Obama’s Former Green Czar Van Jones Explains How He Redistributed Billions of Stimulus Dollars As New Black Panthers Take Advantage

This guy wasn’t $hit canned fast enough. $40 billion dollars, (“the most money that’s been put on the table for green energy technology and green jobs in the history of humanity”) down the rat hole. “That’s already done” Jones assures his audience.

Meanwhile, New Black Panther leader, Malik Zulu Shabazz clues fellow black radicals in on the gravy train coming their way:

Another great find from Pam Key of Naked Emperor News, posted at The Blaze.

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Nice Deb’s Top Five Posts of 2010

Keep in mind these are Nice Deb’s top posts – not the top stories of the year by a long shot, as you will soon see. These are simply the posts that brought in the most traffic, here, for whatever reason – *cough* big blogs linked *cough*.

So thanks to Michelle Malkin, Ace of Spades, Hot Air, Doug Ross, NRO, and even Instapundit in one case (he usually shuns me), and a slew of smaller blogs,   these posts turned out to be my biggest hits of the year.

Without further ado, the fab five of 2010:

5. Boston Political Analyst Declares Scott Brown Winner of Monday Night’s Debate

Remember the excitement and high hopes we had for Scott Brown when it was dawning on everybody that he had a real chance of beating the supposed shoo-in, hapless  Martha Coakley? Even though he didn’t turn out to be the  conservative hero activists were hoping for, the fact that a Republican took Teddy Kennedy’s seat in one of the bluest states in the union,  in a year when Dems were trying to pass ObamaCare in his loving memory….  is still pretty damn sweet.

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4. Video: The One Nation Rally In A Nutshell

I knew for weeks before the event, that the moonbat convergence known as the One Nation Rally was going to be a huge boon for conservative blogs. All one had to do was look at the list of sponsoring organizations to know that it was going to be a debacle. It was, as  numerous videos and photos could attest. Socialist group-thinkers, hippies, moochers, Islamists, union drones, and no-accounts showed up, and proudly displayed their true colors for all to see.  And then they left behind a depressingly predictable huge pile of trash, which was also recorded for posterity.

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3. Krauthamer On Obama’s SOTU Speech: No Pivot, “Tone Was Strained and Unctuous”

I think a lot of people were in shock over the strikingly unpresidential tone Obama took in his defiant and demagogic  State Of The Union address, and wanted to savor the Hammer’s delicious smackdown.. The won’s swipe at the Supreme Court had lasting ramifications, too, with Alito, and Roberts reportedly planning to sit the next one out.

Oh, and we can stop waiting for Obama to “pivot”, already. It. ain’t. gonna. happen.

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2. Jason “Crash The Tea Party” Levin Still Blaming “Teabaggers” For Time Square Bomb

Oh yes. Jason Levin was a big hit magnet, last Spring. What kind of person initiates a covert operation like Crash the Tea Party, by starting a website called “Crash the Tea Party” on the world wide web for everyone to see? Tea partiers were ready for Levin and his fellow moonbats, and their (unintentionally) comical efforts flopped big time, but that didn’t stop him from continuing his online buffoonery, as this story proves. At some point, I started to suspect that Levin was some kind of Republican plant, put out there to make lefties look ridiculous (as if they needed any help). But he lost his teaching job over the whole deal.

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And the number one post at Nice Deb for the year of 2010:

1. Video: Patches Channels Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker

Last March, Patrick Kennedy made an incoherent and unhinged speech on the House floor. What’s newsworthy about a Kennedy making a fool of himself in public, you ask? Nothing really. But thousands of Americans who were watching that rant on the news, or on YouTube, were asking  themselves, ” Who does he remind me of???…”

This video answered that question:

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Incidentally, Patches leaving office, next week marks the first time in 63 years there won’t be a Kennedy serving in elected office in Washington.

All together now, “Awwwww!”

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Video: Marine And Wife Assaulted By Unruly Teen Thugs Outside FL Movie Theater

Iraq war veteran Federico Freire and wife, Kalyn, pictured above were attacked Saturday
outside a movie theater in Bradenton, Fla., by a group of unruly teenagers (FoxNews.com). 

A Marine and his wife thought they they were going to have a nice date night at the movies.  But all hell broke loose when Freire had the temerity to ask the loud and disruptive teens to settle down and and have some respect for the rest of the audience.
Fox News has the story:

Freire said that when the disturbance escalated and the group began cursing, his wife called the manager, who asked several of the teenagers to leave the theater.

The couple said they thought the fracas was over until they walked out of the theater and were assaulted by a mob of menacing teenagers.

“On our way out of the movie theater, my wife gets surrounded with about 10 to 15 girls that were about to attack her,” Freire told FoxNews.com. “As soon as I saw this I immediately ran and got her out of harm’s way.”

Freire said he was kicked and punched as he and his wife tried to run from the group.

“I leaned down to grab my purse and there were literally 100 teens around us,” Kalyn Freire said, “While the manager was in the corner with his mouth open and not doing anything.”

Freire said one bystander stepped forward and told the couple to follow him to his car, saying he could scare the crowd off with a gun. But before the two reached the man’s vehicle, one of the teenagers said, “I’m going to knock your wife out,” before punching Freire’s wife to the ground, the couple said.

Deputies from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Department responded to the scene and arrested two 15-year-old brothers and charged them with misdemeanor battery.

According to a police report, three others — 16-year-old Ishmael Dunbar, 17-year-old Reginald Gardner and 20-year-old Destiny McNeil — were arrested and charged with felony battery on a law enforcement officer and trespassing.

“All available units were requested to respond to disperse the crowd for officer safety and to restore order,” the police report said. One teenager was stunned by a Taser.

What’s he fighting for, he asks.

Incidentally, Freire told FoxNews.com that reports that he was home on leave from Afghanistan were incorrect, and that he had served a combat tour in Iraq and currently was stationed at Camp Pendleton, Calif. 

I know just what my mother would say about this… “Were these kids brought up in a barn?” What kind of parent brings up their children to act like wild animals in public?
Mugshot via Gateway Pundit:
20-year-old Destiny McNeil (ABC Action News)
Nice job, Destiny. You and your thug friends were going to ambush a white woman (probably half your size) because she  had you (or your friends)  thrown out of the movie theater for being loud and obnoxious while people were trying to watch the movie. Do you not understand that disruptive theatergoers deserve to be thrown out? That that alone was enough to be ashamed and embarrassed about, but you couldn’t leave well enough alone, and had to degrade yourself further?
Do you realize you and your friends have validated every negative stereotype white people have about black youths by your disgusting behavior? You should read some of the comments I’ve been reading where this story has been posted.
You’re a real credit to your race, Destiny.
A competing story with shades of Tawana Brawley has emerged:

A 14-year-old girl who was told to be quiet by a Marine and his wife on Christmas at a local theater during a movie has filed a battery complaint with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

But the sheriff’s office will not pursue the complaint, saying there were inconsistencies in the girl’s statement and that the case is closed.

“We investigated the complaint and there isn’t even enough there to send to the State Attorney’s Office,” said sheriff’s office spokesman Dave Bristow.

Her story is that Freire, who was surrounded by 100 hostile teens outside the movie theater, somehow started the fight by punching her in the lip, or something…her story is inconsistent. And as the deputy noted in his report, there was no bruising on her lip when the report was filed Tuesday. 

Freire described the allegations as “completely false.”

“I just grabbed my wife with both arms and pulled her out of harm’s way,” he said. “If she wants to file false charges, she can bring it. There were plenty of witnesses.”

Bristow said the girl’s complaint will be closed out.

”At this point, it will be a closed case,” he said. “We talked to the girl and the stories are a little inconsistent. … The girl said her eyes were closed. It doesn’t add up. Someone may have bumped into her or something like that. We don’t have any evidence that someone came up and punched her.”

Bristow also noted that there were a total of 10 moviegoers from the theater that night who complained about the group of teens.

Collins’ father, Leon Collins, said he plans to file a complaint with Florida Department of Law Enforcement and plans to schedule a rally at the sheriff’s office.

Paging Al Sharpton…


Additional info about the fracas via Brandenton.com

As deputies were investigating, the manager of the theater asked anyone without a ticket to leave.

When a deputy asked 16-year-old Ishmael Dunbar to leave several times, the teenager refused and struck the deputy, according to the sheriff’s office.

At one point, Destiny McNeil, 20, a relative of Dunbar, attempted to intervene in the arrest and was arrested herself, the release said.

She was charged with resisting arrest without violence and was released from Manatee County jail Sunday on a $750 bond.

Reginald Gardner, 17, also hit the same deputy in the arm and resisted arrest after he was asked to leave the area. Gardner was stunned in the chest with a Taser by a deputy.

Both Gardner and Dunbar were charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.

The names of 15-year-old twin brothers who were charged with misdemeanor battery for striking the couple were not released. Details of misdemeanor arrests for juveniles are not public record under Florida law.

Near the end of the incident, there were about 300 people milling around, according to authorities.

All available deputies were asked to come to the theater to help restore order, the release said. The manager then shut down the location.

A manager at the theater said thousands of dollars in refunds were given to patrons.

Normally, one to two off-duty law enforcement officers from state agencies are hired to work security on weekends. On Christmas night, no one was available, according to theater management.


Is It Time To Use The “T” Word To Describe The Obama Administration?

