Weiner Finally Calls The Cops – Not On Hacker – But On Reporter Wanting Answers

Good lord…talk about bad optics. Weiner must think that the private firm he hired to “investigate” the hacking/prank/? is going to clean this whole thing up for him. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.

But, as Ace notes –  it’s getting harder and harder for anyone with a brain to believe him.

I think people are freaking out because he’s so obviously guilty that people are starting to think, “No one can be thisguilty. Even Charles Manson is less guilty than this. I’m being set up. This is some big master scheme to draw us all in.”

Relax. He’s not that smart, either.

He looks guilty because he’s guilty.

He acts guilty because he’s guilty.

He talks guilty because he’s guilty.

He doesn’t call the cops on the hackers because he’s guilty.

He calls the cops on reporters because he’s guilty.

He doesn’t deny the picture is his because he’s guilty.

This is not complicated. This is not Twin Peaks.

Indeed, even Tingles isn’t buying Weiner’s “Strange” stories, and his “juvenile behavior” is embarrassing Dems

CNN’s Jack Cafferty is asking  Can Weiner survive this scandal?

Apparently oblivious to shame and embarrassment, the Kos Kiddies, Charles Johnson and a handful of anonymous basement dwellers are the only ones left spinning the absurd “He wuz Hack3d!” narrative…. which believe it or not, now involves Clarance Thomas.

These are the particulars of the latest event, but look at the big picture. We see a steady flow of similar crimes – illegal taping, attempts to tap a Senator’s phone, now intrusion into a Congressman’s social media profiles, and the one thing in common? Andrew Breitbart, who is operating a continuing criminal enterprise as defined by the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act aka RICO.

And now this gang, this conservative media mafia, has done a hit on a U.S. Congressman, and it’s one carefully timed to protect corrupt Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas from scrutiny, and the timing of the delivery was flawless. Congressman Wiener would be all over accountability for Thomas, except that @DanaBashCNN and @RandiKayeCNN are all over … dare I say it? They’re On. His. Dick.

This conservative crime wave isn’t going to just go away. As we’ve seen with Anthony Weiner, any individual who troubles them, even if that person by a United States Congressman, is going to get whacked.

We really need a way inside this thing…

No, that was not satire.

The Hayride  explored the gross double standard that is always at play whenever there’s a political sex scandal:

..let’s remember that the NY-26 race the Democrats have established as some sort of referendum on the Ryan plan came open because a Republican congressman sent a picture of his naked torso – not his private parts – to some woman not his wife over the internet. Of course, Chris Lee has some shame and he decided to beg out of public life as a result. Which is what disgraced Republican politicians – or at least a good portion of them – do.

Weiner isn’t going to resign. Charlie Rangel didn’t, Barney Frank hasn’t, Maxine Waters refuses to, Bill Clinton certainly didn’t. Democrats plow right through their scandals, whether sexual or otherwise.

And of course, this brings up the age-old issue. Why is it fatal for a Republican to have a sex scandal (or some other kind), and not so much for a Democrat?

The Left will quickly tell you the difference is “hypocrisy.” As though there is some particular difference between the two sides in which hypocrites abound on the Right but not on the Left.

This has always driven me nuts.

Just because you profess some standards of behavior, as Republican voters typically demand of their candidates, that you can’t always adhere to doesn’t invalidate those standards. We KNOW that what is called “family values” works better as a matter of general practice in ordering a successful society. This isn’t arguable – honesty, work ethic, marital fidelity, a two-parent family, the monogamous heterosexual lifestyle and so on – those things make for more successful living for most people than their alternatives. And conservatives generally ask – and not unreasonably – that candidates seeking to represent them embody those virtues we understand to be our societal best practices.

That doesn’t mean everybody has to be on board with every facet of what social conservatives promote. It means there is value in attempting to steer as many people as possible into as many of the commonly accepted virtues as possible. I favor using the culture to further that process rather than legislation, and that’s difficult to do considering the filth that Hollywood repeatedly showers on us. Regardless, those virtues constitute a standard of behavior which has intrinsic value. And those who seek to lead us can better do so when they’re capable of living that standard.

But if you’ve got high standards, guess what? They’re harder to meet. That means folks held up to them are going to fail, and sometimes spectacularly. This stuff isn’t easy.

