The Coming Democrat/Republican Crack-up

Another post by Reeko:

Thank goodness for the Millennials. They will elect the next president and in doing so, they will in all likelihood save the United States – from itself. Most of them will not even realize the value of what they will be doing. We are in the digital age of instantaneous communications, transactions, feelings, emotions, and… elections.

The twin disasters of Leftist-Progressives and their enabling GOP elitists, who together have run the current ship of state with almost no significant interference from any constitutionally-minded or conservative force of consequence, are soon to get their comeuppance. The logjams of government that those two forces have intentionally dammed up will soon be – no, strike that – ARE being blown apart much like the Robertson’s of Duck Dynasty are dynamiting the hated beaver dams on their duck hunting properties. The refreshing flow of new energy in new voters and others of normally apolitical views, shows how fast this can happen and more importantly, why.

Rebelling against the status quo is a long and proud tradition in American youth. And since both the Democrats and GOP elites have left the grass-root TEA partiers bruised – but not silenced – while blue dog/conservative Democrats have been out-shouted and are equally despised by their Progressive leaders, the masses are murmuring for a leader who sticks it to the status quo. Although the main focus of the political pundits and/or pollsters would be on the Millennials, there are older voters who remember well what happened to Senator Joe Lieberman, and can’t wait to help. Its payback time.

Although the majority of Millennials will elect Donald Trump President of the United States it won’t even be close in the general election. Of course, there will be a minority of Millennials who will also vote for Bernie Sanders, but the outcome will not matter. The DNC itself will make sure Sanders isn’t their nominee. How they do that will be interesting in itself to watch, but as for the GOP primaries, we must first admit that from these same Millennials there will be quite a bit of help getting Trump to the GOP nomination without any significant challenge. Trump is their guy, no doubt about it, and it matters not one bit if the old-school political pundits think he is this or that or conservative or moderate or, whatever… as they say.

So how does Trump win? That’s easy: crossover voters. He will be aided and abetted by more than a few Democrats and Independents, the so-called “swing voters” in select states. There are at least 26 states that have either Open (19 states: anybody can vote for any party) or Semi-Open (7 states: registered GOP or undeclared voters can vote) primaries or caucuses that are guaranteed to allow crossover voters in their respective GOP primary or caucus. Trump will win those primaries in near landslides.

For all the rancor being shouted in the infosphere about the unraveling of the GOP from the outsiders leading into the 2016 race, take heart that it is not only the old guard GOP who are being undone, but the DNC and its enablers who are imploding as well. Ka-boom.

Reeko Forsazh

Billionaire Battle? Bloomberg Mulls White House Run

“Reeko,”  longtime reader and friend of the ND blog, has graciously offered to write some posts here for the duration of the 2016 campaign.

He’s a fellow conservative who works in a secret capacity for the United States government (hence the pseudonym) and can give an insider’s perspective on some of the issues.

His interests include politics, military, foreign affairs, science, theology, history, anthropology, weapons and martial arts, birds, airplanes, and Texas trivia, among many other things.

“Forsazh” is Russian for “afterburner” – as in jet engines. 😉

Unlike me, Reeko supports Donald Trump (!) and in good time will probably get around to explaining why.

To start off, he wanted to talk about former NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s potential entrance into the race. (7-Eleven hardest hit.)

Alternative title, “Send in the Clown”:

Well, that didn’t take long. Bloomberg. Yes, the old Blooming Idiot himself.

So, I guess that question has been answered. (Who will replace Hillary on the Dem ticket?) Crazily, but answered just the same, much like getting a reading from a windsock in a hurricane.

Somebody on the Left must’ve run the electoral numbers and panicked. Cynicism much perhaps? Or does it not look like they are trotting out M. J. Bloomberg to at least try to keep NY from going all Trump Blue in the general election?

Yes, NY will vote solidly for Trump, making that a Red State for the first time since 1984. Of course Bloomberg is most likely to stay officially an “Independent” just like B. Sanders is an “Independent” yet neither of those capitol “I”s are gonna be able to save the DNC from the coming disaster in November:

NY = 29 electoral votes; FL = 29; TX = 38; The solid South = 111 (minus SC, still 102 because that State is goofy) and, the biggest electoral prize of all, yes, even California is in play for Trump. It will be a landslide no matter which way the math works out. The Left is grabbing at NY with everything they have, or else the Dem Party will be demolished.

The Oligarchical Rulers of our country are absolutely besides themselves with fear. “Obama’s legacy” …this is it: The end of the Democrat Party as we know it. With powerful assists from Soros and both Clintons. At long last!

Can I get an amen? At least a few high fives? 😀

reeko forsazh

Video: Rick Perry Endorses Sen. Ted Cruz

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry endorsed Ted Cruz for President in the Republican primary, today.

In his video announcement, Perry commended the junior senator from Texas for taking “a bold stand against Obama’s lawlessness” and having the “willingness to take on the Washington Cartel.”

Texas became an economic powerhouse under Perry’s 15 years of governorship, so his endorsement should give Cruz a decent boost.

“I support Ted Cruz for President,” said Gov. Perry. “As an Air Force Veteran, I understand the sacrifices that our men and women in the military make every day to keep us safe. They deserve a commander in chief who values their service, who will keep our military strong, and who will always put America’s national security interests first. Ted has proven that he is ready to serve as Commander in Chief on Day One. He has also proven the willingness to take on the Washington Cartel and restore power and opportunity back to the people.”

“Gov. Rick Perry is a friend and a remarkable public servant,” said Cruz. “He is a proud veteran who bravely served our nation, and he was an extraordinary governor of Texas. It was an honor to serve under him during my time as Texas’ Solicitor General. I am thrilled to have Rick join our campaign. With his principled leadership, we will coalesce conservatives behind this campaign to win the White House in 2016.”