Saturday Movie Matinee: Police Sources: Freddie Gray Was A Snitch – Was High on Pot and Heroin When He Was Arrested

Megyn Kelly: Charged Cops’ Friend on Fox: Freddie Gray a SNITCH, ‘Great Witness’ for Us:

This is a “bombshell” as they say. It explains why the cops didn’t think much of his screaming and thrashing – because Freddie apparently liked to “put on a show” – because “snitches get stitches.”

An anonymous Baltimore police officer and friend of the officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray today spoke out on Fox News tonight about what two of the cops involved relayed to them about Gray.
And perhaps one of the most striking things this cop told Megyn Kelly is that Gray snitched for the cops.They told Kelly that in this case, like in many other cases, Gray would “put on a show” and resist and show that he wasn’t cooperating with the police, but once he got to the station, he was a “great witness.”

Gray apparently “helped the department solve many crimes and different acts of violence.”

In the following three videos, Megyn Kelly and Hannity interviewed anonymous police sources. The law men are cloaked in black, faces hidden from view, their voices disguised – because in Obama’s America, our  protectors need to be protected. It’s like cops are now the dregs of society.

And the “young people” out on the street rioting for justice – are on the cutting edge of “changing the system” and stuff. Which Obama feels he can’t do without having his shock troops burn down a few cities.

Watch it and weep.

Hannity Exclusive: Baltimore Officer With Inside Info On The Investigation:

This cop is pissed. Describing the reaction cops had to the indictments, this morning, he told Hannity, “this was a huge slap in the face.”  He said, “to hear all of Mosbey’s rhetoric was disgusting,” and  “makes my blood boil.”

This officer broke some news during the inteview and was putting his job on the line, by speaking out.

He described the scene when the announcement came down: “People stunned at the lack of justice were crying, sitting by themselves and shaking their heads, hugging each other. It was unbelieveable to see the devastation that was done at that press conference, this morning.”

Describing the scene of the arrest, he said, “it’s probably the biggest drug market on the East coast possibly”, the cop said.

“It’s a violent area – it’s a drug trafficking area – there’s guns murders and shootings on a weekly basis.”

He also said that the cops witnessed a “hand to hand” drug transaction take place between Freddie Gray and his accomplice. That was why the arresting officers went after him.

Breaking some news tonight, the cop told Hannity (this guy really cut loose) that the toxicology report showed that Freddie Gray had heroin and Marijuana in his system.

Commenting on the conflict of interest, the cop said, ” you can see Nick Mosbey on TV (State Attorney Marilyn Mosbey’s hubby) arm and arm with the protesters and the next you see his wife – ya know – lecturing us on justice? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“Asked if he thought he would be at risk if his identity were to become known to the prosecutor,” he said, “Definitely! I mean – I don’t have the same First Amendment rights as the protesters or the thugs. I have to come and speak up for my brothers and sisters who are standing out there and being unfairly prosecuted. I’m defending my brothers against the President, I’m defending them against the Mayor, I’m defending them against the State’s Attorney. I’m one man trying to speak for every man and woman on the Baltimore Police Department who were just punched in the face, today. I’ve buried detectives – I’ve buried officers – What she said this morning just opened up all those caskets and she spit on all of them!” 

NewsmaxTV: Malzberg | Dershowitz – A Sad Day for Justice Motivated by Crowd Control, Any Conviction Unlikely:

“Legendary Harvard Law School Professor” Alan Dershowitz appeared on the Steve Malzberg Show, to share his thoughts on the Baltimore police indictments that came down, Friday. Dersh panned State Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s decision, saying it was “a very sad day for justice.” He added, “today had nothing to do with justice – today was crowd control.”

“Everything today was motivated by a threat of riots and a desire to prevent riots, he continued.

It will be “virtually impossible,” he predicted, for the six officers involved to get a fair trial. “The mayor – outrageously – said we were going to get justice for the victims families and the people of Baltimore – never mentioning the defendants. Under our Constitution, the only people who are entitled to justice — are the defendants! They are presumed innocent, they need due process of law. The mayor and the state attorney have made it virtually impossible for these defendants to get a fair trial.”

He went on to note that some people in the mob have been saying that the only reason they got the indictments is because they rioted – “and they may very well be right,” the law professor admitted ruefully. “Today had nothing to do with justice.”

Dershowitz said there’s “no plausible, hypothetical, conceivable case for murder under the facts as we now know them,” calling it  “a show trial.”

He predicted that there would be a move to have Mosby removed as prosecutor and also a move to have a “move to a place with a different demographic.”

He said there is a good chance that in the end there will be no convictions because she over-charged.

