Obama and Fellow Libs Blamed For Progressive Talk Station’s Untimely Demise


Via Tony KatzTalkers.com announced yesterday that WVKO, a small station with a progressive talk format, will cease operations because of a lack of support from Democrat campaigns – including Obama’s and others in the left-wing community.

Cue the world’s tiniest violin (see below) as you read their website’s bittersweet goodbye letter:

Thank You, Columbus.

“It is with great sadness I must inform WVKO’s listeners that once again, Progressive Talk will be silenced on the Columbus airwaves. Our one-year lease on the station is about to expire, and at this time there is no way that we can continue operating the station. So as of midnight on Sunday, December 16th, the new operators will be airing a gospel format on WVKO. Once again, we had a good run with the station, and we were happy to in some small way contribute to the success that the Democrats enjoyed in November.

Unfortunately, it was not a two-way street, and lack of advertising support from the Obama campaign all the way down to local races ensured that we will be unable to continue into the new year.

I put my time, money, heart and soul into doing what I believed to be important for the country, but those who benefited most from our efforts chose to spend their campaign dollars elsewhere.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice….Well, we can’t get fooled again. Also, a number of advertisers who supported the station in the past chose to turn their backs on us this time. I can’t say why, since they would not return our calls. I want to thank our advertisers, supporters and you the listeners for everything, and i hope that Progressive Talk can somehow return to Columbus in the future.”

Keeping in line with their views on how the economy works, it’s very likely their cheapskate listeners felt that progressive radio should be free. A valuable lesson for anti-Capitalist lefties to learn, of course is –  nothing is ever free. As Katz notes “someone must pay to keep the lights on” (etc..)

Perhaps, this is why progressive radio fails abysmally almost everywhere it’s tried.

Well, that and the fact that their ideas are abhorrent to most people.


4 thoughts on “Obama and Fellow Libs Blamed For Progressive Talk Station’s Untimely Demise

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  2. Deb, the least you could’ve done was serve up some Brie with that fine Whine music.

    I can think of few other places with a bigger collection of progs [a.k.a. dopey libs] than good ole NYC. Their loopy leader BloomTurd is just one example from the collection. The powerhouse Talk Radio station is Rush’s home station WABC Radio, they have always taken heat for their conservative Talk Show line up. So over the years they have attempted to infuse several moonbat libs, [Mario Cuomo, Ed KRoch, Lynn Samuels and so on] none of which have ever succeeded. Then just for good measure throw in the failed AirHeads [of] America and it becomes a recipe for disaster. It was one of their first markets to collapse.

    Nobody want to listen to them, nobody!


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  4. We on the conservative side are still waiting for competition in the “Marketplace of Ideas.” It’ll happen when the left comes up with an idea that makes a lick of sense…even the diehard statists know virtually everything heard on their precious few stations is not worth listening to, and that it’s simply a matter of time in virtually every case before the station either goes under or changes its format to stop the free flow of money from the owner’s pockets to keep it on the air.

    And that, my children, is the reason for all the garbage from the FCC about airtime being “balanced,” because they know it’s the only way to keep ANY of it on the airwaves.

    If the statist side was worth listening to, there’d be listeners, and if there were listeners, there’d be advertisers. The FCC may end up mandating the time, but they will never, ever be able to mandate either listeners or advertisers.

    But it is nice that the station owner here acknowledged the reality of liberals screwing liberals and not giving a rusty rip about it.


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