Kirsten Powers: Rice Nomination May be Obama’s Undoing (Video)

Kirsten Powers is the rare Democrat who is willing to hold Obama’s feet to the fire on a number of issues, most notably, the Benghazigate scandal, lately. She appeared with Liz Cheney and Juan Williams on Fox News Sunday to discuss the scandal.

On the question of whether or not Obama will nominate Suzy Rice for Sec of State, Powers opined that it would be such a show of arrogance on the President’s part, it could be his undoing. (Wishful thinking, IMO. He knows the MSM will let him get away with anything.)

“Because if she is put under oath and is forced to go through and answer all of these questions about Benghazi, it’s going to put the administration into a really bad position. And I don’t think she was the frontrunner. I don’t understand where this came out of… It’s now become almost a sense of pride… His defense of her was fine but then it kind of went into an area that didn’t make sense.”

Video via Gateway Pundit

See, I don’t necessarily think nominating Rice would put the regime in a bad position. Holder made it through the Fast and Furious hearings, was held in Contempt by Congress, forced the President to invoke Executive Privilege to cover-up his culpability and Obama was so impressed with all that, he asked him to stay on for an additional year, (Yes – Holder accepted. )

I take issue with Kirsten’s feeling that Obama is sticking with Rice, now, as a matter of pride.  I think  his motive is actually vengeance and spite. Contempt, you know, has been the defining characteristic of the Obama presidency. He has no respect for Republicans and enjoys sticking it to us every chance he gets.

Powers continues to channel Pat Caddell vis a vis Benghazi and the blatant complicity of the MSM in helping the Regime cover up the scandal. Juan Williams, on the other hand, has proven himself to be a useful Obamacrat lackey, willing to run interference for the regime on any number of scandals.

“I love you Juan…but when you say that Benghazi needs to go away…what’s so frustrating about this is the lack of skepticism, first of all, that people have…when there’s been so many things that  have been said that don’t add up”, Powers began.

“There are just things that don’t make sense…We need to be skeptical, we need to ask questions, and we need to have answers from our leaders regardless of the party, and they have not provided those answers, she went on, displaying rare intellectual honesty among Democrats, who these days, seem only interested in fooling voters, gaining power using any means possible, and sweeping scandals under the rug with the help of Obama’s media toadies.

She concluded glumly; “I think it’s going to be sad if that’s what happens, but I think that unless they can get more people interested in this, it’s probably going to go away.”

Video via The Right News

Bonus videos: Johnny Mac  also talked Benghazigate  on Fox News Sunday and he sounded defiant in the face of blistering attacks from the left. He doubled down on his call for a select committee on Benghazi to find out what happened, and welcomed the chance to question Rice at her nomination hearing, especially the chance to ask her why she said in her Fox News interview that al Qaeda had been decimated(!) when it’s on the rise all over the Middle East.

Video via Massteaparty

And when asked about the charges of racism for his criticism of Susan Rice,  Senator Lindsey Graham retorted, “the only color I’m worried about when it comes to Benghazi is red – BLOOD red – the death of four Americans.”

FLASHBACK to May 12, 2005 when Senator Obama slammed UN Ambassador John Bolton at a Foreign Relations Committee hearing for – get this – “massaging intelligence to fit an ideological predisposition.” Oh yes he did.

“At a time when it is critical that we have sound intelligence, we should be sending a message to our intelligence officers that, in fact, we want them to play it straight, and to tell us stuff even when we don’t necessarily want to hear it,” the good Senator lectured.

Video via ReidBaerPoetry

Contrary to popular opinion, Obama is and always has been the ultimate Etch-a-Sketch politician.

2 thoughts on “Kirsten Powers: Rice Nomination May be Obama’s Undoing (Video)

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  2. I thinks there is sumthin to the notion on how they breed those Alaskan gurls. She doesn’t come close to my other favorite native Alaskan gurl but, I’ve always kept Kirsten on a list of “dopey libs” who can usually be reasonable [she does have her moments though]. Juan use to be a resident member of that list, however the last four years he has gone full blown lib downing the kool aid. He isn’t about to admit that the second black president is over his head and could be wrong on something.

    I think I’m hearing a chink in the rino armor of McCain regarding Susan Rice. Ya know. . . . . “can’t we all get along”. Lindsey Lohan Graham has hit upon his “once issue per term”, where he seems to knock it out of the park, but don’t worry he’ll rino on some other issue real soon. Immigration with Schmucky?

    God I hope Trey Gowdy doubles down on the learning curve [though he hasn’t disappointed so far] and challenges him next time around. And while we are at it, can someone please keep both Kelly Ayotte and Marco Rubio the hell away from McCain and Lohan before they get ruined all together.


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