And that means Republicans get annihilated by scandals – because Republican voters enforce standards and Republican politicians accept them. But Democrats generally don’t. Democrats get a kick out of calling Republicans hypocrites when they don’t meet standards that neither voters nor politicians on their own side of the aisle even pursue much of the time. Which is why so loathsome and corrupt an individual as Teddy Kennedy could die as “the lion of the Senate” or a Dollar Bill Jefferson would run for re-election amid certain indications of gross misconduct which ultimately landed him in prison while Chris Lee is gone for dabbling – albeit badly – in online dating or Larry Craig had to resign over reports of creepy, if not exactly explicit, conduct in a men’s bathroom.

I’m not attempting to excuse Republicans who fail in this regard. The Chris Lees, John Ensigns, Mark Sanfords and David Vitters of the world weren’t unfairly held up to scrutiny. To those whom much is given, much is expected and so on. Vitter chose to fight through his problems and he’s managed to largely get past them, while the others are finished politically.

What bothers me here is the total lack of shame. Maxine Waters had none when it was obvious she and her husband were padding their wallets with bank bailouts. Rangel had none when it was obvious he was cheating on his taxes. Frank had none amid multiple scandals involving sex and money. Ted Kennedy had none during his countless shameful displays. And so on. And this pattern has now brought us Weiner, whose complete lack of humility and humiliation might even dwarf the rest of the gang.

It seems as though what’s unsaid here by Weiner and those of his ilk is “well, at least I’m not a hypocrite.” But here’s a news flash – it doesn’t matter whether you’re a hypocrite. It matters that you’re a piece of crap.

That is the piece I wanted to write in my “Tale Of Two Sex Scandals” post  a couple days ago, but I instead let the pictures tell the story.

Summer vacay means less blogging time for mom.

I’m afraid blogging is going to be slap-dash, intermittent, and link-heavy to other peoples’ superior blogging until late August.


Video: Van Jones Says Paul Ryan Worse Than al Qaeda

Obama’s former Green Czar, who was forced to resign in September, 2009, amidst controversy over his past far left radicalism, gave a lecture on the meaning of patriotism to adoring moonbats at the Yes Magazine Anniversary Ball.

Video via Naked Emperor News, The Blaze

I’d say Van Jones just jumped  the shark, but he jumped the shark a long, long time ago – Sept. 12, 2001 to be exact, when he protested against the United States the day after we were hit by al Qaeda. For this man give anyone  a lecture on patriotism,  is almost too much for a normal person to take.


Thursday Linkage

Steve Breen cartoon via Townhall.

So much going on it’s hard to focus on one thing. Time for a link-a-thon, I guess.

Ace: Anthony Weiner is Exactly the Sort of Modest, Confrontation-Averse Guy Who Would Let His Teabagger Hack3rz Off The Hook To Spare Them The Glare of Media Exposure

He’s just that nice. Such a sweet soul, who just hates all this culture-clash sturm and drang. Avoids it every time. Wants no part of it.

Also worth noting there: Weiner has now lied repeatedly about this tweet going out “while I was tweeting about hockey.” Not only has he lied serially about the timing, but the Make Believe Media, not citing him but asserting as fact based on its own investigation, has claimed this, repeatedly.

I think they just took Weiner’s flack’s word for it and said “Eh, that’s probably right.”

Um, it’s now six days since the story broke. Can you now check the actual time-stamps and determine if this claim is, what is the German word for it….?, true?

In fact, it is not true. Weiner was publicly silent for three and a half hours before the dic-pic tweet. He blogged about the tivo eating his hockey game four minutes after that event, thinking, I guess, that would be a nice cover for him.

Assuming the Make Believe Media wouldn’t even check.

And by God, he was right, wasn’t he?


The Daily Caller: Inhofe bill seeks to reverse Obama, send suspected terrorists to Guantanamo Bay

Not a single high-value detainee has been sent to the terrorist detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) since Barack Obama became president, but Oklahoma GOP Sen. James Inhofe hopes to change that with legislation.

