It begins…An Attempt To Normalize Communism

Russian TV covers the growing Marxist movement in America – it’s not often that a media outlet calls “progressives” what they really are, as RT America does, here.

Just don’t call them, “unpatriotic”…..

A second video at Breitbart TV deals with the claim that Americans support “redistribution of wealth”.

“Communism is more popular now than in past decades…”

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Da TechGuy weighs in: Normalizing Communism Deb is only slightly off, making the point that elites have been lurching leftward for decades:

It hasn’t “begun” it has been going on for years.

It went on in the 60′s when college students found that they would not longer get the exemptions that the less fortunate had, joining with Marxists and Jane Fonda aiding enemies and directly leading to the death of millions in southeast Asia

It went on in the 70′s as Colleges veered left preaching moral equivalence between the Soviets and the US

It went on in the 80′s when pols like VP Biden and the late Ted Kennedy backed by the media opposed Reagan tooth and nail as he called the Soviet Union what it was and contained and rolled back communism in our own hemisphere.

We had a brief break in the 90′s as the soviets finally collapsed freeing hundreds of millions (while pols who had supported them and academics who considered them superior suddenly claimed they had been against them or expecting this all the time) but the green movement took over trying to advance the same Red system with a green veneer while ignoring the lack of “Green” in places like China and appeasing North Korea.

But I was talking about normalizing the “C” word, Communism, not leftist policies. How many leftists  through the years (other than Bill Ayers and Bernie Sanders) have been honest and upfront about what they were? How many referred to themselves as Socialists/Communists/Marxists? Very few. Progressives, (Democrat Socialists, Communists) operate by stealth. They, historically, have not been open about who they are, choosing instead, to implement their Socialist policies incrementally, creating new entitlements conservative  legislators find difficult to wean people off of, later on.

Stanley Kurtz wrote about the  Socialist network Obama belonged to in Chicago, in his book, Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism.:

A little-known Chicago training institute for community organizers, the Midwest Academy, is in many ways the key to Barack Obama’s political rise. The Midwest Academy was closely allied to the DSA, which sponsored the Socialist Scholars conferences in New York. Most Midwest Academy leaders remained quiet about their socialism. Inspired by the success of the American Communist “Popular Front,” and by 19th-century American reformers who used populist and communitarian language to achieve socialist ends through incremental legislative means, the Midwest Academy’s leaders advocated a strategy of stealth.

Now, all of a sudden we see a report about the growing Communist movement in America like it’s just like any other interesting trend, as American as apple pie. The anchor even goes so far as to caution viewers not to doubt their patriotism.

This report wasn’t literally “the beginning”. Newsweak tried to get the ball rolling with their “we’re all Socialists, now” nonsense. Last Fall, we witnessed the openly Socialist “One Nation” march, and two well known commentators  admitting that they’re Socialists.

I notice trends. I see a trend, here..

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Video: Steve Malzberg Interviews Jeff Kuhner – If The Truth Got Out About Obama There Would Be A Civil War

Check out  what The Washington Time’s Jeffrey Kuhner had to say on the Steve Malzberg Show re Obama’s fake Christianity, and the birth certificate controversy…
This interview is from Dec. 30:

Malzberg articulated my thoughts on the BC issue. Frankly I’m smelling a rat – some collusion between Obama and fellow Marxist, Abercrombie. My own feeling is that there’s something definitely embarrassing on the birth certificate, like his given name is Barry – not Barack – as he has said on so many many occasions. But we will probably never know.

As for the Muslim attacks on Christians over Christmas, Gabe notes over at Ace O Spades HQ, that the President has broken his silence: Obama Now Lying About Fictitious Muslim Victims of the New Years Attack on Christian Church

What is wrong with this man? Is his worldview so dependent on believing that Muslims are a victim class that he simply cannot help but create Muslim victims in an attack on Christians?

Gee, why do people continue to doubt this man’s Christianity?


See also: Jack Cashill at The American Thinker: Will Obama Silence Blundering Abercrombie?

Cashill thinks Abercrombie is off the reservation – opening his big piehole on the BC issue – clearly not appreciated by the powers that be:

Obama and his operatives would invest enormous political capital in what sympathetic biographer David Remnick calls his “signature appeal: the use of the details of his own life as a reflection of a kind of multicultural ideal.”  From the beginning, they worked hard to protect the investment and did what they had to do to keep the storytellers in line.

Abercrombie may not have gotten the memo.  Although the president was likely born in the United States, he may not have been born in Hawaii, he may not have been born in August 1961, he may not have been the son of Barack Sr., or he may have simply been listed as “white” on his birth certificate.

The truth is that the storied little family never lived together.  Any fact that blew the storyline could have derailed Obama’s candidacy before it got going.  Expect the Abercrombie fuss to just sort of fade away.

