Video: Boehner’s Remarks, Today, At The Economic Club of Washington

Earlier today, Speaker Boehner gave his own jobs speech  at the Economic Club of Washington, calling for Washington to unshackle job creators from the “triple threat” of excessive regulations, the current tax code, and the spending binge.

Boehner noted that the responsibility for fixing this toxic environment for job creation is a bipartisan one, and while the House will consider Obama’s proposals,  they’re no substitute for the pro-growth policies needed to remove barriers to job creation in America.  The speaker stressed that tax reform should include closing loopholes, but that tax increases are not an option.

Text of the entire speech, here.


Listening to Rush, who is expressing extreme frustration with Boehner for being willing to work with Obama, when what Republicans want is for him to be stopped.

—Not that I necessarily agree with Rush. It may be that Boehner is trying to look cordial and bipartisan before they steamroll over Obama’s job plan.


During the Q&A, Boehner was asked about golfing with Obama: Boehner: Talking to Obama Like Talking to Someone From Another Planet

“Listen, the President and I have a very good relationship. We get along fine,” said Boehner. “But, we come from two different worlds. I come to this job as a small business person who felt that government was too big, spent too much, and was out of control; and I still look at myself as that same person. The president comes from a different ideology. And while we have a good relationship sometimes the conversations that we have would be like two groups of people from two different planets who barely understand each other.

Video at link.

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Video: Paul Ryan Pushing “Fundamental Tax Reform”, Says Republicans Can Stop Obama’s Spending Plan

— As opposed to Obama’s temporary tax cuts, and Stimulus II, ideas that have been tried again and again, and have proven not to work:

When asked by Larry Kudlow whether it was possible “to stop the machinery of this spending package…..?”

Ryan seemed to hedge a bit in his answer, saying Republicans are trying to make it possible, wasn’t sure if it was actually possible….

Asked again at the end of the interview, if they can stop the increased spending, he said, “yes, we just don’t pass it.”

Much bettah.


Paul Ryan spoke at the Constitution Day Celebration being hel in Washington, DC, at Hillsdale College’s Kirby Center.

Paul A. Rahe of Ricochet has the text of the speech: Paul Ryan: Restoring the Rule of Law

Read it and weep that this thoughtful man is not one of our presidential nominees for 2012.