Video: Vets Seeing Red Over Obama-Flag Flown In Front of Democrat Headquarters in FL

Obama flags are nothing new. They have been flying here and there for three and a half years in clear violation of the flag code,  and the Obama administration has done absolutely nothing to discourage it. I suspect Obama kinda digs it.

Some vets in Lake County, FL, however, were incensed when they saw a flag with Obama’s mug flying outside the Democrat party headquarters.

WFTV reported:

The flag, which features a picture of President Obama, was taken down Tuesday afternoon.

Korean war veteran Don Van Beck said his blood was boiling.

“I can’t describe how upset was because you just don’t do that to the American flag,” Van Beck said.

Van Beck found it flying outside Lake County Democratic headquarters under the stars and stripes. Marine Corps vet John Masterjohn was seeing red.

“Joseph Stalin, pictures of Mao, pictures of Adolph Hitler. The pomp, the ceremony — the flags like that,” Masterjohn said.

Nearly a dozen veterans went to the door and aimed to take it down.

On his show, today, Rush juxtaposed the flag story with the Obama administration’s recent decision to allow an Indian tribe in Wyoming to shoot bald eagles, his point being  that there seems to be a war on the symbols of America.

And in the case of the bald eagles, it’s a shooting war!  You can shoot bald eagles and now Obama’s face is on an American flag at Democrat Party headquarters in Lake County, Florida.

You can shoot bald eagles and now Obama’s face is on an American flag at Democrat Party headquarters in Lake County, Florida.  Now, it should be noted, the Obama flag was being flown there for several months before anybody complained about it.  I mean, for crying out loud, you would think that a Cuban flag or a picture of Che Guevara would be enough for ’em.  But no! They had to go further. They had to put Obama’s picture on the American flag.

They’ve been doing it for years, Rush…

He went on to explain what he thinks is going on:

What Obama wants is to establish separate laws, depending on which tribe or which race you belong to.  And the Constitution doesn’t do that, and the Declaration of Independence doesn’t do that.  This is all part of Obama’s disdain for the Constitution.  Obama, ladies and gentlemen, looks at the Constitution as “rich white man’s law.”  The Founders, in his view, were rich white guys. And the Constitution to him and others like him is what they call a “charter of negative liberties.”  And what that means to them is the Constitution tells government what it cannot do and how it cannot infringe on our natural, God-given rights which result from our birth and creation.  Well, Obama wants a constitution that specifically spells out what the government can do.

Obama wants a constitution where the government is supreme and paramount, not the individual.  And so he wants to establish separate laws, depending on which tribe or which race you happen to belong to. The Constitution is a rich white man’s law.  This is all part of it. It’s the core philosophy of “Critical Race Theory,” which is the subject that the Breitbart people are examining with their videos of Derrick Bell from Harvard who Obama supported, and Soledad O’Brien…

And another brilliant point made by el Rushbo:

A little aside to those of you who are Catholics. The Northern Arapahoe tribe files a federal lawsuit, a religious aspect that they can kill the bald eagle, and the Obama administration: Oh, your religion says that you need to kill the eagle? Here’s your permit. Indians’ religion is respected to kill the bald eagle, but not the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church, freedom of religion is under assault. The Northern Arapahoe Indian tribe, Native Americans, blank check. You need to kill the bald eagle, here’s the permit.

The “positive liberties” are doled out as the Totalitarians see fit.

Hump Day Link-Around: Santorum’s Victory Speech, Romney Not Sealing The Deal, Get Out, Newt!

Rick Santorum’s Victory Speech in Louisiana after his wins in Alabama and Mississippi:

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum addressed a crowd of supporters Tuesday night in Lafayette, Louisiana, after he was the projected winner in Alabama’s primary. “We’re campaigning everywhere there are delegates because we are going to win this nomination before the convention,” he told the crowd, saying he was headed to Puerto Rico for two days of campaigning there.

Analysis of last night:

Erick Erickson, Red State: Not Closing the Deal:

Newt Gingrich last night proved he is neither a regional candidate nor a spoiler. His influence is headed into Ron Paul territory. Gingrich could not win the deep south. He won Georgia and South Carolina. A Catholic yankee from Pennsylvania won Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and will probably win Louisiana. Even with Gingrich in the race, Santorum beat Romney. He was no spoiler. Gingrich’s final act could be king maker by getting out and endorsing, but pride cometh before the fall. Gingrich is in mid fall. What a sad end to a brilliant legacy. But his campaign is over. All we need is Haley Joel Osment and M. Night Shyamalan to point out to him he is dead.

Newt has played an important role in the primaries, by showing the other candidates how they must expose the Democratic media complex’s bias at every opportunity. Knowing what Obama is, and recognizing his administration’s Alinsky tactics, Newt’s rhetorical missiles hit Obama’s Achilles heel; his thinly veiled radicalism. The only bombs Mitt is willing to lob are aimed at his conservative counterparts. He continues to insist that Obama is a decent guy with good motivations who is just in over his head. Yesterday, his son actually said of Obama, “I think he’s great.”  The base keeps looking for an alternative to the bland, milquetoast, ruling class candidate.

But, I regret to say the time has come time for Newt to get out!

Dan Riehl concurs: I Backed Newt But The Honorable Thing For Him To Do Is Drop Out:

By losing as he did last night, he proved he can’t win much of anywhere. His candidacy is not viable. The only honorable move left for Newt is to drop out. Do the right thing, Newt. Enough GOP primary voters have spoken that, in my opinion, the best thing Newt can do now is to show some respect for them.

Please do the right thing, Newt.

Weekly Standard, Morning Jay: Morning Jay: Santorum’s Wins Come at Gingrich’s Expense:

The problem for Santorum is that he only netted six delegates over Romney in these two contests – and I am guessing that as of Wednesday morning (after American Samoa and Hawaii come in) Romney will have won the most delegates for the whole day. So, with many of Santorum’s best states now having finished voting – the caucuses in the Farm Belt and now much of the South – Romney still has a large delegate lead, with both California and New York still to come.

Thus, last night confirmed for me what I think is the dominant theme of this race: Romney is far from the consensus choice of the Grand Old Party, but his position in this race is strong enough that it is difficult to see how Santorum takes the nomination from him without changing pretty dramatically the dynamics of the race.

Romney Failed To Close The Deal! Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!

In this video commentary, I discuss how Mitt Romney failed to close the deal and has now lost seven Southern or Border States. You can’t win the nomination with half a party! Tune in!

Smitty at The Other McCain:  Inevitability?

By the eye, Mitt has outspent his remaining three opponents combined by 2:1. . .But, for all that negative ad carpet bombing, he’s barely holding his own overall.


In other news….

In 2008, Turk lost by 88,000 votes. In 2010, he was only 17,000 behind. Granted, 2008 was a big year for Democrats and 2010 an election dominated by the Tea Party. 2012 is up for grabs. If Republicans can motivate the base to turn out to vote against a second term for Obama, it could translate to big wins down ticket for people like Jacob Turk.Turk also has the added benefit of early financial support this time around.

“Not only did people want us to run, they said they’d cut a check early for us. And they were true to their word. As of December 31, we had raised ten times more than we had two years ago at the same time.”

Specifically, he had raised $114,964, more than he ran his first two campaigns on, combined.

Things finally seem to be coming together for Turk, and 2012 could be the year he finally wins, removing a lying, race baiting, Communist sympathizer from office and replacing him with conservative Marine Corps veteran.

For the sake of Missouri’s Fifth, and the country, I hope it is.


Gateway Pundit: It’s Tea Time… ROAD TO REPEAL RALLY – March 24 – Washington DC:

Confirmed speakers include: Herman Cain, Ken Cucinelli, Steve Bannon, Jim Hoft, Tom Price, Louie Gohmert and others…

Government run health care is the best example of everything wrong with the federal government. It is financially reckless. No one knows what it will ultimately cost – or where the money will come from.

Additionally, ObamaCare will grow the federal government into every aspect of our lives. It will grow government into a massive bloated bureaucracy making health care decisions that directly affect you. In fact, the federal government must hire more than 17,000 IRS agents to enforce the law.


There is currently a resolution in Congress that would condemn Obama for “impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.” The central complaint is that the president committed our troops to an act of military aggression in Libya without an act of war, authorization, or even consultation with Congress after 60 days, as stipulated by the War Powers Act.

But reinforcing the conclusion that Obama does not even believe he needs Congressional authorization to wage war in principle is the recent testimony of his CIA Director Leon Panetta. The CIA director, who was not an intelligence expert by specialty before being appointed to recent security positions, provided a statement to Senate Armed Services Committee member Jeff Sessions that implied the president may use military force abroad without a declaration of war and without Congressional approval. Panetta’s remark was made in the context of a potential U.S.-led military campaign against Syria and carries implications for a looming armed conflict with Iran.

“You know, our goal would be to seek international permission,” Panetta said. “And we would come to the Congress and inform you and determine how best to approach this, whether or not we would want to get permission from Congress.”

This specific remark, both brazen and profound in import, prompted Congressman Walter Jones to introduce House Concurrent Resolution 107, which would condemn President Obama for committing the “impeachable” offense of illegally committing American troops to military engagement. This is more than campaign electioneering from a Congressman in a safe district.  Our entire system of checks and balances and divided powers are at stake, not to mention our national sovereignty. Foreign policy analyst Bruce Ackerman rightly points out that Obama has done more to push this administration in the direction of an “imperial presidency” than George W. Bush ever did.

Building the case for Obama’s eventual impeachment, should it be required under this term or (heaven forbid) a subsequent one, is a list of twenty-one illegal acts brought forth by nine state Attorneys Generals. The diverse list includes everything from the National Labor Relations Board’s bullying of Boeing to the FCC’s imposition of net neutrality-type regulations in defiance of defeated legislation. Most significantly, it includes the PPACA (otherwise known as Obamacare), whose provisions of disputable constitutional authority are slated to be ruled on in the Supreme Court. The federal healthcare law continues to be very unpopular, including in several election “swing states.”

Not mentioned is Obama’s birth certificate forgery, which one would think is also a serious crime….


Selwyn Duke, The American Thinker: Why Obama’s Birth Certificate Matters, Especially Now:

There was a time when someone could perhaps justify sitting on the fence on the matter of Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  There were those on the left who could chalk doubts about its authenticity up to conspiratorial internet paranoia.  As for the right, there was every reason to worry about being the victims of an Alinsky-style setup designed to marginalize opponents.  In other words, let the other side double down on an incredible claim, and then, at the most opportune time (October surprise?), provide irrefutable evidence to the contrary and make them look like deluded wackos.  So, for a long time, there might have been reason to watch, wait, and let the wheels of investigation render their judgment.

That judgment is in, and the time for waiting is over.

With the results of Maricopa County, AZ sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “Cold Case Posse,” an incredible claim has become an incredible situation: a team of professional investigators, commissioned by a major law-enforcement agency, has determined that the alleged birth certificate produced by the president of the United States is a probable forgery.

Process that for a moment.  The regime of the world’s most powerful nation — a republic that prides itself on adherence to the rule of law — is likely peddling a forged document.  What say you, citizen?

I already know: “W-w-w-we c-c-can’t w-w-win on th-th-th-is issue…”
RUSH: There is nothing sacred anymore.  An Indian tribe in Wyoming has been given a permit to shoot bald eagles.  How does something like that happen?  How do you get a permit to shoot bald eagles?  I thought they were endangered or protected or something.  But this Indian tribe in Wyoming has been given permission.  Meanwhile, the Democrat Party headquarters in Lake County, Florida, has been flying a version of the American flag where Obama’s face is where the stars used to be.
It was an actual flag. They have taken an American flag, they’ve taken the stars out of it, and in the blue rectangle where the stars are they have put a picture of President Obama.  There seems to be a war on the symbols of America.  And in the case of the bald eagles, it’s a shooting war!  You can shoot bald eagles and now Obama’s face is on an American flag at Democrat Party headquarters in Lake County, Florida.

 Big Hollywood: EXCLUSIVE: Chris Rock Attacks Conservative Author Over Tea Party Question:

The New York Times bestselling author of the explosive new book, Hollywood Hypocrites: The Devastating Truth About Obama’s Biggest Backers, Jason Mattera, had his crew’s camera snatched and hurled by comedian Chris Rock when he asked the star why he has called the Tea Party racist (video below).

“I was stunned,” said Mr. Mattera in an exclusive interview with Big Hollywood. “Tea Party members get called the worst things imaginable and still remain peaceful. But ask a big Hollywood celebrity to explain himself and the guy goes ballistic, wrestles the camera away from my camerawoman, chucks it 50 feet, and then challenges me to a fight. It’s unreal. And it perfectly illustrates why I decided to investigate and writeHollywood Hypocrites.”

The confrontation, which took place around 2:00 a.m. on January 23, 2012, at Spike Lee’s Sundance Film Festival after party at Tao night club, ended with Chris Rock challenging the conservative author to a fight, says Mr. Mattera:

Video at link…

Your network, working on marching orders from Media Matters, is on a mission to take Rush Limbaugh off the air. Far from being an independent journalistic enterprise, MSNBC is the very essence of a political lapdog of the far left.

Just last night on MSNBC, Ed Schultz, Al Sharpton, and Lawrence O’Donnell all devoted time on their programs attacking Rush. In each case, they grabbed at thin air looking, looking, looking for the opportunity shamelessly to keep the story alive.

These assaults by MSNBC have nothing to do with what he said about Sandra Fluke, and everything to do with censoring prominent voices on the right. Gas prices are nearing $4 a gallon, the unemployment rate hovers over 8%, the US debt is soaring to astronomical highs, but MSNBC is too busy to cover these legitimate news stories. Instead you go after Rush.

And you’re doing it in the most hypocritical manner imaginable.

Keep reading…


The Mental Recession: Voter Fraud Juror – There Were “Just Too Many Charges”:

Yesterday, after repeated declarations from the jury that they were hopelessly deadlocked, the Judge in the New York voter fraud trial pulled the plug and declared a mistrial, ordering the case retried.  The result was unsurprising and likely appropriate considering the circumstances.

One of the jurors is now speaking out about deliberations.  And what does come as a surprise is one of the reasons she says they could not reach a verdict – they were too confused.

Apparently, despite the fact that they were encouraged by Judge Pulver to take their time and work things out, and despite not being bound by any timeframe to reach a verdict, the jury allegedly tossed their hands skyward, and declared the numerous charges to be impossible to keep track of, and too complicated.


Zombie: New Rules for Old Farts:

If you remember when health insurance was optional, you are an old fart.

If you are polite to strangers, you are an old fart.

If you’ve ever changed a typewriter ribbon, you are an old fart.

If there was only one fat kid in your class, you are an old fart.

If you think “Occupy” is a verb and not a noun, you are an old fart.

If you just want to be left alone, you are an old fart.

If you remember when only sailors had tattoos, you are an old fart.

If you remember when civil rights meant equal rights, not reverse discrimination, you are an old fart.

If you’ve never uploaded naked photographs of yourself, you are an old fart.