The Barack Obama Birth Certificate Controversy Rages On

Tech Dude has finally produced his findings on the Obama COLB in a long, extensive post at Atlas Shrugs. Feel free to try to make sense out of it all.

AJ Strata has already come out to refute the findings, and calls the people who question the Obama COLB “cultists”.

I don’t know who’s right, but it doesn’t matter. As I have said before, Obama could clear this all up very easily by providing reporters with the certificate.

UPDATE (August 24):

Fact Check.Org has seen and touched the original birth certificate and verifies its authenticity.

UPDATE (Sept.29):

Obama has made a little addition to his Fight The Smears Website.

UPDATE (Oct. 3):


Rather than just product the birth certificate (is he trying to hide something?) Obama’s legal team filed a motion to dismiss. One of the Lawyers filing the motion was Joe Sandler

( of the Washington law firm Sandler, Reiff, and Young (see the document below).

If Mr. Sandler’s name sounds familiar it Should. He is the Legal Hit Man for the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR is an organization with terrorist ties, and has been as an un-indicted co-conspiritor in the Holyland Foundation Hamas Funding trial.

Sandler’s role for CAIR has been to stifle people from telling the truth about Islam. For example, last year he tried to get Jihad Expert Robert Spencer banned from speaking to the Young American Foundation by using a threatening letter. Sandler followed up by threatening columnist Mike Adams for writing about the Spencer incident.

UPDATE: (Oct.24):

Case NOT closed. See Atlas Shrugs for more.

Hear radio talk show host Michael Savage interview attorney Phillip J. Berg about his lawsuit, here.

UPDATE (Oct.25):

Case closed?

A federal judge in Philadelphia last night threw out a complaint by a Montgomery County lawyer who claimed that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was not qualified to be president and that his name should be removed from the Nov. 4 ballot.

UPDATE: (Novenber 15):

Alan Keyes files CA court petition regarding Obama’s eligibility.

62 thoughts on “The Barack Obama Birth Certificate Controversy Rages On

  1. If, as I suspect, Obama in the anti-Christ, then no birth certificate exists as Hell General Hospital does not issue such documentation for the spawn of Satan.

    Hahahahaha. I was going to link a picture of this t-shirt that depicts Obama as the anit-Christ which is hilarious.

    Even more hilarious is that this is a Snopes investigation.


  2. Someone left this awesome comment on my blog not too long ago, which I kicked into the moderation cue. There’s lot’s of this type of stuff flying around out there….whole websites devoted to it.

    Barack Hussei nObama = 6 6 6 Obama’s real name is Mabus, ‘The Black One’ Nostradamus talks about. He is a muslim. Obama’s father and stepfather are muslim, in all muslims’ eyes that makes him one, no matter what he says. The muslims of the world support him. People are praising his name. They know his true muslim initiative, to destroy the West and Israel and for Islam to be the mandatory world religion. His plans for ‘change’ are unrealistic, it is his brainwashing technique. He is the mesmerizing charming speaker that the devil is. His plans for the middle east conflict is a step to let them reorganize and set up to attack again, harder with nations of Islam together. They are the enemies of Israel and of God. ‘Change We Can Believe In’, he wants people to believe in him, to follow him. He is the anti-christ that Bible prophecies talk about. 3.5 years into his rule we’ll see his true self, around 2012, the chinese year of the dragon in which divine intervention occurs on earth or the year the Mayans predicted a new cycle of great ‘change’ on their calendar. Dec. 21, 2012, the earth completes a precession on it’s axis, which happens every 16,000 years, shifting of poles and the sun rises and aligns with the center of the Milky Way galaxy, into the 13th Zodiac of a Man wrestling a Snake. These are the end times, Obama is the devil.


  3. Wow. I wish I could do as many drugs as that guy.

    Barack Hussei nObama = 6 6 6


    Needsa therap istnow = 6 6 6

    WillyW onka’sf actory = 6 6 6

    pajama mommaf lorida = 6 6 6

    BloodS weatan dTears = 6 6 6

    Oh yeah…

    Ronald Wilson Reagan = 6 6 6



  4. How long will it be before somebody calls Snopes “racist” for using the word “denigrate” in the anti-Christ article?


  5. Back to the point – the Birth Certificate. has been following this story from the get-go. I have no idea of what to make of the story but I do know it is not going away.


  6. “…the sun rises and aligns with the center of the Milky Way galaxy, into the 13th Zodiac of a Man wrestling a Snake.”