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Post Holiday Tab-Clearing Dump

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton all smiles as she warmly shakes hands with Obama ally, VE Dictator, Hugo Chavez. More here.

Byron York brings us an amazing statistic: Obama spends nearly half his presidency outside Washington, plans to travel more:

On “Meet the Press” December 26, top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett said President Obama’s “biggest regret” is that the severity of the economic crisis forced him to “spend almost every waking hour in Washington focusing very hard on solving that crisis” and thus kept him from traveling the country to connect with the American people.  According to Jarrett, Obama recently told aides, “I really want to figure out a way where I can spend more time outside of Washington listening and learning and engaging the American people.”  Jarrett says that in 2011 the president’s schedule will “reflect that priority” — that is, include more time outside the nation’s capital.

But it turns out Obama has already spent nearly half his presidency outside Washington.  As of January 2, Obama has been president for 712 days. According to figures compiled by CBS News reporter Mark Knoller, who serves as a sort of unofficial White House record-keeper, Obama has spent 339 of those days — nearly 48 percent — outside Washington.

And yeah, as Obama starts continues focusing on his re-election campaign, he will be traveling more to “engage the American people”. Messaging is very import to Dems. They’re always working on it. “How do we fool them, today?”
Unfortunately for them, quite a few of us don’t buy the lies, anymore, and completely reject their agenda. Whoever thinks putting Obama  out there even more, as his approval ratings continue to tank, is  good idea…is delusional.

Perhaps related to Obama’s re-election efforts: Sudden Surge: Obama Starts Mentioning Christian Faith Way More Often

The facts show that Obama never picked Wright’s church simply for lessons on Jesus and the Bible.  He understood Wright was a champion of black liberation theology and had the connections to make things happen.  Both Obama and Wright were acquainted and even fans of James Cone who wrote the founding text of black liberation theology in 1969.  Cone argued that blacks are oppressed by “whitey” and that the job of the preacher is to angrily call for “the destruction of America as he knows it”.

The Jeremiah Wright story should have killed Obama’s chances in the Spring of 2008, but  lucky for him, (and very, very unlucky for us), the sycophantic media killed the story. I figured McCain would bring it back up in the Fall, and really start hitting him hard with it, but …..oh well, I’m not gonna rehash that again. 

Have you read Charles Krauthammer’s timely piece, Government By Regulation, yet? He’s not sounding optimistic.

Now as always, Obama’s heart lies left. For those fooled into thinking otherwise by the new Obama of December 22, his administration’s defiantly liberal regulatory moves — on the environment, energy, and health care — should disabuse even the most beguiled.

These regulatory power plays make political sense. Because Obama needs to appear to reclaim the center, he will stage his more ideological fights in yawn-inducing regulatory hearings rather than in the dramatic spotlight of congressional debate. How better to impose a liberal agenda on a center-right nation than regulatory stealth?

It’s Obama’s only way forward during the next two years. He will never get past the half-Republican 112th what he could not get past the overwhelmingly Democratic 111th. He doesn’t have the votes and he surely doesn’t want the publicity. Hence the quiet resurrection, as it were, of end-of-life counseling.

Obama knows he has only so many years to change the country. In his first two, he achieved much: the first stimulus, Obamacare, and financial regulation. For the next two, however, the Republican House will prevent any repetition of that. Obama’s agenda will therefore have to be advanced by the more subterranean means of rule-by-regulation.

He claims that the New Black Panther case is a “made up controversy.” Holder would be well-advised to retreat from this position. Too many stories, too many incidents are known by too many people.

Holder dismissed the Black Panther controversy in an interview with Charlie Savage of the New York Times:

In the interview, Savage asks Holder about the New Black Panther dismissal. Despite the fact that the New Black Panthters were captured on video with weapons and fascist-style uniforms at the entrance to a polling place, Holder said: “There is no there, there.” Really? Heady stuff from the attorney general.

When asked about the fact that Holder’s Civil Rights Division is hostile to racially equal enforcement of the law from top to bottom, Holder again deploys another cliché, calling it a “made up controversy.” Holder doubled down: “All I have on my side with regard to that is the facts and the law.”

Isn’t that special? The chief law enforcement officer of the United States is using Media Matters talking points.

On the Republican side, Duane Lester, The All American Blogger has a message for: Juan Williams, Let Me Introduce You To Herman Cain

If you missed Cain’s fiery speech from SRLC, last March, click and watch. He concluded by hinting that he may run in 2012 – “as the dark horse” candidate. Cain was one of the best speakers at the SRLC –  a charismatic and commanding  presence at podium, and his message is pure, unadulterated conservatism.

Cain expressed his indignation at the NAACP for accusing the Tea Party of racism, last July, calling the charges, “ridiculous”.

Regardless of what Howard Kurtz says, another guy to watch is fiscal/military hawk, (and Salvation Army bell ringer), Mike Pence, who is supposed to make an announcement this month about whether or not he will run for President:

“I’d put money on him running for governor over president, because the field is a lot smaller and he wouldn’t be running against an incumbent,” says Indiana’s recently retired GOP chairman, Murray Clark.

Mr. Pence usually draws under 5% in voter surveys testing the emerging 2012 field. But the excitement he’s stirred among a swath of conservatives—he won a straw poll at the prominent Values Voter Summit in September—points both to the fluidity of the 2012 lineup and the dearth of names rousing interest among the religious right, a dependable GOP voting bloc.

Mr. Bauer believes that if Mr. Pence ran, he would quickly build support among socially conservative voters. “The nomination battle would be very wide open without Mike,” Mr. Bauer says, who is one of several activists urging Mr. Pence to join the nomination fight.


The current Indiana governor, Republican Mitch Daniels, is term-limited in 2012 and said to be eyeing a presidential campaign himself.

Mr. Pence has long been considered a potential replacement, and his path to the governor’s office has only grown easier after Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman, a Republican, and Sen. Evan Bayh (D., Ind.) announced earlier this month that they would not run for the job.

Mr. Pence had already crisscrossed Indiana this year in support of local Republicans, contributing over $84,000 to their campaigns and attending 30 events for state legislative candidates.

Recently, as many House members flew back into Washington for the last days of the congressional session, Mr. Pence was still back home, filling in as a Salvation Army bell-ringer outside the Hobby Lobby in Anderson, Ind.

“It was good for my soul,” he said.

He definitely has presidential aspirations, and is weighing his chances in the 2012 cycle. The Governorship would give him  managerial and leadership experience – a big plus on his resume for 2016 or 2020. At only 51, Pence has time to wait.

In case you missed it – I’ve been meaning to do a story on this since Dec. 22. It’s just so outrageous: Woman arrested at ABIA after refusing enhanced pat down:

Claire Hirschkind, 56, who says she is a rape victim and who has a pacemaker-type device implanted in her chest, says her constitutional rights were violated.  She says she never broke any laws.  But the Transportation Security Administration disagrees.

Hirschkind was hoping to spend Christmas with friends in California, but she never made it past the security checkpoint.

“I can’t go through because I have the equivalent of a pacemaker in me,” she said.

Hirschkind said because of the device in her body, she was led to a female TSA employee and three Austin police officers.  She says she was told she was going to be patted down.

“I turned to the police officer and said, ‘I have given no due cause to give up my constitutional rights.  You can wand me,'” and they said, ‘No, you have to do this,'” she said.

Hirschkind agreed to the pat down, but on one condition.

“I told them, ‘No, I’m not going to have my breasts felt,’ and she said, ‘Yes, you are,'” said Hirschkind.

When Hirschkind refused, she says that “the police actually pushed me to the floor, (and) handcuffed me.  I was crying by then.  They drug me 25 yards across the floor in front of the whole security.”

The most depressing part of the story for me were the comments from sheeple following the fracas.  “The law is the law”, and  this sort of thing “keeps us safe?” Are you people kidding me? That kept you safe, how?

Here’s the latest on Islamberg, via CF’s Simian Roadhouse: Interfaith Event in Binghamton, NY:

Here’s a clip from Hannity’s show about the not-so-wholesome side to the “Muslims of America”.

The group has, for three years in a row, held a parade in Binghamton in honor of Muhammad’s birthday. Lots of leftwing Christians join in the interfaith/universalist festivities. Here’s a post about it from the Creeping Sharia blog.

While noting that it shouldn’t even be necessary, (but thanks to a judge in OK, it is), Zombie explains why America is not cut out for Sharia law: The Five Best Arguments Against Sharia in the United States

I’ll close with another amazing statistic, this one brought to us by, Atlas Shrugs: More Muslim Propaganda Debunked: NY Report, Hate crimes against Jews: 251. Hate crimes against Muslims: 11

All this Islamic propaganda nonsense about the ground zero mosque ginning up “islamophobia” is a lie to shut the infidels up. It’s a lie to enforce Islamic law (sharia) — do not insult Islam. No candor, no criticism of Islam.

I wonder, of the eleven reported crimes against Muslims, how many were faked hate.

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Your Sunday Hymn: We Three Kings

Epiphany used to be the last Sunday of “Christmastide” on the Catholic calendar, but after Vatican II,  liturgical reforms extended the season to the Solemnity of the Baptism of Our Lord, the second Sunday after New Years Day.

“We Three Kings is traditionally” sung on Epiphany to commemorate the visit of the Magi.

This version is sung by Blackmore’s Night from the album, Winter Carols.