Scary Mugshot Of Radioactive Boy Scout

Yes, this is David Hahn, of Radioactive Boyscout fame, the boyscout who inspired this Harper’s Magazine article, about his attempt to build a nuclear reactor in his mother’s shed.

Well, twelve years later, it turns out he’s still into his hobby.

A Clinton Township man who gained notoriety a decade ago as the so-called “Radioactive Boy Scout” was accused Thursday of stealing numerous smoke detectors in an effort to develop a homemade nuclear reactor.

David Charles Hahn, 31, was being held on a $5,000 bond in the Macomb County Jail after he was arraigned in 41B District Court on charges of larceny from a building, a 4-year felony.

The local police, and the FBI had been keeping an eye on him ever since he had returned home from his stint in the Navy.

When police arrested Hahn on Wednesday evening, they evacuated the apartment building and called in a Michigan State Police bomb squad to conduct a search of the apartment because of Hahn’s background and the chemical items he was known to store in his residence.

They found 16 smoke detectors that allegedly had been stolen from buildings in the complex. The suspect apparently was trying to harvest tiny amounts of the radioactive isotope americium-241, a silvery-white metal found in the detectors. The chemical can cause cancerous tumors and damage internal organs.

There was no mention of what it can do to um…facial skin.

Found via:

Kansas City Crime Scene

UPDATE: (July 13):

Hi Reddit readers.

Yeahhhh, this post is OLD. It’s from almost a year ago. I have nooo idea why it’s listed at Reddit. Sorry for wasting your time.

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22 Responses to “Scary Mugshot Of Radioactive Boy Scout”

  1. forged rite Says:

    I always wondered what happened to Thomas Dolby.


  2. nicedeb Says:



  3. Wickedpinto Says:

    Well, it looks like his face was set on fire, at least someone was nice enough to put it out with an icepick.


  4. Wickedpinto Says:

    Absent the stab wounds, he looks very much like one of my best friends in the MC, who went MECEP and is. . . .last I heard, a captain.


  5. Beth Says:

    Gawd, Nice Deb, that’s NASTY!!!


  6. Nice Deb Says:

    I’m tellin’ ya!


  7. Wickedpinto Says:

    absent the stab wounds, you would all hit it.
    thats why you think it’s so nasty.
    Actually a decent looking guy, obviously well built, but really, DUDE! at the LEAST! soap, or baby whipes.

    I’m a natural sweater, I sweat like a pig, but I don’t have a single facial lesion, fucking really.

    I still think he looks like that because of my ice pick theory.


  8. Dave in Texas Says:

    from Dave’s Library of Pick Up Lines that Do Not Work.

    #47 “Hey, does this look infected to you”?


  9. eddiebear Says:

    “I’m a natural sweater, I sweat like a pig, but I don’t have a single facial lesion, fucking really.”

    I think Dave Just has #48 for his Pick up Lines that Do Not Work


  10. mesablue Says:

    More weird news from Michigan. We seem to corner the market.


  11. nicedeb Says:

    Had you seen this story, Mesa?

    It doesn’t seem to have gotten much play.


  12. mesablue Says:

    No, I hadn’t. Another local kid got in trouble a few months ago for something similar, though.


  13. nicedeb Says:

    Jeez, what’s in the water up there?


  14. Dave in Texas Says:

    #73 I have a pair of shoes at home that would so go with that bag!


  15. Jack from England Says:

    I was wondering what Ray Liotta was up to these days.


  16. James Says:

    Thats a fairly dated mug shot. I recall seeing that photo about a year ago, if not longer


  17. Nice Deb Says:

    Well yeah….this post is from over a year ago.


  18. nicedeb Says:

    Oh..weird…this post is getting megahits from reddit, which I barely knew existed until now. I have no idea why it listed there. It’s an OLD post!


  19. Greta Says:

    Enjoy the traffic and hope people stay!


  20. Briana Says:

    Reading this book right now.. Wow this guy is super smart w/ science. But kinda scary….I’d be worried if someone like that was my neighbor. ( even tho he’s in jail) gives me n my friends the chills.


  21. Unitek EMT-B Training Group Info | Jeffrey Donenfeld Says:

    […] radioactive boyscout mugshot […]


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