Saturday Movie Matinee: New ObamaCare Rules ‘Approach Banana Republic Lawlessness’

Krauthammer on New ObamaCare Rules: “This Now Approaches Banana Republic Lawlessness”:

Via Ace, ANC Sign Language Guy Translates Obama’s Obamacare Promises: (Language warning):

Doctors Slam Impact Of H’Care Law In DC As Celebs Are Tapped To Tout Law Dr Ben Carson Cavuto:

Glenn Beck on Mark Levin’s Radio Show 12.12.2013:

 WBAL-MD: After Two Months Of Trying, Cancer Survivor Still Can’t Sign Up For ObamaCare:


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Via Weasel Zippers, Three Years After The Death Of Brian Terry From “Operation Fast And Furious”:


The Conservative Post: It Only Took This Army Vet 3 Minutes To Destroy Obama’s Gun Control Plan:

I think I posted this back in March – it’s being called the best 2nd Amendment speech, ever:

Michael Savage Plays Looney Tunes For Crazy Leftists – Opening Segment – 12/12/13:

Reporter fail at Christmas jumper Guinness World Record attempt:

Obligatory – Steve Perry: A Very Perry Christmas: 

I’ve posted this video every December since 2007.

Amazing Russian dance routine: