Video: WeinerGate Press Conference

I was waiting for a video to appear on YouTube that included the question and answer period that followed the weeping mea culpa. It’s his shifty answers that tell you what you need to know , not his pitiful blubbering over the fact that his lies are no longer credible so now he has to face the music:

I live blogged the presser, here.

Michelle Malkin’s take, here.

Earlier, Andrew Breitbart had boldly crashed the press conference:

Did anyone else notice the deafening silence when Breitbart challenged the media to come up with one example of when he had lied?

Will the “Reality-Based” bloggers who had accused Breitbart of being behind the Weinergate “hacking” , apologize, now that Breitbart has been fully vindicated?

Not a chance: Charles Johnson: I Won’t Apologize to Breitbart.

This one here just keeps on digging.

This Kos Kiddie is swearing up a storm because reporters asked if Weiner would apologize to Breibart. How dare they!  He then desperately tries to change the subject by mentioning Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin in totally unrelated updates.


Just for lulz, via Ace:

A hoaxster hacked into Daily Kos and did a perfect, spot-on impersonation of a Kos Kiddie covering the Weiner press conference: NEW DETAILS: Weiner’s Press Conference was FAKE!!

So how do I know today’s press conference was a hoax?  There are ten reasons:

1) Today’s press conference was supposedly held at a Sheraton hotel in New York City.   Well, I went to websites various New York area Sheratons this morning.  Not one of them indicated that Rep. Weiner was going to give a press conference there this afternoon.  Not a ONE.

2) Anthony Weiner does not look like that.   Go to his website – he has more hair and his complexion is not that dark.   Also, having heard him speak many times, I know he does not talk like the guy in the press conference.  He’s a lot more combative, louder, and funnier.

3) YFrog.

4) Last week, Anthony Weiner said he could not say with “certaintude” that the photo was his.  Many people here rightly assumed that he knew the photo was not his, but couldn’t say so, because the FBI was involved.   Because as you know, if you’ve asked the police to investigate something, that last thing you would want to do is proclaim your innocence.  They hate that.   Anyhow, the Feds surely would have known that Weiner making a statement would have compromised their whole investigation.    And Andrew Breitbart, knowing this, had a press conference with a fake Weiner – so as to keep the FBI off his scent.

5) Who does this help?  Clarence Thomas, Dana Loesch, Dana Bash, and some guy named Wolfe.   Think about it.  Add it up.

6) Normally, during press conferences of this nature, the spouse of the so-called apologetic Congressman is in attendance.   But not this time.   Why not?  Obviously they couldn’t find a lookalike for her.

7) Don’t you think he would have apologized using Tweet Deck?

8) During the press conference, the shadow behind him didn’t always match the image of the person pretending to be Congressman Weiner.

9) I’ve created better fake press conferences using only iMovie, a couple of Apps on my EVO, and a cardboard cutout.

10) Anthony Weiner would never do anything like this.


An excellent essay from Zombie on the the liberal use of the hypocrisy defense: Why the Hypocrisy Defense is political suicide for liberalism

Consider these two statements from two different potential husbands:

“I know I promised to stop drinking forever, honey, but I fell off the wagon again; please forgive me, and I’ll really really try to stay sober from now on, but no guarantees.”


“I’m a tertiary alcoholic, a stone-cold drunk; always have been, always will be. You’re not likely to ever see me sober. Take it or leave it.”

If you had to choose, which would you marry?

Obviously, neither is very appealing, but the liberal stance is that the second potential husband is preferable, because at least he’s honest. The conservative stance is: The first potential husband is preferable, because at least he’s trying.

Within the parameters of this “Hypocrisy Defense”…Which do you think the general public prefers: An ideology that at least tries to champion a moral code, but whose adherents sometimes fail to live up to it; or an ideology that by its own definition is inherently immoral and whose adherents don’t even have a moral code to violate?

Read it all at Pajamas Media.

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Watch Live: WeinerGate Press Conference

Andrew Breitbart is talking right now…(How’d he get in there?)

Ace relays NY1 report: Staying In Office?

My God, he’s going for sex rehab.

Ugh… Should have figured. “I have a sickness…I like to take pictures of my bulging tighty whities, and washboard abs  and send them to 16 year olds.”

In the old days, we just called such men, perverts. But now, they get to be objects of sympathy and go to fancy rehabs to get all better.

ABC Live Stream, here.

It was supposed to start at 4:00 EST. He’s running a little late.


He acknowledges that he hasn’t been honest.

He acknowledges that he took the underwear pic, and he sent it. He wasn’t hacked.

He is close to tears as he says he has hurt his family, including his wife.

He says he’s conducted online relationships with a number of women mostly before he was married, but some after.

He apologizes to his wife and family.

He’s deeply ashamed.

Uhhh? That’s it?

Now he’s taking questions.

He’s not resigning.


He hasn’t mentioned that he’s going  to sex rehab.

He keeps saying that “he accepts responsibility”.  Then QUIT.

