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  13. I should never signed on to this blogger alliance deal.

    It’s mostly lefty moonbat bloggers whoring for hits. I wouldn’t go near that Suzie-Q site with a ten foot poll —- eew cooties.


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  15. You can opt out if you want, but you’re mischaracterizing the alliance I’m afraid. For some reason, you’re only getting pings from a few of us, and they are the liberals of the group. On the whole, I’d say the alliance has more conservatives than liberals, but that’s probably arguable.

    BTW- that’s ten foot “pole” 😉


  16. I checked out Suzie Q’s post – what a load. It wasn’t even current. As far as I can tell, ND, you’re right – the Alliance hasn’t been very useful, informative, or entertaining. At least that Ned Raggett fellow was sane – Suzie Q is nuts.


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  18. I checked out Suzie Q’s post….geoff

    So did I. I just figured Deb was having fun watching the moonbats howl. Some people like that you know. I prefer an aquarium full of Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta). You don’t have to wait before they start feeding on each other.


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  437. I am also a WordPress political blogger. I run Bent Notes (www.barneyquick.net/blog). I occasionally link to posts of yours (most recently the one on Susan from Glendale). I’m not nearly as web-savvy as I need to be. How do I join your alliance?


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