted. They have no alternatives on health care policy. They have nothing to say, they have nothing to offer.”

But I can tell he’s lying because he has a “tell.” That tell is that he’s Henry Waxman, three-decades-long Democratic Congressman from California.

Yeah, I’ve got nothing to add to that.

Video: Reactions To Obama’s SOTU Speech

There were a lot of Republicans jockying for the camera after the president’s State of the Union speech last night,  moderate Democrats, on the other hand, were clearing out quickly. 

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers of Washington gave the official Republican response:

Read the comments at YouTube if you need a reminder of how much trouble this nation is in.


Truth Revolt: Feminist Comedian: ‘I Want to Rip Out the Uterus’ of ‘C***’ McMorris Rodgers and ‘Eat It’ 

What was it that Mike Huckabee said that was so outrageous and offensive, again? Oh yeah. He said; “if the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control, because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it.”

Hm…Anybody else ever notice that the bar that measures what constitutes “vile” behavior is set much lower for Democrats than it is for Republicans?

Senator Mike Lee (UT) gave the Tea Party response:

See also: DAILY CALLER: Six reasons why Mike Lee’s tea party response to the State of the Union was AMAZING.

Senator Ted Cruz shared his thoughts with Megyn Kelly, after the speech last night on Fox:

Rand Paul gave his own response – just because:

Paul cited former President Ronald Reagan when he made the argument that “government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem.”

“If we don’t understand the cause of joblessness, we’ll have trouble fixing it,” Paul said. “As we entered into the Great Recession, Republicans and Democrats misdiagnosed the problem as too little government. So they gave us more government in the form of bank bailouts and a government stimulus plan.”

The fact of the matter is, he explained, the government doesn’t create jobs very well, he said.

Cato Institute Video:

Cato Institute scholars Alex Nowrasteh, Aaron Ross Powell, Trevor Burrus, Benjamin H. Friedman, Simon Lester, Neal McCluskey, Mark Calabria, Dan Mitchell, Justin Logan, Patrick J. Michaels, Walter Olson and Jim Harper respond to President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address.

Politico: Reaction For Obama’s SOTU Was Tepid And Subdued In Chamber (Video):

So, @MarkUdall! You going to have @barackobama campaign with you in Colorado?

Dem Sen. Mark Begich On Obama: “I Don’t Need Him Campaigning For Me”…

What?  Harry Reid said vulnerable Democrats were looking forward to campaigning with Obama.

But I don’t know – on CNN last night they were saying that Demcrats were running away.

Moderate Democrats’ SOTU Reaction: Run!

The applause in the chamber for Obama was tepid. Republicans mostly sat on their hands. But one group – moderate Democrats up for reelection this year – had a less casual reaction.

See also:

Hot Air for a Fact-Check Round-up: Snow jobs and minimum honesty:

Usually after the State of the Union, we’d feature a media fact check to see where spin crossed the line in the presidential address into “You lie!” territory. Perhaps because Barack Obama managed to “win” Politifact’s Lie of the Year in 2013, we have a few media outlets on the case today — the Associated Press, Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post, and Politicoall got rapid research completed overnight. What nuggets did they find?

Ted Cruz: President Obama Dodged Our Questions!



WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today highlighted the questions that President Obama failed to answer last night in his State of the Union address.

“Last night President Obama had the opportunity to answer critical questions that millions of Americans are asking all around the country, but he didn’t, which is precisely why so many Americans have lost trust in this President,” Sen. Cruz said. “If President Obama truly wanted to restore credibility to his government, he would have announced meaningful action on a series of urgent matters that are of great importance to our safety and freedoms. He would have addressed the IRS’s illegal targeting of conservatives, announced action to bring terrorists to justice for the attacks on our embassy in Benghazi, taken steps to protect Americans from unjustifiable privacy violations by the federal government, provided Americans relief from Obamacare’s hurtful effects, and committed to pro-growth policies to get more Americans working. Instead, he showed that he refuses to hold himself or members of his Administration accountable to the American people. Rather, he intends to pursue more executive actions, in defiance of the separation of powers, the will of the American people, and their elected representatives.”

Ace’s assessment – (speaking for o-so many of us):

I can’t weigh in on whether it was a “good speech.” I strongly doubt that. But I didn’t watch. At 1:30 am or so I went to bed and turned on the TV and the speech was replaying on Fox. I heard Obama say something — I forget what, but he used his Stage Whisper fake drama voice — and I cursed “F*** you” at the TV.

I brushed my teeth and didn’t hear much more than I had the first time. When I came back out, he said something else clingy, desperate, and false, and again I said “F*** you,” then I turned him off my TV and watched something else for twenty minutes.

So that’s what I got out of it.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

At the State of the Union, last night one of House Minority Leader Eric Cantor’s staffers was evicted from the Capitol because he didn’t have his ID on him.  Doug Heye,  Cantor’s deputy chief of staff for communications was in Statuary Hall chatting with some reporters, when a Capitol Police officer came by to check for credentials.

sotu_tw004_012814Heye, right, forgot his ID. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

 He searched every pocket and didn’t have it. A fellow staffer, Cantor Communications Director Rory Cooper, vouched for Heye, but to no avail.

Heye had momentarily dressed down in the hours leading up to SOTU — “Left my ID in my topcoat!” he told HOH — but rocketed back to the office to retrieve his congressional credentials.

ID’s were apparently not an issue for the 5  illegal immigrants who were official guests of various Democrats (including the Obamas) at the SOTU, last night.

Rep. Joe Garcia (D-Fla.) proudly announced that his guest to the State of the Union was Mayra Rubio Limon,  a “Dreamer” who was arrested last November at the Capitol Hill at (ironically enough) Eric Cantor’s  office.


Rep. Garcia is not the only one who has invited illegal aliens.  Sitting with Michelle Obama is illegal alien Cristian Avila.  Illinois delegation members Reps. Brad Schneider (D-Ill.) and Bill Foster (D- Ill.), invited Estefania Garcia and Maria Torres, while Lucas Codognolla is the guest of Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.). All five have been granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which allows certain illegal aliens to stay and work in the United States for two years, with eligibility for extension.


The Daily CallerICE officer slams Obama for illegal immigrants attending State of the Union

The head of the union representing Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers and staff issued a harsh rebuke to President Obama for having illegal immigrants in the chamber during his State of the Union address.

“According to news accounts, the President has once again invited illegal immigrants to the State of the Union — and yet the President still refuses to meet with ICE officers,” National ICE Council head and ICE officer Chris Crane in a statement. “We have a President who will provide those illegally in the US with the seat of honor at one of the most important events of the year, but ICE officers who serve under him are unwelcome in the White House.”