Video: Trey Gowdy Congratulates The NY Times – ‘It Only Took Them 15 Months To Figure Out How To Spell Benghazi’

I was hoping that Congressman Trey Gowdy would be asked to weigh in on the NY Times’ now widely panned Benghazi report. The South Carolina spitfire was a guest on Fox’s On the Record with fill-in host, Dana Perino, and he did not disappoint.

Asked to comment on the report, Gowdy professed, “I want to congratulate the New York Times.  It only took them 15 months to figure out how to spell Benghazi – so maybe in the next 15 months, their reporting will catch up with the truth.”

Continuing, he said, “I’ll tell you two things they got wrong. Number one – the video was translated into Arabic in early September of 2012….What in the world explains the violence in Benghazi prior to the video being translated and released? Our consulate was attacked way before the video was released. The British Ambassador was almost assassinated way before the video was released…the international Red Cross was attacked twice in Benghazi – well before this video was ever released. So if the video was really the impetus for the violence, what in the world explains the violence prior to the release of the video?

In respect to al Qaeda, he noted that “whether it was al Qaeda or a subsidiary, or a holding company, or a limited partnership – to quote Hillary Clinton – what difference does it make?! Who cares whether it was al Qaeda proper or a subsidiary? Four Americans are dead, and it wasn’t a spontaneous reaction to a video – it was planned.”

Gowdy also asked the question many House Republicans have been wondering in light of the deteriorating security situation in Benghazi prior to the attack, “why were we even there? Why was Chris Stevens in Benghazi, that night?”

He told Perino that he’s read the NY Times report six times. “I want you to read it six times and tell me if you can tell who the Secretary of State was when Benghazi happened. Because her name wasn’t mentioned a single. solitary. time. in this exhaustive NY Times piece – not once.”

When Perino noted that lots of people are assuming that the article was meant to “clear the decks” for Hillary so she won’t have to deal with Benghazi as a campaign issue, Gowdy reacted with mock consternation, “oh heavens no – that couldn’t possibly have been their motivation – could it be?!”

Bonus video:

On Monday night’s Special Report, Charles Krauthammer said  the NY Times Benghazi report was undeniably about protecting Dems, and Hillary – “obviously a political move.”

Benghazi Witnesses Outraged By NYT’s Story: ‘Complete Baloney’ (Video)

Fox News reporter Adam Housley told Harris Faulkner, Sunday evening, that the New York Times’ whitewash of the Benghazi attack has “stirred up a bees’ nest” –  upsetting the witnesses who were on the ground that night and who have been threatened by the Regime to keep silent. “Some of these men have had their jobs threatened”, Housley reported.

He said as soon as the Times report posted, a number of reporters who have been working on the Benghazi story “got phone calls and emails….right away, the community was extremely upset.” He explained that there were a number of different people who were in Benghazi, that night – the CIA, FBI, military, and contractors.

“We heard from a number of people since this Times story posted”  Housley said. One quote he got was that it was “complete baloney.” He said, “another quote was about how the men went into the compound – meaning how the terrorists came in – they weren’t just some random attackers…one guy was shooting one guy was running, there were guys watching the gates, the bosses on the ground were pointing, commanding and coordinating, it was a direct action planned attack.”

Housley’s sources tell him that “to say that there was no warning about  al Qaeda in this area is complete baloney… In particular there were briefings all the way up until September 10, 2012 …talking about al Qaeda the largest and most significant element infiltrating Libya.” He continued, ” I don’t know how that isn’t a threat, or how they can tell people al Qaeda wasn’t there because it was.”

Some of them have been threatened with more than just jobs, Housley went on, “And I believe them when they tell us that because everything they’ve told us thus far, has come true.”

Housley concluded that because so much of the NY Times story was wrong, it has stirred up the hornet’s nest, “where some of these men and women who have been on the fence, will say, okay enough’s enough.  This now means we need to come out and let America know as much as we can without putting people in harm’s way.”