Saturday Movie Matinee: It Feels Good to Be a Clinton

Ted Cruz: It Feels Good to Be a Clinton:

Whoever on his campaign came up with this is a genius and deserves a bonus.

Fox News: Clinton not asked about foundation investigation at debate:

See Also: PJ Media: PBS Debate Moderators Under Fire for Ignoring Clinton Scandals

John Batchelor: Day of the Demagogues:

PJTV: Abortion Group Calls Doritos Ad Offensive… 

Machete-Wielding Man Violently Slashes 4 – FBI & Police Investigating As Possible Terror Act:

Face of a dying Nation: Rape Defense of European women – Politically Correct Fiction vs. Reality:

Following the exploding number of rapes in Europe due to the massive influx of migrants and in response to the large-scale sex attacks in Germany, Finnish Police have released an absurd rape defense instruction video telling women to simply say “no” with an extended arm to stop an attacker. No, unfortunately this is not parody and the advice is so awful that I felt compelled to show how the reality of rapes in Europe looks like. Much stronger immigrants, usually traveling in groups, would at best ridicule such an attempt to stop rape. Extending an arm and saying words will do absolutely nothing.

PJTV: White Privilege for Dummies | ZoNation

Colin Flaherty: Another cop is shot Another black criminal holding the gun:

Colin Flaherty: Hillary and the hard truths of systemic racism:

14 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: It Feels Good to Be a Clinton

  1. The passing of Justice Antonin Scalia is a tremendous loss for the Country, the Court and Originalism. He will never be replaced by anyone of his caliber, let alone by this President.

    We are all going to find the METL the gopE are made of, will they capitulate once again and cave so this creep gets yet another appointment to the Court.

    Prayers to the Scalia Family and to Our Country.

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  3. I’m on a weekend trip, or else I would have posted about this. Yeah, this is a disaster for the country. It’s over for our constitutional order if Obama (or any Democrat) appoints another Justice. There’s only one way to go forward for Republicans. McConnell knows this – he’s laid down the gauntlet, but will he stand firm amid the political tsunami to come?


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  5. not a tin-foil hat comment about Scalia’s death here… BUT, as I have predicted for many years, since Hillary will NOT be the DNC nominee, a spot just opened up on SCOTUS – a bulletproof spot, because there wouldn’t be but a mere token GOP resistance to her in the Senate. that would be her consolation prize for losing the primaries to Sanders (or whoever) – who will in turn lose in a landslide to Trump-Cruz.
    just sayin’ 😀

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  6. AND AGAIN… there has been powerful push by the Dem apparatchiks on “crazy aunt” Ruthie Ginsburg, (age 82) to step down while Obama was still in office so he could line up several picks for the Senate to shoot down one at a time until the media’s screams at them starts working like usual, and they cave and reluctantly appoint one before he leaves office. that was the plan some think… BUT now, somebody either got the msg that crazy aunt Ruthie wasn’t gonna play ball, and their chance of a President Hillary appointing her replacement fades fast. somebody, somewhere, made a bold move eh? tu capisci, compagno? 😉 reeko

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  7. Holy crap! That was quick! I literally just sat down with a plate of microwaved Panda leftovers, enjoying my Washington’s Birthday at home, and turned on the TV to FOX Biz and the show Cavuto Coast to Coast was on with a sit-in host, Trish (?) something. They had a guest spot on of FOX’s Making Money with Charles Payne, and Payne had yet another FOX guest interviewee, Jamie Colby, from their Strange Inheritance. They were discussing the importance of Scalia’s passing and who would possibly be the next Justice…
    She said: “What if its Hillary?” and Payne just went apoplectic. He literally didn’t know what to think of it, and blubbered something about Loretta Lynch, yada yada. But yes, Jamie was very serious, and backed it up. I was so shocked I had to hit rewind to see if that is what I really heard. LOL

    Somebody at FOX is either monitoring Nice Deb or maybe channeling my thoughts from the vast Right Wing Conspiracy HQ here to the talking heads at FOX? 😉 reeko

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  8. The hole in that entire theory is named James Comey. He may not get a Grand Jury or a Indictment, but his resignation news conference will be the coup de gra on the hillster. The tremors will be unavoidable and after shocks will be catastropic.

    She’ll be holding court in the big house, pro bono like when she started with the black panthers.

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  9. well said. if he does indeed fall on his sword, she is toast. he could be the savior of our country. a Justice Hillary is far, far, more disastrous than a President Hillary. (and no term limits)

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  10. I agree with the least damage, but I don’t think she’ll get to either one of those options. Comey {as I see it} has no choice, he cannot invest that much money and man power on this investigation and lay the integrity of the FBI on the line without pulling the pin on the grenade, as he walks out if Lynch stands in his way.

    When he served under Ashcroft he went toe to toe with the Bush administration and refused to back down. He is above reproach. Out of the entire administration he could well be the Don Quixote, the lone standout. If rumors are true he’ll have a Konga line following him out the door, not that this administration would care. Surely a uprising would follow, even as the neutered, rino, gopE coward in their corners.

    [Fingers crossed}

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  11. re: Scalia’s death and replacement

    If the Repub “leadership” caves to Zero and whatever appointment he makes, I will never, I repeat NEVER, vote Republican again.

    It’s funny how Zero’s view of the Constitution and the responsibility of the Senate to confirm has changed from the time he was a baby (junior, but always whining and never doing anything except leaving messes) senator to now. Back then he seemed to think anyone not in step with his ideology was a lousy nominee to be voted down. Now he seems to think that any Tom, Jane or Hillarious he nominates should automatically be rubber-stamped onto the court.

    I also seem to remember back in Sir Reginald’s day that it was screamed by the donkeys that if a socialist jurist were to be replaced, it HAD to be with another socialist. My, how times (and perspectives) change for those with no moral compass.

    Back to the Repub response to any Zero nominee: It will be impossible for Zero to get anyone approved without significant Repub support. It’ll be interesting to see whether their desire to stay stealth donkeys outweighs their ability to talk so smoothly to us pee-ons.


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