Confirmed: Obama Warns Egyptian Military Against Stepping In And Replacing Morsi…Threatens To Cut Off Military Aid

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Our President is standing behind the wildly unpopular Islamist, thug dictatorship in Egypt – one that could easily be toppled with the backing of the United States – thus guaranteeing an ugly protracted civil war in the country.

Obama’s “smart power” is on display, again. CNN reports:

The Obama administration is urging Egyptian President Mohammed Morsy to call early elections and has warned the Egyptian military that it risks losing U.S. aid if it carries out a military coup amid the political crisis, senior administration officials tell CNN.

At the same time, the officials stopped short of saying Morsy should step down immediately.

“We are saying to him, ‘Figure out a way to go for new elections,’” one senior official said. “That may be the only way that this confrontation can be resolved.”

But the White House is disputing that the administration has done even that much to remedy the situation:

National Security Council Spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan said, “It is not accurate that the United States is ‘urging’ President Morsy to call early elections. President Obama has encouraged President Morsy to take steps to show that he is responsive to the concerns of the Egyptian people and underscored that the current crisis can only be resolved through a political process.  As the President has made clear since the revolution, only Egyptians can make the decisions that will determine their future.”

In other words he’s offered his usual platitudinous blather with no strings attached.

Middle East expert, Walid Showbat said in a recent radio interview, Islamist governments don’t fall on their own; Egypt is heading right for a civil war.

To begin, Walid Shoebat agrees with Bolton that no matter what happens in Egypt right now, this crisis isn’t going away and there will be civil unrest going forward. And part of that unrest, he says, is being fueled by the military who has given confidence and energy to the opposition against Morsi, in the form of the ultimatum, and this will help propel both sides into a larger conflict. He also notes that because of Libya both sides are very well armed as tons of weapons have been sold into Egypt.

But even more importantly he says it is one thing to push for the fall of a secular government or a dictator. It’s another to push for the fall of an Islamist government. Shoebat points out that historically Islamist governments don’t fall unless an outside force comes in to aid the opposition and he doesn’t see that happening here. And with Morsi defiant and unwilling to give up power, this conflict is heading right for a civil war.


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