Video: Obama Again Claims The Science Is Settled On Global Warming

Obama doubles down on the stupid, yet again, with his latest fraudulent AGW scaremongering. “Few challenges facing America and the world are more urgent than combating climate change”, he intones.  When I hear “climate change” what I think is “weather”. Weather that we have little to no control over.   The warmists are trying to talk us into combating “the weather”.  How he can say such nonsensical things with a straight face is beyond me:

Are the sea levels are rising? Perhaps, perhaps not. The data the reports are based on turns out to have been based on faulty science, and had to be retracted. But so what if the sea levels are rising? They’ve been rising and falling for-basically-ever. It’s one of those things that happens, for gosh sakes. I’ve never understood why we really needed Obama to stop the rising of the oceans, anyway. Who the hell cares? Let them rise a few feet, it happens.

Storms are getting stronger with each passing hurricane season? Uh, not so much.

The 2009 hurricane season was a below-average year in which only nine tropical storms formed, three of them  hurricanes, categories 2-4.

It’s rubbish! Absolute rubbish! As Not Evil, Just Wrong’s, Ann McElhinney says.

Her entire impassioned speech from CPAC , is  here in case you missed it.

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Video: Andrew Breitbart’s CPAC Speech

I forgot that I had promised to post this when it got to Youtube. Here it is:

Part One:

Part Two:

One of the highlights of my trip to DC, was the chance to thank this man in person for everything he’s been doing to call out the liberal media, which has been given a free pass for far too long. Those days are over, thanks to the alternative media. What  Breitbart has been doing is not only helping conservatives get equal time with his various blogs – he’s  actually going on the offense against the MSM. The man is on the warpath.

The liberal media is on the defense, now. That is new.. and it’s exhilarating to watch.

See Also:

Jimmie Bise at the Sundries Shack for a good summery of Breitbart’s exploits at CPAC.


CPAC Reflections

I can’t tell you what a kick it was finally meeting in person the so many bloggers I’ve read and admired over the years, people who have the same passion for conservative politics, I have. A few of the bloggers I met:

Robert Stacy McCain, and his blogging side-kick, Smitty were right in front of me on bloggers row. All I can say about R.S McCain, is – the dude really needs to come out of his shell…He was way too shy and retiring /sarc. It was also a pleasure to meet John Hawkins, E.M. Zanotti, Dr. Melissa Clouthier, Jimmie Bise, Obi’s Sister, Fausta Wertz, Tabitha Hale, Dana Loesch , Juliette Ochieng, (Baldilocks), DaTechGuy, Caleb Howe, Ben Howe, Breeanne Howe, Moe Lane, (who was a sweetheart, and seated right behind me), Lib blogger –Tommy Christopher, (who could be seen shaking his booty at the Karaoke bar Sat. night), Greek Goddess and prolific Tweeter , Cheryl Prater, Kathleen McKinley (Right Wing Sparkle), the adorable Steve Eggleston of No Runny Eggs, Cynthia Yockey Little Miss Attila, Jesse Hathaway, (Athens Runaway) Tom McLaughlin, Barbara Espinosa from American Freedom, Mark Koenig from David Horowitz’s Newsreal blog. I bumped into Pamela Geller before her Jihad conference, but wish I could have spent more time with her. She now has posted the full video from her Jihad: The Third Rail conference, by the way. It’s well worth a watch- it  was one of the highlights of my trip, in fact. Kudos to Pamela for organizing the event.

My only regret was not having my glasses, which put me a a slight disadvantage trying to navigate my way around CPAC. I never made it to the exhibition hall, which now I realize,  after reading so many other blog posts about CPAC,  was a place I should have gone. But after C Prater said it was “Meh!” I didn’t make the effort. Someone on twitter said you needed a sherpa to find it. Oh well. Damnit, damnit damnit!

I could have met Michelle Malkin, and I really wanted to.

Next time I won’t spend so much time on bloggers row, although it really seemed like the happening place to be. Politicians, media personalities, in and  out of the place all day long..

I want to thank Red State’s Erick Erickson who made  the whole thing possible. Everyone said it was the best bloggers row, ever.  The digs were great, and I felt privileged to be there. Red State also treated the bloggers to free drinks at the Marriott  lounge, Friday evening, which was hecka generous of them.

*ND, Steve Eggleston, Little Miss Attila, Obi’s Sister, Eric  Svane

ND, Moe Lane, Little Miss Attila

I may be hooked to this sort of thing – I’m thinking of going to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in April to meet a lot of these same excellent folks all over again.

*Thanks to Fausta’s FB page for photo.

One more!

A blogger I was tragically remiss in mentioning: the cigar smoking Cuban, Val Prieto, (Babalu), who was built like a linebacker,  and had a heart of gold.

And another!:

Bruce from Gay Patriot.

Okay, I think I’m through name-dropping.