Just got here, and met Jacob Turk in the lobby. He’s the candidate for Congress from the 5th district,  (my district in Missouri),  who’s hoping to unseat Emanuel Cleaver. Before I even checked in.

I’ve already missed Mark Rubio, who apparently mingled with the bloggers in the bloggers lounge, and Dick Cheney who gave a short, but reportedly sweet speech, earlier today…I’m so bummed I missed that!

Photo courtesy of Kevin from Lakeshore Laments

The rumor is that there’s a bloggers’ bash going on, here, somewhere, so my quest for tonight is to find it. Which could be hard considering…

Did I mention that I lost my glasses a week ago and they never turned up? Yeah, I’m in Washington DC, virtually blind. (cue the troll snarks).  The cabbie pointed out a white blur to me that turned out to be the Lincoln Memorial. Yes, it’s that bad.

That’s all for now, just wanted to check in.