    Well, DUH….


  7. Why will they not produce the original certificate? The one listed is not a valid one. It does not have the state seal or a signature. I have one from the same state and it has both. Where are his?????????????? It must be a fake.


  8. Allison Says:
    September, 5, 2008 at 10:22 am
    I feel the only reason the young lady acted in that manner is because she is fed up with the bull**** that the republicans have been feeding us for the pass 8 years. And ENOUGH is ENOUGH already!!! Look at what kinda state the US is in at the moment..Let’s try something new to see if it works out better and if not we’ll just try something else. But it doesn’t make sense in following the same plan and thinking there will be a different result that’s the definintion of CRAZY so for all of you CRAZY people that’s for McCain I will pray for you ALL!!!

    Compare the US to Western Europe, Canada and Scandinavia. The poor in the US experience the longest periods in poverty. The U.S. has the highest rate of child poverty. The U.S. is the only industrialized nation without some form of universal health care. The gab in income b/tw the CEO’s and average blue collar workers is 475 times more as of 2004 and still rising. Come on now RING RING RING someone please respond to the ALARM!!!
    OBAMA 08′


  9. BUSH is the one having innocent people killed that’s devilish to me. BUSH is the one not treating ALL americans as human beings! BUSH and MCCAIN are the ones who feel like human beings should not be helped unless that have money again seems devilish to me. BUSH and MCCAIN are the ones that feel if you do not have money then you should die as well as your family oh once again sounds devilish to ME!!!!


  10. What type of president you guys want that would select some in experience, mother of 5 one of which has down syndrome and will need extra attention to stand beside him and run this country. What’s going to happen when McCain’s OLD as CROAKS?…go ahead I’ll wait. The VP is there in case something should happen to the President I honestly do not feel Palin can handle it with everything she has going on at home…it’s just COMMON SENSE


  11. Thank you all for verifying the preconceived notions most conservatives have regarding Obamatards.

    (Surely you realize, when we were bringing up the Obama/Anti-Christ theory, we were making fun of it…..yes?)


  12. Did any one notice that the date on the birth certificate shown here was dated JUNE of 2007? Surly he needed it before then to enroll in places like school. Why did he not produce one before then. That would have made him what 46? Sounds fishy to me. The man is too secretive and scared to produce a birth certificate, ( what’s he afraid of) sounds like the person I want running my country. I am a staunch democrat and you could not PAY me to vote for that man.


  13. Hey, it’s not just Bush and McCain. I think if you don’t have money you should die too.

    Devilish? Devilish like a fox!!


  14. Document is a currently printed fake.
    1) Called father’s “Race”.. “AFRICAN”.. Not “Negroe”, “Colored” or “Black (a term of the 70’s origina)”
    2) Produce the serial number of the document and compare to similarly numbered certificates of the era and see what other “Negroe” children or parents were called.
    3) Find me the copies of the birth certificate which Barrack submitted when he applied for his passport and see how that matched up. The US courts and the government have the power to do this.

    Seems the document may be a correct document for the state, produced in 2007 (date on the document stamped in green near the lower center part of the document) with data entered by whom? Subpoena them.



  15. I really don’t much care at this point.

    He was almost certainly born in Hawaii, I think his name was changed to Barry Soetoro when he lived in Indonesia…I don’t know what more there is to say about it.

    There are many bigger, and more important things to be concerned about with Obama.


  16. Okay… for starters, as a family historian I have in my files thousands of birth certificates from 17 states (to include Hawaii) and four foriegn countries. So here goes:

    1. There is only one official “original birth certificate” for anybody, and it is held by the Vital Statistics authority that varies from state to state. Obama and his campaign does not have it. So they can’t exactly give anybody a copy of what they do not have.

    2. When you request a copy of your COLB from any authority, you get what they give you, not necessarily what you want. Sometimes it’s a photocopy of the original, sometimes it’s a certified extract. Hawaii gives certified extracts… and that is what the Obama campaign has released.

    3. Such “certified” documents have an embossed seal and a signature or signature stamp… but it may not be on the document’s front. Paper (in case you have not noticed) has 2 sides. As per Michael’s comment above, bad news… it does have the seal and certificate after all.

    4. As per Kathryn G’s comments above, sure Obama probably needed a COLB before 2007. But his presidential campaign did not.

    5. As per Big Bob’s comments… you may have noticed that there was a continent called “Africa” in 1961, and Obama’s father was from there. So why do you find that weird? You want weird? My mother’s birth certificate records her race as “So. Italian.” Weird!!!!

    6. When a State certifies a COLB (as they have certified Obama’s) it is legal proof of citizenship as per American law. Hawaii has done so. That certificate is all that is needed for a passport… and it is all that is needed to settle the issue of Obama’s citizenship. Its very existence settles all legal issues.


  17. I truly wish the election of one man could bring peace to the world.

    I also think it would cool if all my worldly needs could be met, and I didn’t have to pay for it.

    It would be wonderful if we abolished ignorance and poverty.

    I also wish I had a pony.

    Unfortunately, I live in a little place called “reality”, and I realize those things are not possible.


  18. It’s amazing that people will knock Sarah Palin and discredit her as a capable politician and leader and at the same time we are supposed to turn our heads to the Bull**** that Barack has been into. He’s a sleazy poitician that brings absolutely nothing to the table. He did nothing for Chicago only his own back pocket, community orgainizer, big deal. If McCain or Palin had even one of the issues arise that he has had..such as ties to racists and terrorists or crooked politicians they would be crucified by the left-wing media. BUT it’s okay because he’s a liberal. He has been promoted and put on a pedistal by Oprah, Hollywood and the media. They are easy on him, they don’t ask him tough questions, he’s treated with “kit gloves” and we are all supposed to think he’s great and if you don’t you’re automatically a racist, how convenient. BUT when McCain or Palin are interviewed they get grilled and she’s attacked for being a mom…this makes me sick. This country is turning further and further towards socialism. The bleeding heart liberals have no idea what the hell they are saying when the promote this clown. God forbid (shocking but there are those that still believe in god) this country gets in the hands of the liberals. They will destroy capitolism, promote big government and weaken the infrastructure of this country. Where will we be then…when we are making the same salary, living in the housing, driving the same cars. I guess sounds like heaven to all the liberals. But it’s not what this country was founded on.

    When the liberals and thier puppet Barack dismantle our military and weaken our global position in the world what will you liberals do when the Russian’s or Chinese start knocking on our doors….Holding hands and preaching peace and love and looking at life through rose colored glasses is not reality. It’s a joke. You cannot expect this country to continue to exsist if we do not stand up for the priciples our fore-fathers fought and died for. Barack is an idiot – he actually thinks he can talk to anyone about anything and all the anger and violence in the world will just dissapear – and to think that people acutally believe this s**t is frightening! Come on people Pull your heads out of your A**…. if this guy get in office the liberals and hollywood will be running this country. – And when a war breaks out do you think these same people will fight for our freedom? Hell No!! They will hide in thier dark holes and let people like me sacrifice and die for what’s right. Liberals like Obama are cowards who have never had any intention to serve this country in any capacity onther than one that benefits thier own pocket book….Wake up people -3000 people in the trade center bombings and more attacks would have happened if we hadn’t of taken action. Liberals like to turn thier heads and point fingers yet they all reap the benefits of living in a country that conservative patriots and died fighting for. – Barack obama and the liberal agenda must go!


  19. Katie…dont you understand that Bush inherited the mess that Clinton left. Obama is an empty suit and is leading you down the wrong road.





    He does walk on water.

    This is all a mistake anyway. I meant to say the Obama is the anti-Crist…you know…the opposite of Charlie Crist.

    My bad.


  22. Er, y’know, 666 =/= the Anti-Christ. 666 is the number of the Beast in the Revelation of St. John. In discussing the Beast (see Revelation 13), the word anti-Christ is never used. In fact, it’s not used anywhere in the Book of the Revelation of St. John.

    It is used in 1 John 2:18, 1 John 2:22, 1 John 4:3-6, and in 2 John 1:7. It refers, generally, to enemies of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    So, Obama is either The Beast (i.e., his number is 666) or he is the/an Anti-Christ.


  23. My God, you people are so stupid! Do some research! Better to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if you’re stupid, than open it and prove you are! Spend and tax=bad economy! Welcome to 6th grade math.
    McCain 08′


  24. Kelly was dead on! Obama will send this country straight to hell in a hand basket. The liberals SPIN a good game, but when it comes down to it they will destroy this country and whats left of our military will be the ones dying to make things right again.
    Military families for McCain 08


  25. If he doesn’t have anything to hide, then why is it so hard to produce the authentic certificate?

    Cough it up and be done with it.
    Oh wait… HE CAN’T!

    I hope the Conservatives of America have their passports ready – if Obama is elected, we’ll have to flee the country. He’s no better than Hitler… mark my words.


  26. Dear American People,

    Hello. I will not be giving you my real information, as it needs to remain secret – at least until after our plan is enacted. I am a Top Executive at the Democratic National Committee. I can tell you this. What you have have been suspecting is true – Barack Obama was not actually born in Hawaii. The document that we have provided him to show as his birth certificate is not authentic; it was created in our experimental laboratories at the DNC’s World Headquarters in Saudi Arabia. This experimental lab – and, this may be quite shocking – this lab is where Barack Obama himself was also created, almost 48 years ago, as part of PROJECT FLAGBURN.

    Yes, we had been trying for years, using the latest technology, to create the perfect candidate to enforce our liberal agenda. In the fall of 1960, we were finally successful, in our ninth try, in using recombinant DNA and artificial insemination to inject our carefully-crafted genetic material into an electronic womb (by bubbling Argon gas through radioactive stem cells). As the BARACK9 grew, we fed it nutrients infused with “Memory Cells” culled from the brainstems of famous left-wingers such as Adlai Stevenson, Bertrand Russell, and Ambrose Bierce – guaranteed to transmit our policies and doctrines into its growing brain. We radioactively stimulated the liberal centers of the brain and implanted radio-controlled microchips into its cerebellum.

    Here at the DNC, we detest nationalism, pride, the Christian religion, and our troops. We have decided that a hybrid of Communism and Islam would be a much better system for our country. As BARACK9 grew up, we taught it to have these values as well. When the time was right, we entered it into politics, controlling its brain with our “Brain-Control Device”. We also were responsible for 9/11, the financial crisis, and other key events to ensure that George Bush has a low approval rating. Now, the time has come. Soon BARACK9 will be voted in as the head of the most powerful country on earth. You will soon have a President named Barack Hussein Obama, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. As his first act, Barack Obama will issue the following executive orders:

    1. All flags will be replaced with pictures of Barack Obama’s face
    2. All personal property and land of registered Republicans will be forfeit to the state
    3. All churches, pictures of Jesus Christ, and religious iconography will be destroyed immediately. All mentions of the Christian religion will be punished by death
    4. Everybody must wear a turban at all times and pray to Mecca 12 times a day
    5. Arabic will now be the official United States language
    6. The country will be renamed to The Islamic Communist Republic of Ameristan
    7. All white people must issue public apologies to minorities for former misdeeds of their race. The jobs and money of Whites will be offered to blacks, muslims, and atheists as punishment.
    8. White women will be offered as brides to black muslim men who get first priority of choosing up to ten wives. Whites will be put into forced labor camps for one year to show them what slavery was like
    9. All heterosexuals must issue public apologies to gays and lesbians. In order to increase sensitivity to homosexual issues, they will be incarcerated for one month with a homosexual member of the same sex who is allowed to use them as seen fit.
    10. Republicans will be branded with a R on their forehead and must kiss the buttocks of a liberal whenever requested to do so

    I am only divulging this because there is nothing which can be done about it at this point. We initially saw Sarah Palin as an immense threat to our cause, but we have launched a huge and successful disinformational smear campaign against her which has neutralized her influences.

    Prepare for your new leadership to begin on January 20!
    DNC Top Executive “John”


  27. is funded by Annenberg Foundation. Annenberg sponsored the Annenberg Challenge in which Barack Obama and William Ayers worked on together. is not a honest or reliable source of truth.


  28. -From people with brain around the globe
    please use yours………Senator John McCain will make it twice3,4,5 worst than Mr.George W.Bush-

    Thank you, great leader George W. Bush.

    Thank you for showing everyone what a danger Saddam Hussein represents. Many of us might otherwise have forgotten that he had used chemical weapons against his own people, against the Kurds and against the Iranians. Hussein is a bloodthirsty dictator and one of the clearest expressions of evil in today’s world.

    But this is not my only reason for thanking you. During the first two months of 2003, you have shown the world a great many other important things and, therefore, deserve my gratitude.

    So, remembering a poem I learned as a child, I want to say thank you.

    Thank you for showing everyone that the Turkish people and their Parliament are not for sale, not even for 26 billion dollars.

    Thank you for revealing to the world the gulf that exists between the decisions made by those in power and the wishes of the people. Thank you for making it clear that neither José María Aznar nor Tony Blair give the slightest weight to or show the slightest respect for the votes they received. Aznar is perfectly capable of ignoring the fact that 90% of Spaniards are against the war, and Blair is unmoved by the largest public demonstration to take place in England in the last thirty years.

    Thank you for making it necessary for Tony Blair to go to the British Parliament with a fabricated dossier written by a student ten years ago, and present this as ‘damning evidence collected by the British Secret Service’.

    Thank you for allowing Colin Powell to make a complete fool of himself by showing the UN Security Council photos which, one week later, were publicly challenged by Hans Blix, the Inspector responsible for disarming Iraq.

    Thank you for adopting your current position and thus ensuring that, at the plenary session, the French Foreign Minister, Dominique de Villepin’s anti-war speech was greeted with applause – something, as far as I know, that has only happened once before in the history of the UN, following a speech by Nelson Mandela.

    Thank you too, because, after all your efforts to promote war, the normally divided Arab nations, at their meeting in Cairo during the last week in February, were, for the first time, unanimous in their condemnation of any invasion.

    Thank you for your rhetoric stating that ‘the UN now has a chance to demonstrate its relevance’, a statement which made even the most reluctant countries take up a position opposing any attack on Iraq.

    Thank you for your foreign policy which provoked the British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, into declaring that in the 21st century, ‘a war can have a moral justification’, thus causing him to lose all credibility.

    Thank you for trying to divide a Europe that is currently struggling for unification; this was a warning that will not go unheeded.

    Thank you for having achieved something that very few have so far managed to do in this century: the bringing together of millions of people on all continents to fight for the same idea, even though that idea is opposed to yours.

    Thank you for making us feel once more that though our words may not be heard, they are at least spoken – this will make us stronger in the future.

    Thank you for ignoring us, for marginalising all those who oppose your decision, because the future of the Earth belongs to the excluded.

    Thank you, because, without you, we would not have realised our own ability to mobilise. It may serve no purpose this time, but it will doubtless be useful later on.

    Now that there seems no way of silencing the drums of war, I would like to say, as an ancient European king said to an invader: ‘May your morning be a beautiful one, may the sun shine on your soldiers’ armour, for in the afternoon, I will defeat you.’

    Thank you for allowing us – an army of anonymous people filling the streets in an attempt to stop a process that is already underway – to know what it feels like to be powerless and to learn to grapple with that feeling and transform it.

    So, enjoy your morning and whatever glory it may yet bring you.

    Thank you for not listening to us and not taking us seriously, but know that we are listening to you and that we will not forget your words.

    Thank you, great leader George W. Bush.

    Thank you very much.

    Paulo Coelho


  29. If he wins the presidency, John McCain’s birth (in Panama) would be the first presidential birth outside the current 50 states. Also, if inaugurated in 2009 at age 72 years and 144 days, he would be the oldest U.S. president.
    Ms. Duggin and others who have explored the arcane subject in depth say legal argument and basic fairness may indeed be on the side of Mr. McCain, a longtime member of Congress from Arizona. But multiple experts and scholarly reviews say the issue has never been definitively resolved by either Congress or the Supreme Court.
    Ms. Duggin favors a constitutional AMENDMENT to settle the matter. Others have called on Congress to guarantee that Americans born outside the national boundaries can legitimately see themselves as potential contenders for the Oval Office.
    “They ought to have the same rights,” said Don Nickles, a former Republican senator from Oklahoma who in 2004 introduced legislation that would have established that children born abroad to American citizens could harbor presidential ambitions without a legal cloud over their hopes. “There is some ambiguity because there has never been a court case on what ‘natural-born citizen’ means.”
    If that’s the case both candidates are in the same boat!!!!!!!!!!! so what are you talking about it.Make research on both sides of the story if you believe in JUSTICE. Thank you


  30. >A house divided against itself cannot stand.
    -Abraham Lincoln-

    >Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.
    -Abraham Lincoln-

    >Hatred does not cease through hatred at any time. Hatred ceases through love. This is an unalterable law.

    >Unity can only be manifested by the Binary. Unity itself and the idea of Unity are already two.

    >I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act.

    >There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.


  31. It’s too bad the Democrats didn’t take any of that to heart during Bush’s reign.

    Don’t expect a lot of love from conservatives for the phony creep you head in the clouds Utopians just elected.


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