Weiner says press conference is to apologize to wife, family, members of the press, he even mentions Breitbart….

He says he treated the behavior as a frivolous  thing….

He’s still treating it as a frivolous thing.

Basically, he’s using the press conference to “express his apologies”, and “accept responsibility”.

So far no tough questions from the media….

He says to “the best of his knowledge”  all the girls were all adults.

This is the Democrat way. Just brazenly plow through a sleazy controversy lying repeatedly to the country. When the lies are no longer tenable, do one “redemptive” press conference where you “take responsibility”, and a sympathetic MFM will let you off the hook.


Again, he characterizes it as a frivolous exchange of messages between friends…. strangers on twitter?

Oh, someone asks him about that – he says he didn’t have the sense that they were complete strangers – they were people that he had gotten to know on line.


Huh?  Some guy in the back of the room is yelling, “Were you fully erect, Congressman?”

Press conference over.

ABC female anchors come on and express shock that he didn’t resign.


RCP has video of Breitbart taking questions at the presser: Breitbart Upstages Weiner: “I Want To Hear The Truth”

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Good News: House Votes To Defund ACORN Successor Groups

Bad news: It remains to be seen whether the measure will be taken up by the Senate.

Still, good news is good news, and Matthew Vadum brings the glad tidings at the American Spectator:

Last week the U.S. House of Representatives voted to block funding to any remaining ACORN affiliates and to “new” ACORN groups that have sprung up over the last year.

The ACORN network of 370-plus organizations is not actually dead, as I’ve written. It is merely restructuring itself. The lead corporate entity, ACORN, filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but the state chapters and other branches of the infamous activist network continue to operate. Other affiliates including vote manufacturers Project Vote and housing bubble generator ACORN Housing continue in business. ACORN Housing changed its name to Affordable Housing Centers of America.

ACORN insiders acknowledge a reconstituted ACORN will emerge in time to help the reelection campaign of President Obama, who used to work for ACORN.

Three Republicans voted against the measure; Robert Aderholt (R-Alabama), Mike Simpson (R-Idaho), and Paul Gosar (R-Arizona).

Vadum is the author of the new book Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers

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Weiner Roast: More Pictures Emerge (Updated)

Photo cleverly titled, “Me and the pussies”.

It was always just a matter of time before Breitbart got the goods. I don’t know how he did it – but he got one of the young women Anthony Weiner was trading emails with, to release the photos he had emailed her.  Another pic,  here.

The woman has indicated that Rep. Weiner allegedly sent the photograph after she asked him to confirm that he was taking photographs contemporaneously, in conjunction with their apparent online communications.

It’s over for Weiner. He has become a liability to the Democrat party. A party elder is going to have to take him aside, and tell him to do what’s best for the party. As for his marriage – well, I don’t even want to speculate, but I don’t know how it survives something like this –  a married man trading pix in emails with young women. These latest pix of his are not terribly racy, but it’s clear to me that his motivation was to prompt these women to send him their racier photos.

Weiner is a grade A creepy narcissist, and a d-bag to boot to be trading pix with young girls on Twitter. and will be dropping more photographs and details throughout the day.

Weiner is washed up.

Which isn’t to say that the the Kos kiddies and CJ won’t continue to defend him. But by now, even his staunchest defenders in the MSM (who are not predisposed to believe anything from “smear merchant”, Breitbart) must be eating crow, even as they desperately try to steer the news to other things.

See also:

Ace: Oh Dear: US News Columnist Really, Really Thought Weiner Was Innocent And Thought The Whole Allegation Absurd
Update: Latest Weiner Pic Drops

Just a thought. Since you’re supposedly giving us a thoughtful take and you’re sort of paid to read stuff. Since you’re paid to read stuff, maybe skip Perez Hilton once in a while and read a conservative blog.



The latest pic is a naked torso shot – (exactly the sort of pic that caused Republican Rep Chris Lee to resign in less than 24 hours earlier this year).


Yep, it’s time to resign:

Weasel Zippers: Second Website In Possession Of Explicit Weiner Messages, “I Have A Ridiculous Bulge,” “Taking Pictures Of It Makes Me Harder”…

Like I said….Steny Hoyer Getting Ready To Cut Weiner Off At The Gut?

By the way…this will (probably!) be my only Weinerpost of the day. So check back here for further developments.


Weiner Press Conference: For 4 PM.

Watch live, here.



Women coming out of the woodwork, now:

Powerline updates with this little nugget:

 Star magazine has another woman–described as a Democratic campaign volunteer who is “middle-aged and from Nevada”–to whom Weiner allegedly sent 200 sexually explicit messages on Facebook. She also says that she never met Weiner, but “once had a 30 minute phone sex session with Weiner on his government provided telephone.” (Maybe he got the idea from Bill Clinton.) I don’t have the same confidence in Star’s editorial standards that I do in Breitbart, so take it for what it is worth. If you follow the link, the quoted messages do have a seeming ring of truth. One wonders, now that the floodgates have opened, whether other women will emerge.

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