Is it time to start openly describing this administration, as tyrannical? I’ve been calling Obama and his left-wing allies in Congress Democrat Socialists for two years, now, (because that is what so many of them are), but this is something altogether different. It’s a stronger, harsher word that conjures up images of leftist dictators like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. But, what else do you call it when the administration flouts the will of Congress, the courts, and the American people to impose its far-left agenda through arbitrary regulation? What other name is there for it?

As Robert Allen Bonelli notes in his Big Government piece, Using Regulation Against The Will Of The People:

Written into the Declaration of Independence is a simple imperative, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” Our nation was built on this concept, but the Obama administration is using its power to write regulation to circumvent the will of the people and advance its own agenda.

Three recent examples of this over reach are shocking and all Americans should demand an end to the practice and a reversal of what has already been done.  Citizens need to think, whether they agree with the reasons for the circumvention or not, about what is at stake.  Using regulation to specifically subjugate the will of the people to the agenda of any president is nothing less than tyranny.

The three examples he cites are the return of  the mandate for end-of-life planning, aka “death panels”, the FCC “Net Neutrality” power grab, and the EPA’s move to regulate carbon dioxide.

Ed Morrissey addresses the end-of-life mandate at Hot Air: Surprise! End-of-life advisory incentives return — through regulation:

The process used by Obama and Kathleen Sebelius to get this into ObamaCare is more disturbing, and in a very specific way.  Congress made it clear that it didn’t want this incentive as part of the new law.  However, thanks to the miles and miles of ambiguity in the final version of ObamaCare, with its repetitive the Secretary shall determine language, Congress has more or less passed a blank check for regulatory growth to Obama and Sebelius.

This is just the opening gambit of a strategy Obama will use throughout the coming year in order to achieve through regulation what a Democrat-run Congress could not deliver through legislation.  The new Republican House will have to use its power of the purse to stop this autocratic imposition of regulation, and remain vigilant in doing so on all fronts.  Let’s hope the GOP gets used to fighting this process over the next two years.

Peter Ferrera aptly covers the Net Neutrality issue in The American Spectator: Net Neutrality Is Theft:

The FCC starts out by proclaiming that its net neutrality rules are just meant to ensure equal access by all to the Web. But as George Orwell showed us, that is how socialism started out too, until we later discovered that some were more equal than others. Once the founding principle is laid for government regulation and control, then that power can be used to regulate and control access to the Internet “in the public interest.” In English translation, that means in the special interest of the Ruling Class. There are precedents in China and Iran for how that has worked out in practice.

Dissenting FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell explained further in the Wall Street Journal on December 20 why the FCC’s net neutrality regulation makes no sense:

Nothing is broken and needs fixing, however. The Internet has been open and freedom-enhancing since it was spun off from a government research project in the early 1990s. Its nature as a diffuse and dynamic global network of networks defies top-down authority. Ample laws to protect consumers already exist. Furthermore, the Obama Justice Department and the European Commission both decided this year that net neutrality regulation was unnecessary and might deter investment in next-generation Internet technology and infrastructure.

But what I have learned in life is that when something doesn’t make sense, that means there is something else behind it that people are trying to hide.

And that is exactly what we have here. For what is behind the FCC’s net neutrality crusade is reflected by an organization calling itself Free Press. That is an Orwellian title in this case, because what Free Press is for is the opposite of a free press. Free Press is one of those pseudo-Marxist front groups that Barack Obama has always traveled with so easily throughout his life. It is a grown-up, slick, sophisticated version of those campus radicals who shout down college speakers with whom they don’t agree.

Always look behind the curtain, instead of listening to what leftists say. That’s how you discover the true motives behind their policies.

Bonelli, back at Big Government believes the EPA power grab may be the most dangerous one of all:

Perhaps the most dangerous use of regulatory power hanging over the American people is the judicially extended powers of the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) to regulate specific greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, as pollutants under the forty year old Clean Air Act.  The Clean Air Act was originally written to regulate air pollutants, not something that is ever present in the air – and certainly not something that is part of life itself!

The Supreme Court made the ruling in April of 2007 in the case The State of Massachusetts v. the Environmental Protection Agency but little has been done since.  However, with the support of the Obama administration, the EPA is now ready to regulate carbon dioxide.  The Clean Air Act, as it is now written, requires that any source that emits more than 250 tons of carbon dioxide per year be required to capture those emissions.  That threshold is so low that not only would it impose higher costs on power plants and refineries, but also farms, rural schools and hospitals.

If the EPA is allowed to follow through on using the Clean Air Act to regulate carbon dioxide, Washington D.C. bureaucrats will have more control over the lives of citizens and their businesses than the citizens themselves.

New legislation is  already being drafted by Republicans to stop the EPA from imposing cap and trade on its own.

Ferrera believes that the option of impeachment is off the table for Republicans:

I have suggested before that one of the reasons to vote Republican for President is that Republican Presidents are subject to the rule of law, a principle established in the early 1970s. But Democrat Presidents are not subject to the rule of law, a principle established in the late 1990s. Democrat Presidents are free in our system of government to flout the law with impunity.

The Republicans in Congress will have to be on its toes for the next couple of years finding ways to combat all of the abusive new regulations that come our way…let’s hope and pray they are up to the challenge.


Ed Morrissey covers how Dems think the ‘Pubs are going to proceed: Revealed: How the GOP plans to block Obama’s executive branch power next year

Get this:

“I think what they’re going to do is try to keep on dramatizing the issues that they think are helpful to them,” [Henry] Waxman said. “The next two years I expect all their actions to be campaign oriented…. They’re all about messaging, they’re all about power, they’re all about politics. What they don’t seem to be concerned about is governing.”


If you want to know what’s really in the minds of leftists, pay attention to what they accuse their opponents of.

See Also:

Aaron Goldstein in The American Spectator: The Worst of Obama in 2010

Hot Air: Poll: Obamateurism of the Year, Second Chance Flight


So far, all commenters answer my question with a resounding, YES, it’s time (or well past time) to call Obama a tyrant.

Hyscience weighs in: In answer to the question of using the word ‘tyrannical’ in describing the Obama administration …

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The Mystery Of The floating Feet Continues

Hey, remember those creepy reports of severed feet washing ashore the coast of British Columbia, starting in August 2007 and continuing through 2008? I hadn’t heard of any more cases, so I had assumed that the findings had ceased. I was wrong. There was one severed foot found in (Oct.) 2009, and  two more  this year, one in August, and the latest one on the 14th of December, bringing the total to ten.

Here’s a summary via Wikipedia, of the macabre discoveries, to date:

Date Place Notes Coordinates
August 20, 2007 Jedediah Island A known man’s right foot; size 12 white-and-blue-mesh running shoe 49°29′55″N 124°12′15″W / 49.49861°N 124.20417°W / 49.49861; -124.20417 (August 20, 2007)
August 26, 2007 Gabriola Island A man’s right foot; size 12 white Reebok 49°09′00″N 123°43′59″W / 49.15°N 123.733°W / 49.15; -123.733 (August 26, 2007)
February 8, 2008 Valdes Island A man’s right foot; size 11 Nike (same person as June 16 finding) 49°05′N 123°40′W / 49.083°N 123.667°W / 49.083; -123.667 (February 8, 2008)
May 22, 2008 Kirkland Island A known woman’s right foot; blue-and-white New Balance sneaker (same person as November 11 finding) 49°06′39″N 123°05′44″W / 49.110905°N 123.095627°W / 49.110905; -123.095627 (May 22, 2008)
June 16, 2008 Westham Island A man’s left foot (same person as February 8 finding) 49°05′N 123°09′W / 49.083°N 123.15°W / 49.083; -123.15 (June 16, 2008)
August 1, 2008 Near Pysht, Washington A right foot
November 11, 2008 Richmond A known woman’s left foot (same person as May 22 finding)
October 28, 2009 Richmond A man’s right foot
August 27, 2010 Whidbey Island A juvenile or female’s foot
December 5, 2010 Tacoma A foot of a juvenile or a small adult inside a boy’s size 6 Ozark Trail hiking boot

According to Wikipedia:

…finding feet and not the rest of the bodies has been deemed unusual. Finding two feet has been given a “million to one odds” and has thus been described as “an anomaly”.[3] The finding of the third foot made it the first time three such discoveries had been made so close to each other.[5] The fourth discovery caused speculation about human interference and, statistically, was called “curious”,

Police in Tacoma, Washington say the latest foot discovery could possibly belong to a child.

A  woman who has been following the case since the first severed foot was discovered,  is  preparing to publish a book titled, Someone Else’s Shoes with her own theory of where the feet are coming from.

What’s your theory?


Another Possible Human Foot Has Washed Ashore In Canada

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Sixth Severed Foot Found On Washington Shore

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Severed Feet Washing Up On B.C. Coast

Shock Audio: Malik Zulu Shabazz Crows about Meeting With the “A-Man From Iran”: “The Kingdom of Heaven (For The Black Nation)…Will Be Seen Right Here Before Your Very Eyes”

I remember reading the reports that members of the New Black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan had met with Ahmadinejad while he was in NYC, last September, and thinking, “nothing good will come of this…”

I have no idea how Pam Key found this:

What the freak? Is he talking about building alliances with our enemies, and securing raw materials to over-throw America?

Is that what I just heard, there?

Incidentally, the name, Malik Shabazz, has shown up on the White House Visitors log, although the White House denies that one is the New Black Panther, Shabazz – because as you know, “Malik Shabazz” is such a common name.

Hat tip:Gateway Pundit