Adventures in Cringing Police Dhimmitude

I’m starting to see a pattern: large dangerous mobs overwhelming impotent, acquiescing  police –  and it’s not just happening in Europe…it’s happening, here, too.

This is disgraceful; British police run away from Muslim thug protesters shouting allah Akhbar:

Why weren’t the police armed…with anything? No tear gas, no rubber bullets…nothing (but batons)?  What is the matter with Britain?

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers


What’s the matter with us? Here’s a group of Muslim protesters burning an Israeli flag in San Francisco:

They’re the same people….ugly, violent, maniacal, insane!

Doesn’t San Francisco have a fire code they could have enforced? Or is this a free speech issue? I guess they’re used to flags burning on the left coast.

Again: Weasel Zippers


Zombietime was at the San Francisco protest and took plenty of photos.

Of  interest:


The only protester hassled by the police, according to Zombie,  was  this lone counter-protester, who was asked to leave, “for his own protection”.

The pro-Hamas thugs cheered his departure.


Meanwhile, protesters who openly supported the terrorist organization Hamas and waved the Hamas flag (as seen here) received no warnings at all about inciting the crowd. Which sharply highlights a depressing truth: If you express an opinion, no matter how wrongheaded, you are safe from criticism if enough people share it with you; but if you express an opinion, no matter how insightful, you will be penalized if you stand all alone.

That seems to be what happened with the British protest…There’s strength in numbers. I think we can stop tut tutting about Great Britain, now….

Gad…I’m still scrolling through Zombie’s pictures….

Jews supporting Hamas, “Outraged by Israel”?….Nazism = Zionism? Ugh…insanity! I see Che has been adopted by Palestinian supporters…

Well, here’s a surprise…The Sheehag was there:


Of course she was there. Of course! She reflexively takes the wrong side of every conflict, as do so many these days.

Zombie guesstimates the crowd at two to three thousand.

Alice H. also took some excellent pictures at  a pro-Israel rally, with pro Hamas protesters over the weekend in Denver. Which group looks more normal to you?


Another example of “cringing police dhimmitude” from Germany:

Today, 10.000 people demonstrated against Israel here in my hometown Duisburg (Germany) and to express their solidarity with Hamas. So, my girlfriend and me put two Israel flags out of the windows of our flat in the 3rd floor. During the demonstration which went through our street the police broke into our flat and removed the flag of Israel. The statement of the police was to de-escalate the situation, because many youth demonstrators were on the brink of breaking into our apartment house. Before this they threw snowballs, knifes and stones against our windows and the complete building. We both were standing on the other side of the street and were shocked by seeing a police officer standing in our bedroom and opening the window to get the flag. The picture illustrate this situation. The police acquiesced in the demands of the mob.

Jewish Odysseus:

I am thinking about establishing the “Duisburg Police Award for Forceful yet Cringing Dhimmitude Beyond the Call of Duty.” Maybe have it awarded weekly? Naaaaahhhh, not frequent enough, I’ll need to award it at least once a day.

Hat tip: Jdub at AoSHQ

24 thoughts on “Adventures in Cringing Police Dhimmitude

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  2. The lone counter-demonstrator deftly illustrates Israel’s problem. Tiny Israel for all intents and purposes, stands alone in the world. The other day, I was able to attend a pro-Israel rally in Orange County, California. It was late and therefore dark, but I’m pretty sure I was the only vocal non-Jew in support of Israel in a crowd of 4 or 5 hundred. I love Israel but I don’t hate the Muslims. I AM angry at the media. They are the guilty in all this mess. THEY elevate the credibility of the terrorists and tear down the reputation of Israel. I’m doing all I know to correct the biased press and I have lots of company, but the task is daunting.


  3. Dear Judge Bob,
    Join ACT! for America. We have a local OC chapter.
    Website is
    This is the fast growing one year old, 50,000 member
    grass roots organization that is ACTIVELY resisting!
    We have been attending the local rallies, though in small numbers. United we can conquer!!!!


  4. Your forgot the Florida “you need a big oven” rally, and the Kansas City Hamas-fest…and the NYC chase the infidel and attack the police protest…and probably many more


  5. It’s obvious that the Police came close to losing control as some of the marchers became rowdy. However, the cops were able to regroup, form a line and keep the rowdy elements contained (notice what happens to those who try to break through. They get clubbed in the head.) No property damage evident and no mass blood bath! I think that they did a pretty good job!


  6. Rowdy Billy? I’d say they were menacing. And when they started throwing things at the bobbies, and swearing at them, I think more should have been done.


  7. Although the video of police in UK does look pretty pathetic its not clear that they are ‘running away’ as you claim.
    Looks more like they are escorting them through the streets, and there are their own more moderate organisers of the rally in orange bibs trying to keep them under control.
    The throwing of a traffic cone at the officers however is a chargable offence of assaulting a police officer which does not seem to be acted upon. This is pathetic.
    Indeed, thugs who receive a message that its ok to rampage through the streets and think they own the place. Not helped by a perceivably weak police.
    The video does need to be substantiated more though. Not as clear cut as it may seem from your description.


  8. I may have used some hyperbole in my title…(not unheard of in the blogosphere), but the fact is, the police response was, as you yourself admit, pathetic.