NewsmaxTV: Malzberg | Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke – Police will not be used as Human Sacrifices to Satisfy a Mob:

“It’s a sham – this isn’t justice – it’s revenge,” the incensed sheriff said.

“She has made this political now, and I’m calling these cops who’ve had political charges issued against them, political prisoners. They’ve been offered up as a human sacrifice to an angry mob looking for not justice but revenge.”

He also said, (as an experienced homicide detective), that the amount of time she took to issue the charges, when there were likely hundreds of pages to  go through – and the the forensic results were not all in, yet, “stinks to high heaven.”

NewsmaxTV: Malzberg | Colin Flaherty discusses the growing unrest in Baltimore:

Colin Flaherty: The greatest explanation for Baltimore Riots. EVER.

He’s kidding. You won’t be able to watch more than a minute of this because the stupid is mind-numbing.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: Police Sources: Freddie Gray Was A Snitch – Was High on Pot and Heroin When He Was Arrested

  1. Lord the idiocy hurts in that last video-there’s no hope, none. I swear a bunch of these thugs starts throwing bricks and cinder blocks, baby they need to be met with a hail of deadly force. I guarantee you it would stop cold.

    Mr Angelic Nubian wants credit because they didn’t destroy a black owned business but the asian guy’s burned out bar is NBD because it’s insured.

    I of course would never attempt to do business anywhere near where these savages are concentrated but if a bunch of them thought they could rush my gallery or studio here in w Texas, there’d be a pile of bodies near the front door.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Of those six police, at least three are clearly being sacrificed to the mob – up to a 20 year term for false arrest in a matter that was in a gray area? That is outrageous under these facts. And the one officer who may in fact be guilty of involuntary manslaughter is being overcharged with 2nd degree murder, a crime that requires proof of intent. Justice for Freddie Gray — needed — is not served by reverse lynchings and injustice towards the police. Indeed, unless there are a lot of facts yet to come out, no one is going to get justice in this case and the problems in Baltimore will just remain and fester ever more.


  3. If true Freddie Gray being a “snitch” could add some perspective to this entire mess. It would also add another word into the Webster’s Dictionary of Ebonics as being racists, along with “thug”.

    To say Mosby jumped the gun, is a understatement. She overcharged and made pure political statements regarding the case which would or could influence any potential Jury Pool.

    I’m not sure of their Criminal Procedures in Baltimore but something doesn’t seem right to me about this. The City announced that it was conducting a investigation and that the findings would be released on Friday. As the report was being concluded, the City then announced that the report would NOT be released as previously stated and that it would be turned over the the State’s Attorney.

    Less than twenty-four hours later, Mosby waltzed out and announced her charges against the Cops. Her office reviewed and concluded in one day that a prosecution was warranted? Where is the indictment from a Grand Jury? Is one required under Maryland Law? Is Mosby the sole arbitrator in the matter?

    Mosby needs to be removed from this case. Her ties to the City Council {her husband}, who on day one was on the streets of Baltimore inciting people. Her news conference was pure political theater and was loaded with prejudicial statements that clearly showed her bias. A Special Prosecutor needs to be appointed and a change of venue needs to be ordered.

    Anything less than a across the board convictions of these Cops and Baltimore is really going to find out what riots really are. It’s what always happens when you capitulate to mob rule and the thugs start running the asylum.

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  4. Actually, the two young people interviewed make a lot of sense, even if his statement about how the looters only took liquor which is insured anyway is a but misguided. The cops who are saying this and that about Gray to Hannity and Kelly – they are disguising themselves and essentially violating a dead man’s rights, under the Constitution’s 6th Amendment, to be confronted by his accusers. The fact that you would bring that racist Colin Flaherty into this discussion is just a smdh moment.


  5. I must say it was very brave of you to weigh in favorably for the two half-wits in the Colin Flaherty video. Because to argue that their “misguided” reasoning wasn’t stupid makes you look stupid, too.

    But your attack on Colin Flaherty was not brave. It was craven and evil. Because Flaherty shines a light on the violent and criminal pathologies in poor black communities, he must be silenced. And the way to chill speech we don’t like – is to accuse people of racism. (Or sexism, or homophobia,etc.)

    In order to blame whitey, we have to minimalize the problem (which is getting harder and harder to do) so we can agititate for MORE redistribution of wealth. But of course – the redistribution of wealth and the creation of a permanent dependency class, is the root of this problem. The infantilization of legions of inner city adults who have a chip on their shoulders, think the country owes them a living, eschew traditional values and personal responsibility and don’t believe the laws apply to them – is the root of the problem.

    But the racial grievance mongers say the answer to the problems in these communities is to double/triple/quadruple down on failed policies of the past 50 years and keep voting in the party responsible for the failure. Oh yeah – and those who call out the BS, get to be labeled racist.

