Former Army Chaplain: Hostile Environment Targeting Christian Chaplains

A former Army Chaplain, Douglas Lee, said that there are “trends and storm clouds brewing” in the military.   The hostile environment toward Christians, he said, is unique to the Obama administration and he it to the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” He said that there has been “a change and shift – not only in the military – but across American culture.”

He went on to explain “a culture of fear” that a chaplain may say something that crosses a political correct line, citing a particular incident in which a chaplain was “set up” by a counselee and charged with counseling “inappropriate messages” that he said was “theological in nature.”

Yep – sounds a lot like what’s going on all across America, now.

Meanwhile, Army morale is reportedly  low despite PC ‘optimism’ campaign; Pentagon surprised:

Twelve months of data through early 2015 show that 403,564 soldiers, or 52%, scored badly in the area of optimism, agreeing with statements such as “I rarely count on good things happening to me.” Forty-eight percent have little satisfaction in or commitment to their jobs.

3 thoughts on “Former Army Chaplain: Hostile Environment Targeting Christian Chaplains

  1. We’ve been down this road before in recent memory, but never to this degree. Having served during and barely survived the days of Jimma Karta, the situation today is much worse.

    The Military has been neutered by the decapitation of more than 250 very senior leaders, who were forced out leaving a huge vacuum. It’s unprecedented. Never before numbers of senior officers have been sent down the road. Then add to the mix the surrender in Iraq, a duplicate plan for Afghanistan and one foreign policy nightmare after another now facing us, we are in very dangerous times.

    Morale and Espirit de Corps are at possibly all time lows. The Troops do not trust their Political or Military leadership. They feel that all of their sacrifices were for nothing. It’s disheartening to listen to them when I have the occasion to meet and talk with them at Military gatherings.

    Sadly I’ve seen this coming for years now and was warning about it. Everyone should be deeply troubled about this news. It isn’t going to get any better anytime soon and it makes us all very venerable. These are very dangerous times, is a understatement.


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