Critics contend the president’s policy has hamstrung the intelligence community in their efforts to collect intelligence about potential terror suspects and thwart their plans. The Obama administration has instead opted to detain and interrogate detainees it considers to be of high value in Afghanistan under the eyes of the CIA and the FBI.

Enhanced rendition interrogation techniques such as waterboarding were banned by President Obama shortly after he took office, and interrogators may now only use those techniques permitted in the Army Field Manual.

Current policies and interference from the Afghan government make it extremely difficult to interrogate and keep track of detainees once they are caught in Afghanistan. This has reportedly angered many American service personnel, and The Washington Examiner quoted a marine as having described efforts to capture Taliban members as “worthless.”

Eyes literally rolled yesterday, as Obama invoked Reagan in his White House meeting with Republicans to talk about the deficit and debt limit.

Republicans attending a White House meeting on Wednesday didn’t take kindly to President Obama telling them tax rates were higher during the Reagan administration.

GOP members engaged in a lot of “eye-rolling,” according to a member who was on hand to hear Obama, who invited House Republicans to the White House for discussions on the debt ceiling. The White House and Republicans are trying to reach a deal on spending cuts that could allow the $14.3 debt ceiling to be raised.

“[The President] made a comment like the tax rate is the lightest, even more than (under former President) Reagan,” Rep. Lee Terry (R-Neb.) told The Hill following the meeting.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) joked that during the meeting, “We learned we had the lowest tax rates in history … lower than Reagan!”

When Obama says tax rates were higher during the Reagan administration, he’s right, of course, but what is his point? The top tax rate when Reagan entered office was 70%, which he slashed to 28% by 1988. Reagan was a major tax cutter.  Obama would seem to be suggesting otherwise. No wonder their eyes were rolling.

Louisiana Rep, Jeff Landry was not on hand to hear the lecture, having “respectfully declined”.

“I don’t intend to spend my morning being lectured to by a President whose failed policies have put our children and grandchildren in a huge burden of debt,” Landry writes.

“Until the President produces a responsible deficit reduction plan, I’m not going to the White House to negotiate with myself,” the statement continues. “Our conference has put out for months where we would start the process. The President has done nothing…”


Weasel Zippers: AFL-CIO Boss Richard Trumka Warns His “Friend” Barack Obama Unions Aren’t Motivated to Help Reelect Him..

President Barack Obama faces waning enthusiasm from union members as he prepares for his 2012 re- election bid, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said.

“It will be more challenging this time than it was last time to motivate our members,” Trumka, 61, said in an interview today at Bloomberg’s offices in Washington.

Trumka, head of the largest U.S. labor organization, said union members are frustrated by “wasted energy” in Washington on issues that he said don’t help workers: “hysteria” about the federal deficit, a White House review of regulations and Obama’s support for free-trade agreements.

Tax the rich!


Weasel Zippers: Dem Congressman Accuses GOP Rep. Steve King of McCarthyism on House Floor Over Attempts to Stop Funding of ACORN Affiliates…

Rep. Norm Dicks (D-Wash.) made the comparison in comments on the House floor after King attempted to exclude dozens of groups related to ACORN from receiving government funds through an amendment to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appropriations bill.

King proposed an amendment that would deny DHS funding to several ACORN affiliates across various states. The measure prompted Dicks and Rep. David Price (D-N.C.) to ask what specific information King had on any of these groups. Near the end of the heated discussion, Dicks said he remembers a “certain senator from Wisconsin” who used similar tactics, a clear reference to McCarthy, although Dicks did not cite McCarthy by name.

“You are asking this House to vote on something, and you haven’t verified it, you don’t know what these groups are all about,” Dicks said. “And it’s a disgrace to even offer this amendment.”

What? He didn’t call him a raaaaacist to boot?


Gateway Pundit: Figures. Obama’s Commerce Secretary Nominee Is a Raving Socialist Too

Barack Obama’s nominee for Commerce Secretary says the rich nations should redistribute wealth to poor people so they won’t cut down trees.
And, Obama wants to put this loon in charge of growing the US economy?
CNS News reported, via Free Republic:

John Bryson, President Obama’s nominee to head the Commerce Department, told a UN energy conference in 2009 that a global wealth redistribution program was needed to keep poor people in developing countries from using their own forest resources.



