Pinko Students “Occupy” NYU Cafeteria


Good grief, I thought I escaped the sixties.  But no….

Dozens of students who barricaded themselves inside a New York University cafeteria have rejected the possibility of leaving the building as negotiations with school officials continue into Friday morning.
Members of the coalition Take Back NYU! have been occupying the cafeteria of the Helen & Martin Kimmel Center for University Life for more than 24 hours.

A spokeswoman for the students said that NYU told them that they could face expulsion or arrest if they didn’t leave the building by 1 a.m. Friday.

Well, 1 a.m. came and went…did they get thrown out on their asses, or not? Of course not:

The school had said if its deadline expired it may use force, but now it looks like the two sides may negotiate.

The student occupiers, who chanted for the television news cameras on Thursday night, have said repeatedly said they have no intention of going anywhere, despite the university-imposed deadline.

The occupation began to turn ugly Thursday night when an NYU security guard was wheeled out on a stretcher after claiming she was pushed by a student.

What’s to negotiate?  Among other things they want to force the university to give scholarships to Palestinians, and donate all their excess “supplies and materials” to the  rebuilding of the University of Gaza, all while complaining that their tuitions are too high. Oh…and lift the dreaded “Coke ban”. 

Here’s their list of “demands”:

  1. Amnesty for all parties involved.
  2. Full compensation for all employees whose jobs were disrupted during the course of the occupation.
  3. Public release of NYU’s annual budget and endowment.
  4. Allow student workers (including T.A.’s) to collectively bargain.
  5. A fair labor contract for all NYU employees at home and abroad.
  6. A Socially Responsible Finance Committee that will immediately investigate war profiteers and the lifting of the Coke ban.  (?!)
  7. Annual scholarships be provided for thirteen Palestinian students.
  8. That the university donates all excess supplies and materials in an effort to rebuild the University of Gaza.
  9. Tuition stabilization for all students, beginning with the class of 2012. Tuition rates for each successive year will not exceed the rate of inflation. The university shall meet 100% of government-calculated student financial need.
  10. That student groups have priority when reserving space in the buildings owned or leased by New York University, including, and especially, the Kimmel Center.
  11. That the general public have access to Bobst Library.

“We’re here until they negotiate with us,” demonstrator Julie Kliger told CBS 2 HD.

Kliger is one of the occupants and sent to CBS 2 HD pictures of her fellow occupants, a group of students who said they won’t bend to what they call the shady scare tactics of the administration.

“They’re resorting to things to like these mental scare games like calling your parents to say you know this could lead to expulsion or this could lead to their arrest,” Kliger said.

Here’s a video from the protest  Thursday night…complete with chanting:

According to the “Take Back NYU” blog, things started to go sour for them, this afternoon:

NYU is taking immediate steps against protesters, at risk of its public image and the wellbeing of its students. Right now, several protesters in university housing are being evicted from their residences. This is not OK. Dissent should never make someone homeless.

Dissent should never make people lunchless, either.

The next blog post shows things getting steadily worse :

Near the end of the occupation NYU put some of its dishonesty on wide display. 5 students occupying the building were told they would be offered negotiations with Lynne Brown, and willingly passed their barricades to begin serious talks. As soon as they left, a cadre of NYU security guards swept them away and served them with papers saying they would be expelled. No negotiations ever took place.

All together now:  AWWWWWW!

Hey, just a thought – Maybe your demands were idiotic? How about sticking to your studies, doing your homework, and getting a part time job to help pay for your tuition? And let the other students use the damn cafeteria.

The glorious end to the standoff:

At around 2pm today, members of Take Back NYU! left the Kimmel Center for University Life, ending a 40 hour+ occupation.  Their action made national and international news, and showcased the real power of the new student movement sweeping the globe.

No doubt NYU will begin attempting disciplinary action, but no suspensions, expulsions or arrests can contain what began in the last two days.  This fight will carry on in the hands of the dozens of people who made it inside, and the hundreds more who came out to support the occupation.  NYU showed its irrational need to defend secrecy and its exclusive hold on power, and that alone will drive this movement forward.

Go home and take showers, chumps. When you’re done with that, look up the term, “private institution”. They don’t owe you anything on your list of demands.

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JWF has more:

I thought with the ascension of Barack Obama to the White House that all was going to be well with the world?

Guess not. These overprivileged punks will always find something to bitch about.

An eye witness weighs in:

A cop eyed the crowd and shook his head.

“It’s pathetic,” he said. “These are privileged kids. These kids have silver spoons in their mouths, and their parents send them here – so they can sit in the cafeteria.”


18 students have been suspended, and barred from campus:

One of the students who led the protest was Farah Khimji, who was ultimately suspended by the administration.

“I am incredibly disgusted, disgusted and enraged at the way NYU administration has handled this,” Khimji said.

Maybe the NYU administration was disgusted and enraged with your silly “occupation”?

“I left at 1 o’clock yesterday. If we didn’t, we were threatened with arrest and expulsion,” she told CBS 2.

As supporters outside clashed with police outside, 18 students remained in the cafeteria overnight. This morning, as five of them went to what they thought was a negotiating session, they were detained and suspended.

Then, security guards moved in on the rest.

Khimji says she was forcibly removed.

“He grabbed me by the shoulders, picked me up and dragged me to the door. I fought back,” she said.

And then university officials delivered the word.

“You are now suspended. You have to leave NYU,” said University Vice President Lynne Brown.

The 18 students will have judicial hearings at which time a final disciplinary decision will be made.

“We could be expelled depending on the hearing. [Right now we’re] suspended, banned from all NYU buildings,” Khimji said.

Despite their suspensions, some students believe their fight was worth it.

ObamACORN Breaking Into Foreclosed Homes

As I reported on Wednesday, ACORN has promised radical lawlessness in the name of “civil disobediance”  with their “Home Savers” campaign.

Well, it has started. Michelle Malkin reports on their first conquest:

obamacorn3A community organization breaks into a foreclosed home in what they are calling an act of civil disobedience.

The group wants to train homeowners facing eviction on peaceful ways they can remain in their homes.

Derek Valcourt reports their actions are not without controversy.

Near Patterson Park, the padlock on the door and the sign in the window tells part of Donna Hanks foreclosure story.

“The mortgage went up $300 in one month,” said Hanks, former homeowner.

She says the bank refused to modify her loan and foreclosed, kicking her out of the house in September.

The community group ACORN calls Hanks a victim of predatory lending.

“This is our house now,” said Louis Beverly, ACORN.

And on Thursday afternoon, they literally broke the foreclosure padlock right off the front door and then broke into the house, letting Hanks back in for the first time in months.

I think this is the part of the story we’re all supposed to applaud, and say, “awwwww! You go, girl”!

“As you all can see, Donna is reclaiming her home, and she’s putting a lock on her door at this time,” said Beverly.

Sadly, there may be trouble on the horizon for our hero.

The current property managers told Eyewitness News they were unaware of ACORN’s actions Thursday and were contacting the police and their lawyers.

More at Moonbattery and Teh Resistance Blog


The local WJZ Baltimore News coverage:

“Not without controversy”.

Allahpundit correctly notes that this puts Obama on the spot:

… because as clips like this circulate he’ll eventually be asked about it and will be forced to condemn the practice, however tepidly.


Commenter Sherry passes along some interesting information on our poor victim:

Donna Hanks initially purchased her home (315 South Ellwood, Baltimore, MD 21224) on 7/06/2001 for $87,000. At some date between 2001 and 2006 she re-financed the original mortgage for the amount of $270,000 with a mortgage payment of $1,662.00. The FIRST foreclosure on this home was filed 5/31/2006. Donna Hanks filed for bankruptcy 6/16/06 during which a payment plan was approved for the $10,500 she was behind in her payments. This action stopped the original foreclosure. When she did not meet the terms of the bankruptcy re-payment, a second foreclosure action was started in January 2008. At the time she had not made her mortgage payments since September 2007. It should be noted that her salary per the bankruptcy paperwork was $1625 per month and she was working a 2nd and 3rd job (supposedly giving her an additional $1,275 in monthly income – the employers were not listed). Over extended? Also, during 2007 she was renting our her basement illegally (she was taken to court) and receiving rent while she was not making her mortgage payments. The mortgage company “raised” her payment $300 a month – right? Well, not exactly it was $340. The amount that she had agreed to pay back in arrears. Not exactly truthful, but what I would expect from a person with her criminal record (theft and assault 2nd degree and possession of a dangerous weapon with intent to injure). Oh and there is the small matter of breaking and entering. The house at 315 South Ellwood had already been sold at auction on 6/26/08 for $192,000. It just took them until September 2008 to get her out. Nothing like public information – it seems Acorn could have found this same information before they helped this “poor” victimized woman…………………

The property records can be found at (search by address);
The Maryland court records can be found at;
The Maryland bankruptcy records are available on Pacer (requires registration and they charge about $0.08 per page)


Warning: Do NOT watch this video if you have high blood pressure. Seriously, if circular logic bothers you, you should probably skip this Fox interview of an “Executive Director” of ACORN explaining  why people have the right to stay in homes they can’t afford at taxpayer expense.

“Tiller’s Governor” Kathleen Sebelius Obama’s Pick For HHS

No surprise, says Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey:

Sebelius makes a lot of sense for Obama, for several reasons.  She is pro-abortion, but still managed to get elected in a normally Republican state, showing that she has the kind of political skills that Obama can use in his Cabinet — and that Kansas Democrats will sorely miss once she’s gone.  She had much more experience at health-care management than Tom Daschle, without the baggage of being a lobbyist in the industry.

Sebelius isn’t just your average, run of the mill pro-abortion Democrat, though. She has twice vetoed legislation that would have regulated abortion clinics. And she’s known by Kansas pro-lifers as “Tiller’s Governor” because of the tens of thousands of dollars she’s accepted in donations from  the infamous late term abortionist .

electiveYou can read some of the horror stories from women who have elected to have  late term abortions provided by Tiller, here.


Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius (center) poses in the Governor’s Mansion with George Tiller and his wife Jeanne.

The above picture was taken at a lavish party Sebelius held at the Governor’s mansion in Tiller’s honor.

While under investigation by the Attorney General’s office and amid increasing calls for criminal charges by the Kansas Legislature, late-term abortionist George R. Tiller and his entire abortion clinic staff was honored by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius at a lavish secret party held at Cedar Crest, the Governor’s mansion in early April, 2007.

Operation Rescue was the first to uncover evidence of this event, which was mentioned in Robert Novak’s Washington Post column on Monday. OR obtained a set of 27 photographs from a confidential source that told OR the party was held exclusively in Tiller’s honor. Tiller and his staff were the only guests invited to the gala event that featured, according to the source, a menu of steak and lobster.

Last May, while  Sebelius was a contender for the V.P. spot on Obama’s ticket, she was chastised for receiving communion by Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City, KS.

Her pro-choice stance prompted Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City, KS to write to her in August of last year, to ask that she please refrain from taking communion until she repudiates her support for abortion rights. Sebelius didn’t, and the Archbishop has apparently heard about it.

He said it prompted him to write her again, asking her to respect his request and “not require from me any additional pastoral actions.”The Archbishop …also criticized her recent veto of a bill imposing new restrictions on abortion providers. He called upon the governor, who is Catholic, to take the “necessary steps for amendment of her life.”

She made the news again, later in the fall with her bizarre, race-baiting answer to a  question at a town hall meeting for Obama:

“Have any of you noticed that Barack Obama is part African-American?” Sebelius asked in response to a question about why the election is so close. “That may be a factor. All the code language, all that doesn’t show up in the polls. And that may be a factor for some people.”

The remark, delivered in the governor’s low key, folksy, out-from-behind-the-podium style, raised a couple chuckles but few eyebrows in the downtown Iowa City crowd, but Republicans took offense and responded in short order.

Obama’s selection of  Sebelius comes right on the heels of the Kansas budget standoff that was big news earlier this week:

The state resumed processing income tax refunds on Wednesday — they had been suspended last week because of low funds — and state employees’ paychecks will be paid on time Friday, Department of Administration spokesman Gavin Young said.

Republicans earlier this week denied the Democratic governor’s request to move the money, saying they could not approve the certificate of indebtedness, also known as internal borrowing, until they knew the state could repay the money by June 30, the end of the fiscal year.

However, Republicans said they would be likely to approve the internal borrowing if Sebelius agreed to the Legislature’s proposed budget cuts for the 2009 fiscal year. On Wednesday, she approved about $300 million in budget cuts.

“She blinked, and that’s helpful,” Senate Majority Leader Derek Schmidt, a Republican, said Wednesday.

All in all, she seems a perfect match for the profoundly pro- abortion , fiscally irresponsible , race-baiting Obama administration.