Code Stink And The Berkeley City Council

In action:

Hat tip: Lucianne


(Cootie alert – Code Pink link follows – Click at your own risk):

This is disturbing. Code Pink is also planning St. Valentine’s Day “Kiss Ins” at military recruitment centers across the country.

“Don’t Enlist, Stay and Kiss! That way everyone makes out!” (Travis, Iraq Veteran Against the War, and his partner Vee)

This February 14th, take your sweetheart out for a public kiss-in in front of the nearest military recruiting center! Organize a kiss-in to counter military recruitment and spread the love in your community.

Create banners. Here are our suggestions:

    • “Don’t Enlist, Stay and Kiss! That way everyone makes out…”
    • “Make out, not war!”
    • “Love the troops, Hate the War”
    • “Military Predators Out of Our Community!”
    • “Make Love, Not War”
    • “Marines/Army out of ____ (YOUR CITY)! Marines/Army out of Iraq! Help us take our city back!”

I’m sorry I subjected you to that.

*I just thought of a Valentine’s Day banner for any counter protesters:

“Hey Code Pink, KISS MY ASS!”

UPDATE (Feb 10):

Michelle Malkin is covering the Berkeley of the Midwest – Toledo, Ohio – where Mayor Carty Finkbeiner (guess which party) has ordered a company of Marine Corps Reservists, (there for some urban warfare training), to vamoose!

Five buses carrying 200 Marines traveled four hours from Grand Rapids only to be told that they were not wanted, and had to return home.

Newsbusters has The Toledo Blade’s sympathetic coverage of Mayor Finkbeiner.


You can view them in action in front of the Marine recruitment office in Berkeley, chaining themselves to the door, and refusing to let people in, here.Do not click if you have high blood pressure.

“No business as usual, today. Stop the torture!” one of the commies shouts.

UPDATE: (Feb.11):

This will get your blood boiling.

College Republicans from San Francisco State interview some pinkos at their protest:


Protest Planned Against Berkeley City Council.

6 thoughts on “Code Stink And The Berkeley City Council

  1. Hi my fellow Americans,

    Don’t be so hard on these nice people in Berkley. Shucks, I was a Pinko when I was in college, even when I was studying abroad in England. I hated the US just like these great 1960’s retreads. I was thinking of joining them on Valentines day, I think it would be great for…oh…yea…Hilldabeast’s Presidential Campaign….. Monica could join me, give me kisses and other delights…shucks…it’s gunna be great!!!!!!


  2. I’m sure this stunt will work as well as their other stunts.

    It is amusing that they spend their time for continuous protests in places where they already have the majority opinion, instead of going to other places to convince other people. But that would mean that they actually want to change opinion rather than just indulge their fantasies.


  3. More preferential treatment for the military wing of the (D)emocrat party, Code Pink, who everyone should know maintains a 24×7, 365 day a year “protest” across the street from Walter Reed military hospital to taunt the wounded’s families.


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