Pamela May Be On To Something…

Does it look like the Dems have made such a mess of things, all of their dastardly plans are crashing down around them? Dem congressmen are jumping ship like rats, and the 2010 election looks like a huge blowout for the Republicans?

Don’t get overconfident. Things may look good for us now, but things can change quickly, and always remember; Dems don’t play fair, they will lie, cheat, steal and throw their grandmas under the bus in order gain or retain  power.

Pamela Geller, writing for Big Government, thinks she’s got a handle on what they are up to, now:

Many capitalists, freedom lovers and individualists are gleeful about all of the early retirements of statists and crooks in the Democrat party. Rats bolt a sinking ship. They believe this indicates victory. It does not. While Republicans are rubbing their hands in glee at the sheer number of Democrat incumbents not running for re-election, I am not.

It is often said if the Democrats are the vicious party, the Republicans are the stupid party.  What the Republicans lack in malevolence, they try to make up for with earnestness. But make no mistake: the Democrats never back down, never give up, never give in. They don’t. They are pit bulls. And while the Democrats are devoid of good ideas and good governance, they excel in abhorrent and detestable tactics in winning. They work by stealth.

And in this case, the retirements don’t indicate defeat. They indicate a new Democrat strategy. The retirements are part of a plan: everyone under the bus for the good of the party and the socialist state it is constructing. The Democrat strategy for 2010 is to make the failure of Barack Obama and the Pelosi/Reid Congress all about the incumbents, not the party itself. They are going to make the failure of this Administration about the candidates, not the party, when in fact it is party, party, party. Take the rancid Dodd, for example. He will be replaced with an attractive statist who does not have the ugly history of Dodd’s graft, corruption and racketeering, but who shares Dodd’s collectivist bent.

I expect the Democrats to pull their moderate ruse again by throwing up bunches of blue dogs to con the people. Then they will continue to ramrod the American people with their collectivist, statist agenda. They will run new faces without records that are soiled by the horrendous anti-American, anti-business, anti-national security, anti-individual, anti-small government, anti-tax cut record of the Democrats — and they will sucker the American people, yet again.

I expressed my own concerns about the Democrats’ odd, and incongruous overconfidence, here and here. I hope we’re wrong. I really do. But if the Dems do try to pull these ruses, the Republican message for 2010, and 2012  should be: Don’t get fooled, again.

Check out Baldilocks, too, who is on the same wavelength:

If It Looks Too Good To Be True

A little birdie is whispering in her third ear.


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Video: Forced Unionization Of Child Care Providers in MI

MSM Still AWOL On Climategate

Joe Biden Claims He Always Knew The Surge Would Work

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Is this something?…

University News Police Blotter:

Feb. 5

4:32 a.m. Property Damage –
A staff member noticed writing on a men’s room stall in the Spencer Chemistry Building.

Thank you to Crime Scene KC for alerting me to this important story!


Click on this….if you dare

Making Blood Shoot Out Your Eyes: Janeane Garofalo And Rosie O’Donald Bash Fox News, Hasselbeck, Limbaugh, Greta, And Republicans (aka RIGHT WINGERS)…Everything They Believe Is Based On Falsehoods

Liz Cheney: “Vice President Biden Has A Famously Tenuous Relationship with Reality”

In a battle of wits between the The father/daughter tag team of  Dick and Liz Cheney and the entire Obama administration, it’s easy to see who comes out on top:

Understanding the Surge, the video Liz referred to, can be viewed here.

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Impeach Obama Billboard Appears In Wisconsin

The Post Crescent reports:

The sign appeared Thursday and will remain in place for six months. Its message quickly generated national media attention and ignited a firestorm of debate online, often along political lines. A Google search for “impeach Obama billboard” generated 346,000 results Tuesday afternoon.

Father and son attorneys, Thomas S. Wroblewski, and Thomas J. Wroblewski  represent the unnamed company that rented the billboard and are not responsible for its message.

Wroblewski said he received angry telephone calls at his office Monday. He said the rage directed at him and his father is misplaced.

“We represent a group of small-business owners,” he said. “We organized the company and solicited the contract on their behalf.”

Wroblewski said he could not divulge any details about the business owners.
“My instructions from my clients are not to disclose their identity,” he said.

According to this local news report, people have been stopping on the side of the road to take pictures:


Video: Forced Unionization Of Child Care Providers in MI

This will make your blood boil.

As Stossel says, it’s a scheme between the unions and Democrats to “scarf up some money”.

Fourteen states have  enabled home-based day-care providers to be organized into public-employee unions, affecting about 233,000 people.

Help may be on the way for these women. Eric Larson of Red State Electric reported a couple of weeks ago:

My friend and state legislator, Justin Amash, has been busy introducing bills the past few weeks. A story that developed over the holiday break was shocking only if you’ve fallen asleep for 50 years and awoken in a seemingly foreign land of hyperregulation. At issue are two women running a private day care in Northern Michigan who were surpised to see that the state of Michigan was withholding union dues.

He thinks the unwanted media attention this story has garnered will undo the indefensible  program.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers


The same thing is happening in Kansas, as covered by Earl Flynn of Kansas Watchdog:

Gov. Sebelius assisted AFSCME-CCPT in unionizing child care providers in Kansas


AFSCME Council 72:  “Beginning in January 2007, child care providers from around Kansas came together to build a union and offer a powerful voice for providers all across the state.”

May 26, 2007, Wichita Eagle: “Union Wants To Organize Day Cares – — The American Federation Of State, County And Municipal Employees Is Approaching Local In-Home Providers In An Effort To Create A Union”

July 18, 2007, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius issues Executive Order 07-21 Family child care providers, which authorized KDHE and SRS to sign agreement with Kansas CCPT-AFSCME.

July 20, 2007. Kansas and Pennsylvania join a growing list of states where child care providers are organizing unions with AFSCME, including New York, California, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon and Wisconsin.

Aug 16-17, 2007. “About one hundred members of CCPT from around Kansas gathered in Wichita for a Founding Convention by which they formally created a Local Union. Kansas CCPT-AFSCME is now officially affiliated with AFSCME Council 72, which covers the states of Kansas and Missouri.”

Sep 3, 2007, Hutchinson News. Laboring unions – Organized labor struggles to survive, but is making strides

“Gov. Kathleen Sebelius signed an executive order July 17 granting collective bargaining rights to state-regulated child care providers represented by the American Federation of State and County Municipal Employees.”

“Parsons and close to 100 other providers in Hutchinson – as well as about 7,000 providers across the state – are now members of Child Care Providers Together. The union is now organized and recognized in more than a dozen states.”

April 9, 2008. About 100 family child care providers from throughout the state lobbied their legislators at the Capitol in Topeka in March, seeking an increase in subsidy rates that have not been raised since 2002

Feb 27, 2009KDHE/SRS/AFSCME/CCPT agreement signed.

Sept 10, 2009. SEIU tried a similar technique to get names of and unionize home health care providers in Kansas in summer 2009, but so far, that request has been blocked.


Kathy Hoekstra, Mackinac Center for Public Policy:

Day Care Union Scheme in Michigan Part of Union Push Nationwide