Saving grace?

Nile Gardiner, The Telegraph: Why Barack Obama may be heading for electoral disaster in 2012 :

Just seven months ago, the United States was swept by a conservative revolution that fundamentally transformed the political landscape on Capitol Hill, and gravely weakened the ability of the president to pass legislation. This revolution is not in retreat but gaining ground, led by charismatic figures such as Paul Ryan, the Reaganite chairman of the House Budget Committee, entrusted with reining in out of control government spending. And as a Gallup poll showed, America is unquestionably a conservative country ideologically, but one that is ironically led by the most left-wing president in the nation’s history.

Ultimately, the 2012 presidential election will be decided by the state of the economy, and new data released this week makes grim reading for the White House. In fact you cannot watch a US financial news network at the moment, from Bloomberg to CNBC to Fox Business, without a great deal of pessimism about the dire condition of the world’s biggest economy. 66 percent of Americans now worry the federal government will run out of money in the face of towering public debts.

To say this has been an extremely bad week for the Obama administration on the economic front would be a serious understatement. As The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, home prices in the United States have sunk to their lowest levels since 2002, falling 4.2 percent in the first quarter of 2011. At the same time, employment growth is stalling, with only 38,000 Americans added to the workforce in May, the smallest increase since September. This compares with 179,000 jobs added in April. There has also been a steep slowdown in the manufacturing sector, and a downturn in the stock market on the back of weak economic news.


This is so sick. It’s really time for the left to get over its BDS. Seek help, people. Our kids deserve better than this:

The Blaze: Middle School Yearbook List Compares Hitler and Bin Laden to…George W. Bush

A quasi-scandal has broken out at Arkansas’ Russellville Middle School. The school’s yearbook featured a list of the “Top 5 Worst People of All Time.” Some of the world’s most horrific murderers and maniacs were included: Adolph Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Charles Manson…

Few people would argue that these individuals don’t deserve a spot on that roster. Each went on murderous rampages and were, arguably, mentally-imbalanced. However, it‘s the list’s last two names that are causing a stir: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. The former president and vice-president don’t seem to share many characteristics with the other men they were clumped with.

Once the yearbooks were printed, the district attempted to remedy the alleged oversight. KLRT-TVhas more.


Left-Wing Institute for Civil Discourse: Report: Over 2,600 Protesters Arrested In U.S. Since Obama Became President (With Video)

Bill Quigley, a professor of law at Loyola University New Orleans and Associate Legal Director of Center for Constitutional Rights says that protests are on the rise in the United States .

Quigley reports that over 2600 activists have been arrested in U.S. protests since the election of President Obama: 665 in 2009, more than 1290 in 2010, and more than 670 in this year alone. Americans have been arrested for protesting “U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Guantanamo, strip mining, home foreclosures, nuclear weapons, immigration policies, police brutality, mistreatment of hotel workers, budget cutbacks, Blackwater, the mistreatment of Bradley Manning, and right wing efforts to cut back collective bargaining,” writes Quigley, who has catalogued U.S. protests and arrests from the past two and a half years.

Check back, there will be more to come.


Gun  shops have taken the brunt of the blame for the weapons that have found themselves in the hands of Mexican drug runners. But it’s the U.S. Government who has been supplying these weapons to the  Mexican government, who in turn,  supplies the cartels through corrupt Mexican cops.

Hat tip: B Bauch.


Good news for a change from Michelle Malkin: GOP blocks Obama land grab:

Yes, dear readers, corruptocrat Interior Secretary Ken Salazar canbe stopped.

Since day one of the Obama administration, I’ve chronicled Loathsome Cowboy Ken Salazar’s War on the West, War on Jobs, and War on Science/Rule of Law. The last straw was his attempted Wild Lands grab. GOP leaders rose up with farmers, ranchers, and Western governors to stop the scheme in its tracks. Utah and Alaska have filed suit. Wyoming joined the litigation this week.

And now, Salazar has officially announced the backpedal.


Film Ladd: Exclusive: My Emails with PatriotUSA76:

Final verdict: Weiner did the deed, but PatriotUSA76 is a cyberstalker (which is how he was able to catch Weiner in the act). It’s the theory that makes the most sense to me.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks!