Saturday Movie Matinee: Best From The #AuditTheIRS Rally

Dana Loesch EPIC speech at the Audit the IRS Rally – June 19, 2013:

Tea Party Patriots From US Capitol Audit the IRS Rally Ted Cruz 6-19-13:

Sen. Rand Paul’s Speech at the Tea Party Patriot’s ‘Audit the IRS’ Rally – 6/19/13:

Glenn Beck: Audit The IRS Rally Speech:

Rep. Mike Kelly’s Speech at the Audit the IRS Rally – 6/19/13:

Louie Gohmert speaks at the Audit the IRS rally 6/19/13:

Audit the IRS Rally – Rep. Steve King:

Audit the IRS Rally – Darla Dawald:

The Five Takes On ‘Audit The IRS’ Rally: The Tea Party Movement Is ‘Roaring Back To Life’:

Greta Van Susteren: Dana Loesch talks ‘Tea Party 2.0’ with Greta Van Susteren – Fox News – 6-21-13:

Now on to immigration reform….

Jeff Sessions has been at the forefront in fighting it this poison pill…

Gang Of Eight Plan Would Surrender To Illegality:

Sessions Challenges ‘Fixes’ To Amnesty-First Immigration Bill:

Sessions On Report Detailing White House’s ‘Stealth’ Role In Crafting Immigration Bill:

“We have an elite group of people with special agendas, meeting to draft legislation that’s going to impact all Americans… Today’s New York Times, the headline: ‘White House Offers Stealth Campaign To Support Immigration Bill.’ Stealthy? This is [a] secret campaign? Apparently so… ‘While lawmakers from both parties are privately relying on the White House to provide technical information, some are so eager to prove that the White House is not pulling the strings that their aides say the Administration is not playing any role at all.’ … [Obama domestic policy advisor Cecilia] Muñoz said, ‘We are deeply, deeply engaged.’ …

This is the way this bill’s been put together. It’s been put together in secret by people not in connection with the American people. They’re talking about polling data, they’re talking about special agendas they want to accomplish with the legislation, and somehow we’ve lost sight of the simple values the American people want to see in an immigration bill.”


The Daily Rushbo: Limbaugh: ‘Hoeven-Corker Amendment’ Is Really The ‘Obama Amendment’:

RUSH:  You know, look, folks, according to the New York Times, it’s not even the Gang of Eight.  It’s one of two things.  It’s the Gang of Nine with Obama as part of it or it’s the Gang of One, and it’s all Obama.  Because the New York Times is making it plain that Obama is directing what happens on the immigration bill and that the Republicans involved don’t want anybody knowing that.  The Republicans don’t want that to get out.

We understand the Democrats trying to shield Obama, but Republicans? So this Hoeven-Corker amendment is really the Obama amendment. It was Obama’s idea, possibly, and they found a couple guys to put their names on it.

PJTV: ‘Marco, there’s someone on television pretending to be YOU.’

Candidate Marco Rubio opposed amnesty for illegal aliens. Senator Marco Rubio is trying to push an amnesty bill through the Senate while telling Americans that his bill is not amnesty.


The Daily Rushbo: Mark Levin: Immigration Bill Another ‘Crap Sandwich!’:

Krauthammer: If Enforcement only a “Goal,” Oppose the Senate Immigration Bill:

World News – Gingrich: IRS Scandal is ‘Major Educational Opportunity’:

Johnny Dollar: The Political Insiders on Runaway Corruption in DC!:

“My name is Paul Weston, and I am a racist”: