Nashville Tea Party Convention News Round-up

UPDATE: Live Sarracuda coverage here.

Did I ever mention that I was planning to go to the Nashville Tea Party? In fact My husband and I had reservations, and were planning to take a couple of kids, until I found out there was a $500.00 price tag to attend, and started hearing  words, like “scammy” to describe  the event. I decided to stick with CPAC, and skip, the first annual Tea Party Convention in Nashville. But I’m paying close attention to see if anything positive comes out of the gathering. So far, I’ve been I’m hearing both good things, and not so good things.

Pajamas Media is covering the event with live streaming, here.

Here’s a report with Bill Whittle, from yesterday:

And here’s a report from Carl Cameron at Fox News:

We may just go next year.


Hot Air: Breitbart, Farah argue Birtherism at Tea Party convention

Founding Bloggers: (PICTURES) Can You Hear Me Now?

‘Countdown to no ratings’ weighs in:

Weasel Zippers: Olbermann On The Tea Party. ‘These Are Not Political Insurrectionaries, Nor Real Americans, These Are Men And Women Who Hate’

O the humanity!

Ooooh, now this may have been worth the price of the ticket:
Andrew Breitbart: “It’s not your business model that sucks, it’s you that sucks.”

Nobody flings redmeat like Breitbart.

Big Government: Popular conservative Erick Erickson has a change of heart at National Tea Party Convention.

Now he tells us.

Erick Erickson, Red State: Thoughts on the Nashville Tea Party Convention and Sarah Palin

RCP: Tea Party with Palin and My 7th Grade Girlfriend

Christian Science Monitor: As counter-media fuels tea party movement, main stream media catches on

Big Government: The media reported that a group of a National Tea Party Convention counter-protesters were going to flock to the Opryland Hotel for a showdown.


In case you missed the live coverage, here’s Sarah Palin slamming Obama’s foreign policy:

Entire speech, here.

Dan Riehl asks: Who Did Palin Remind You Of?