Intel Ops: Hillary broke “So many” laws (Video)

A man who works in military intelligence called into the Michael Savage Show, Tuesday, to explain what he knows about how classified data is shared within the government.

“What a lot of people don’t understand is that you can’t just sit at a top secret enclave terminal and type out an email to or whatever,” said the caller, who went by “Gary.”

“That room is what is generally known as a SCIF,” he explained.

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (pronounced “skiff”), a U.S. Department of Defense term for a secure room. It can be a secure room or data center that guards against electronic surveillance and suppresses data leakage of sensitive security and military information. SCIFs are used to deny unau­tho­rized per­son­nel, such as for­eign intel­li­gence ser­vices or corporate spies, the oppor­tu­nity for unde­tected entry into facil­i­ties for the exploita­tion of sen­si­tive activ­i­ties.

Gary continued, “somebody had to either type that stuff up and redact it, or put it on removeable media – which is not allowed in a SCIF – and they have to remove it from the secure room…to get the information to Hillary.”

There are so many other laws broken other than the fact that she had this (inaudible) on her server,” the spook told the flabberghasted Savage.

These are “very secure, closed networks,” Gary continued after the break.

The classified info had to be copied and removed from the secure rooms on a thumb drive or CD (those types of media are not allowed) in order to get to Hillary’s private Blackberry.

“Rebecca,” another intel op who currently works at the Pentagon, called into the Michael Savage Show when she heard Gary’s call.

She concurred with everything Gary said, calling it “100% accurate.”

Rebecca, a former cryptologist, explained that she works in an “open classified” capacity which is “only secret,” but even though it’s not “top secret,” she has to check her cell phone to get into her office.

Savage asked her how Hillary would have gotten the top secret classified imagery.

“That’s what I can’t understand,” Rebecca said. Because the classified networks are completely separate from the unclassified networks.

“I cannot email from Google to my secret account,” she pointed out.

At the top secret SCIF level, “you have to have additional clearances to get in there,” she continued.

“You can’t even go between top secret and secret. It’s not possible there – they are talking about geospatial information — satellite imagery. That above top secret imagery,” she told Savage.

“What was she sending and to whom?” Savage asked, referencing reports that the emails that triggered the FBI investigation, were about Benghazi.

“I believe there’s something very deep and dark under there,” Rebecca answered.

She added, “with her having professionally wiped those servers numerous times – if they magnetized those drives – we’ll never know from that piece that she turned over. If they did a professional situation where they magnetized it at the same level that the DOJ does it, that’s going to be hard for any forensics to recover.”

Savage asked her what the buzz among co-workers is about this situation.

Rebecca answered that “we’re appalled,” citing the gross double standard.

And she had little confidence that the Obama FBI would get to the bottom of it.

“I don’t have the faith I wish I did that that will happen,” she said.

“There is one potential where it could happen,” she added, citing a theory that may sound familiar to Nice Deb readers.

“…if there’s something going on in the administration in the big scheme of things that – for whatever reason –  they decided they don’t want Hillary Clinton to be the nominee and this would be the easiest way to take her out,” Rebecca said. She added, “that’s pure speculation on my part.”


A former diplomat weighs in:

The Diplomad: A Quick Note on Hillary’s Emails

While sitting in my Vegas hotel last night, I was watching some Democrat operative or another on CNN (I think)–can’t remember his name. He was saying something I am also seeing the Hillary troll force write on social media boards. Just to remind, we have reports coming out from intel IGs and DOJ that it seems that some of Hillary’s emails contained–despite repeated denials–highly classified information and were sent through her off-the-books home server maintained by a company, reportedly, with a shady past.  We see her stooges claim that Clinton never sent any email labelled Top Secret/SCI. OK. Folks, please, that ain’t the point. Of course she didn’t send any email with that label on it. Nobody is saying she ran exact copies of State, NSA, CIA, DIA, etc., cables through her server. The accusation, and it seems to have validity, is that she DISCUSSED TS/SCI and other classified material over this unsecure, off-the-books server, AND discussed it with persons not cleared for it. That, my friends, is indeed against the law and punishable by jail.

Hillary Clinton is a liar who does not think the laws apply to her. If I had handled classified information at State the way she did, I would be in jail. Now we will see how our highly politicized DOJ handles the issue.

Hillary Clinton: Time to Do the Decent Thing, for Once

I, for one, am firmly convinced that Hillary Clinton is guilty of serious crimes of various types. There, furthermore, is no doubt, and no court verdict is needed, that she stands convicted of being a habitual liar. Her public record is strewn with her lies and embellishments. There, likewise, can be no doubt that she is severely ethically challenged, once again, as her public record shows. She is a woman of no achievements for America as Arkansas First Lady, as US First Lady, as Senator from New York, and, most infamously, as Secretary of State. As SecState, of course, she proved a monumental disaster, helping Obama make America and the West weaker and our enemies stronger. Throughout her adult life, she has surrounded herself with some of the most despicable toadies imaginable: people who care nothing about anything except how to use their Hillary connection to grab a slice of that money and power pie.

She is a divisive, hollow, incompetent, money-grubbing, political hack with nothing to offer this country. I am sure she can wrangle a pardon from His Most Exalted Emperor Barack to avoid prison time. She should use whatever influence she has with the Emperor to get such a deal and just go away.

Please, Mrs. Clinton, for once, do the decent thing: leave us be.

21 thoughts on “Intel Ops: Hillary broke “So many” laws (Video)

  1. (1) There is no chance whatsoever that Obama lets the DOJ go after her. None. If you think otherwise, then you haven’t been paying attention for the last seven years. The idea that it might happen is born of the same wishful thinking that had people claiming she wouldn’t run for whatever reason; that is, a desperate hope that she will disappear without having to be beaten.

    (2) Even if she were indicted, she wouldn’t drop out of the race. There’s no law requiring it, and the democrats have no viable alternative. She feels this job is owed to her, for a variety of reasons, and the only thing on Earth that will keep her from getting it is if she’s beaten on election day.

    (3) Regrettably, I trust her (and the media’s) ability to spin an indictment into a successful victim narrative more than I trust in the voting public’s decency or common sense. The high point of her campaign in 2008 came when she played the victim and literally cried at the possibility of not winning. She was an absolute joke–seriously, go back and check out some SNL episodes from 1992 until about 1997, she might have been the most brutally mocked person in America–until Lewinsky turned her into a bizarre martyr. She never even sees the Senate if the Blue Dress doesn’t turn up.


  2. Nope. The media isn’t playing this like she’s the preferred candidate – or even like she’s the not-preferred candidate – just a fellow Dem so go easy on her.

    They are playing this like she’s Ted Cruz or Sarah Palin or Scott Walker in the general with two months to go. It’s the NYTs and WaPo that are dropping story after story on her – damaging stinkbombs that aren’t dissipating.
    The Obama White House wants her out of the way for their preferred candidate and they’re are leaking like a faucet. The MSM don’t like her, and are more than happy to do the Regime’s bidding on this.

    At this point, we should actually be HOPING that she survives the primary, because she is damaged goods and no one with a brain trusts her or believes her.

    It’s true– hardcore Dem voters will vote for a ham sandwich if they have to against a Republican – but there will be plenty of Dems staying home rather than vote for such an obviously compromised and corrupt woman.


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  4. thats ‘ham and cheese’ sandwich….Liberals would vote for a ‘ham and cheese’ sandwich before they would vote for a Republican….


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