Shock Audio: Malik Zulu Shabazz Crows about Meeting With the “A-Man From Iran”: “The Kingdom of Heaven (For The Black Nation)…Will Be Seen Right Here Before Your Very Eyes”

I remember reading the reports that members of the New Black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan had met with Ahmadinejad while he was in NYC, last September, and thinking, “nothing good will come of this…”

I have no idea how Pam Key found this:

What the freak? Is he talking about building alliances with our enemies, and securing raw materials to over-throw America?

Is that what I just heard, there?

Incidentally, the name, Malik Shabazz, has shown up on the White House Visitors log, although the White House denies that one is the New Black Panther, Shabazz – because as you know, “Malik Shabazz” is such a common name.

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Video: December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse

This amazing video of the December blizzard was taken by Michael Black in Belmar, New Jersey, using a Canon DLSR on tripod with remote timer taking a photo once every five minutes.  The time frame is approximately 20 hours in 40 seconds.

CNN’s interview with Black about the video,  here.

Hat tip: Retired Geezer.

Video:I’m in Love with Friedrich Hayek

How’s everyone’s post-Christmas, pre-New Years going? Keeping busy? Are we taking down our trees yet?

I’m thinking about it…while I get caught up on laundry, and watch my seven year old drag all his new toys into the living room, (again) and look for something to blog about….

Oh, here’s something! An original song by Dorian Electra. Filmed by Clara Lee, Madeline Scholl, and Ciaran Finlayson:


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Video: British meteorologist and Astrophysicist, Piers Corbyn Interviewed On Fox

Here’s a video of the  little-known (’til now) British meteorologist and astrophysicist, Piers Corbyn, a global warming skeptic who’s been getting some notoriety in the blogosphere of late.

Corbyn’s website, Weather Action, is here.

His Twitterfeed, here.


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