    You can take your weaselly little race card and shove it up your ass.


  6. Gray’s 6th Amendment rights, along with all of the others went south when he went room temperature. Mosby’s responsibility and obligation is to review and if warranted pursue any violations of law, not to grandstand and make things nicey-nicey in order to capitulate to thugs burning a city.

    Rep Donna Edwards {candidate for the Munchins Senate seat} who appeared on Fox laid the problems of Baltimore because “the redistribution of wealth wasn’t spread around enough”. She also managed to use uhbama’s line and blame the problem of Baltimore’s schools on the newly elected Governor Larry Hogan due to funding cuts. A Governor who has been in office for five months. The ole “Bush did it” that they’ve been throwing out for almost 7 years now. Fifty plus years of dopey liberal, dimoCrap policies in both Baltimore and the State level isn’t the problem, it’s “Larry’s fault”.

    Typical lib psychobabble, not that their policies have failed, but that it wasn’t done “fairly” and of course the only answer they have is “throw more money at the never ending problem”. The city received almost 2Billion dollars of stimulus money from Uncle Remus in D.C. and of course since the {not so} great society we {the country} have spent almost $20 Trillion dollars. Which only guarantees more dependency, poverty, failure and a cycle of what we all saw last week in Baltimore. . . . .people who think they are entitled to something and if they don’t get it, will take it by any means necessary to deprive the rightful owner of it.

    Here is some advice:
    You’ll never climb any ladder successfully, with your hands in someone else’s pocket. It’s way past time to put down the kool aid and try another way. </.b>


  7. It is not a “race card” , it is the truth as I see it. I am white and I have lived in an almost all-black area of Washington, DC. I know that there is white racism and black racism. Some of what you say about dependency I actually agree with – but poor blacks do not have a monopoly on this. There are poor white or predominantly poor white neighborhoods in many cities where people receive government assistance. Moreover, there are many working poor Americans of all races. Toya Graham, for example – the mother that was videoed pulling her son out of the riot, is employed. The problem, imo, is that neither Republicans nor Democrats represent anyone other than the top 1%, but the Democrats have for years been able to put on better PR that they stand for minorities and the poor. The Southern Poverty Law Center has stated on record, on its website, that Flaherty takes small incidents and blows them way out of proportion in an effort to make the black American population look like a bunch of violent savages.


  8. It’s a race card if you’re basing your accusation on what the left-wing hacks at the SPLC say. They put Dr. Ben Carson of all people on one of their hate lists because he disagrees with the left on gay marriage. The Catholic Church and other Christian denominations are listed as “extreme” organizations. Pamela Geller is on one of their Orwellian hate lists for speaking out against radical Islam. No one who admires Pamela Geller or Ben Carson has proven themselves to be a menace to society. But an SPLC fan sure did when he tried to shoot up the Family research Council a few years ago for being “homophobes” who apparently deserved to die.

    Intelligent people take what the SPLC says with a grain of salt.

    What exactly is your point in noting that there are poor white people and poor black people who are dependent on government? It’s not an okay thing, right? It’s something that we should be working to correct, not expand like the president has. And the unfortunate fact remains that blacks as a group are disproportionately dependent on government. And poor black neighborhoods are disproportionately crime-ridden — per FBI crime statistics – not Colin Flaherty’s “racist” videos… which are what they are and show what they show. If someone gleans from them that all blacks are violent savages, he’s taking a pretty ignorant and simplistic view, and that’s not Flaherty’s fault. But if people glean from the videos that blacks are disproportionately engaging in violent crimes and for some reason the media doesn’t want to report the reality of this – that is the point. That is why Colin Flaherty, an experienced journalist, is doing what he’s doing. He wants to shine a spotlight on something terrible that’s happening that the rest of the media is ignoring.

    If you want to say that all this same stuff (mob violence all over the nation every single day, violence in schools, knock out games, rapes of the elderly, beatings of elderly and disabled, black on gay violence, and more – Flaherty has sub-categories of the types of violence that blacks commit in hugely disproportionate numbers) are committed by whites at the same rate, you start a YouTube channel and let’s see those videos.

    Meanwhile, there are plenty of blacks who don’t have a problem with Flaherty having a frank discussion about this rampant and unacceptable black violence – without apologies – because the rest of the media is ignoring it, preferring instead to push their racialist narrative about blacks being the perpetual victims of systemic white racism.

    Instead of reporting the ungodly amount of black mob violence, the media hypes every violent confrontation between police and “unarmed blacks” – ( as if these types of confrontations don’t happen to white criminals, as well) while ignoring violent and often deadly attacks on the police – and the ugly cycle of violence continues.


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