  9. Brave?JeWorld
    [its not clear that they are ‘running away’ as you claim.]

    The only thing ‘unclear’ is your ability to discern what you are seeing. It is very clear the police were DRIVEN back, literally running from the fight. It would have been a fight if they hadn’t. That’s what we pay police to do. Fight OUR fights, keep order. This is clearly a case of managing disorder. A ‘blood bath’ is too strong a term for the ‘force’ required in this situation.


  10. The behaviour of the “peaceful and well manered Muslims” in London are giving the Londoners of a sample of what London has become. The cowards who outnumbered the police, taunting them is what is expected from the big heroes.
    The action of the Police was disgusting, they need to get organised and not back away, they have to set the rules.


  11. Europe was taken by muslems without a fight.
    like Germans took Paris in 1940 marching via ARC de Triumf.

    Salam Aleichum


  12. Having “been there – done that” many times over the course of my 25 years on the NYPD, I am not about to follow the herd here. First, Metro Police are armed only with a billy (truncheon, in Brit-speak). Their personal protection is minimal at best. They were outnumbered by what appeared to be 50-1.

    So let me ask any of you heroes who are scoffing at these officers … have you ever been in a similar situation? No? Then you can’t begin to understand the situation. Just what the HELL would you have these guys do – get themselves killed for nothing? Do you think the Labour government would back them up if they broke a few heads?

    Gimme a break – you’d run your asses off and look for someplace to hide, and you know it.


  13. Bruce;
    having been caught somewhere in the middle of criminal violence and police enforcing order, it is a failure of the police in their duty to preserve peace. As it happened in the viewfinder of this particular camera, no innocents were being harmed or intimidated. We’ve seen plenty of examples of this madness attacking and intimidating innocents.
    The point is, whatever the reason they were on the run and mob mentality was in full control of the area. If the bureaucrats won’t back them then the bureaucrats are failing the police and the populace. The net effect is the mob is encouraged to further violence and the innocents are left without faith in the system which further encourages violence. That’s the shame, that’s the failure.


  14. So in the meantime, tough-guy – these bobbies are supposed to get the crap kicked out of them by a mob 10 times their number – is that what you’re saying.

    Guys who talk crap like this have no clue what working the street or a mob is all about. A cops FIRST duty is to go home at the end of their tour – whether you like it or not. I didn’t get paid enough to duke it out with odds no sane person would consider. Are you willing to get beat to a pulp for the equivalent of $30k a year? What do you think the end result would be if those 25-39 bobbies tried to stand their ground?

    “Having been caught somewhere in the middle …. yada yada yada…” doesn’t mean a damned thing. try DOING the job – then tell me about it.


  15. yada yada yada…

    Yeah, okay. You’ve dismissed me as an armchair badass. I’ve never worn a uniform or had to cross a horde of protesters. Well, as a matter of fact, I have worn the US military uniform and due to the layout of the base in the UK, had to cross a horde of protesters four times a day when America took action against Libya, but even before that, I’ve lived in a town that was under the control of the crooks far more than the authorities. In fact, the prosecutor and judge were for sale. I’ve seen what a spineless authority can do to the people who pay them to do their jobs. It makes a peaceful society into a FULLY self reliant people. Any disputes get settled the uncivilized ways of old and to hell with the authorities. Gun fights, knife fights were as common in my very rural community as they are in the inner cities where cops show only after the crime to make a record of the events. My uncle was shot by his neighbor in a dispute over a dog. Its a 15 minute trip to get there from the center of town, how long do you suppose it took them to get there? Hours. The ambulance showed long before the cops and they had a much greater distance to travel. I watched highschool students intimidate a bus driver for months before they finally took a drunken shot at the school bus with kids in it.

    I have a beef with cops who join the force for the appeal to bully the peaceful. I admire cops who do the job they were hired to do rather than relish the opportunity to bully people. If they aren’t willing to stand up in this environment, I don’t want them standing up to me over flicking the ash off my butt as happened within the last six months. Granted, it takes commitment to put on the uniform and they have lives to live just like the rest of us, but they also have a commitment to the people. If they take the glory, they’d better damn well be prepared to take the risks involved. That’s the job.

    Other recordings of these protests show bobbies knocking heads and they are just as outnumbered. Those mobs were held at bay. This was a disgrace and as I said before, this encourages the ‘angry youths’ whom the authorities and the press refuse to accurately name as a Muslim mob. If need be, the bobbies should have the authority to use riot control methods including stun guns, pepper spray, tear gas, and other non-lethal forms. If necessary, they should be authorized to use deadly force. That’s my point. They are failing the people who pay them. The entire UK government is failing the people who pay them.


  16. Half of the world population is either hindu or buhdist. The ‘clash of civilizations’ is between the other half which shares the same God, the ‘Abrahamic religions’. They each want their same God to be respected their ‘own’ way…


  17. ticotitao;

    The term ‘culture’ is not a simple affectation. If you will bother to lay the history of each culture side by side and compare their values, their success, their behavior can you equate them any longer? If you can, you are willfully blind to the realities and care nothing about real consequences so long as you can say everybody is equally good and equally evil.


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