Senator Coburn Keeping Hope Alive: ‘I Wouldn’t Rule Out a Filibuster’

Via ABC News’ The Note:

On ABC/Washington Post’s “Top Line” today, Coburn ratcheted up his critique of Kagan, saying she hasn’t been as forthcoming about her views as she should be, and questioning her  interpretation of the Constitution’s Commerce Clause as well as her expressed willingness to follow court precedents.

“I think the thing that’s very worrisome is that she has a very expansive view of the Commerce Clause, and I find that she’s ignorant of the Constitution’s limitation of that, especially what our Founders wrote,” Coburn, R-Okla.,  told us.

“And her reliance was that, ‘Well, here’s the precedent that’s been set, and we can’t go back to original intent,’ which comes back to another thing that she said earlier in the hearing — is that precedent trumps original intent. And I think most Americans would reject that. If that was the case, then we would have never had Brown vs. the Board of Education, and Plessy-Ferguson would still be the law. And to have a Supreme Court nominee that actually says precedent trumps original intent is worrisome, in my opinion.”

As far as what his concerns amount to, Coburn said he isn’t prepared to say that a GOP-led filibuster won’t be warranted.

“I wouldn’t rule out a filibuster,” he said. “Look, my two main concerns are …: We’re in trouble as a nation, and one of the reasons we’re in trouble is the expansion of the federal government into areas that our Founders never thought we should be in. And we have a nominee to the Supreme Court that is fully embracing that and with no limits in terms of the Commerce Clause. So to me, that’s very concerning. The second point I would make, again, is that she believes precedent trumps original intent. And she defended that. And so that — both those things are very concerning — should be very concerning to the American people.”


Charmaine Yoest testified yesterday before the  Senate Judiciary Committee on behalf of Americans United For Life:

“Based on our research, we believe that Ms. Kagan will be an agenda-driven justice on the Court, and that she will oppose even the most widely-accepted protections for unborn human life.”

Senators Sessions and Hatch questioned Dr. Yoest closely about their concerns that the abortion advocate had attempted to manipulate and politicize the medical opinions issued during the PBA debate and on other issues of abortion-related law.

“Thank you for you for your leadership on the abortion issue,” Sen. Sessions told Yoest, the leader of the nation’s oldest pro-life legal team and advocacy organization, during their several exchanges.

Yoest told the committee that far from alleviating concerns, the hearings have raised troubling questions about Kagan’s “ability to adopt an impartial judicial temperament.”

“These hearings have strengthened our opposition to Ms. Kagan’s appointment as the record shows she was willing to manipulate the facts to pursue her own personal political agenda while serving as an advisor to President Clinton.  Indeed, she demonstrated a pattern of behavior of letting her passion for a particular policy – in this case partial-birth abortion – overwhelm her judgment.”

Because of Kagan’s political tendencies and testimony, “we believe that (she) would undermine any efforts by our elected representatives to pass or defend even the most widely-accepted commonsense regulations of abortion like bans on partial-birth abortion, parental notification and informed consent,” said Yoest.

AUL is calling for an investigation into the discrepancies in Kagan’s testimony. Video of Yoest’s testimony, here.

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Human Events: SHOCKING: Kagan’s Princeton Thesis Cited German Socialist Who Endorsed Nazis

Keep digging – she’s probably a  Mao fan, as well.

Washington Times EDITORIAL: Kagan’s partial-birth extremism:

Ms. Kagan’s career repeatedly has involved efforts to use the courts for political ends. Her work on partial-birth abortion is a perfect, and perfectly egregious, example. Her nomination should be terminated by the Senate.

The woman is the total opposite of what you’d want to see in a Supreme Court candidate.


Hotline On Call: Hatch Will Vote Against Kagan

Drew AoSHQ: Hatch To Vote No On Kagan (But She’s Still Going To Be Confirmed)

A breathless nation waits for word from the RINO King…Lindsey Graham. Once again he was great in walking the nominee down the path into places where she could not explain herself or forced her to lie (the partial birth abortion memo, Harvard and military recruiting and activist philosophy) but he did similar things with Sotomayor and voted for her. I’d bet he’s a yes.

Also of interest with be our old buddy Arlen Specter. He voted against Kagan when she was nominated to be Solicitor General partially on the grounds she wasn’t forthcoming enough for him in her answers. She really didn’t give much in these hearings. Will old Arlen vote no out of spite for Obama not coming to help him on the last day of his primary campaign or is he holding out hope for an ambassador gig? Whatever he does, it will purely out to further his own self-interest.

As for Hatch, it would be easy to say that Hatch is only doing this to avoid getting the Bennett treatment but he voted against Sotomayor as well.


10-Buck Friday Winner Announced: Congratulations Anna Little!

Anna Little? Who dat?

Exactly. Like I said at the beginning of the week; the candidates with the least name recognition need the money bombs the most, and Anna Little, running in NJ’s 6th district,  has a well funded opponent:

Little announced early that she would now try to raise funds from other conservative groups in Washington, DC. She knows that Frank Pallone, the Democratic incumbent, has an even greater funding advantage: a $4 million war chest, according to the Associated Press. Pallone is still the heavy favorite–but then again, Little has shown that money and endorsements alone are not sufficient.

Right Klik reports:

Anna Little reached out to Ten Buck Fridays supporters for support, and she surely got it. Running away with 42% of the vote in a ten-way race, Little is the hands-down victor in this week’s Ten Buck Fridays fundraising poll.
TBF bloggers and supporters can be very proud of their support for this phenomenal candidate.
This week, we had a great lineup of conservative candidates, but I want to encourage everyone who voted in the TBF poll this week to rally behind the winner with a $10 donation. Some have an expressed a desire to give to multiple candidates, and that, of course, is strongly encouraged. (And don’t forget, every week brings another winner.)

You can donate to Anna Little, here.

Please encourage friends, family, readers, and fellow tweeters donate generously this 4th of July weekend. The Anna Little campaign will be providing feedback on total donations received under the TBF banner so let’s show them what we can do!

And don’t forget to put “Ten Buck Fridays” in the field where it asks for your occupation… That’s how they know who we are!

If you have any suggestions for next week’s 10 buck Friday nominee, contact Right Klik. The new poll will be going up on Sunday.

Blogroll of 10-Buck Friday participants:

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Video: Megyn Kelly Interviews DOJ Whistle-Blower On The Black Panther Case

J. Christian Adams sat down with Fox’s Megyn Kelly to discuss the Black Panther case that he says was dismissed by the Obama DOJ for political reasons. Unable to tolerate the corruption any longer, Adams quit 3 weeks ago, and is now free to speak out about the case:

Part 1:

Part 2:

This story is not going away quietly. At the  heart of the case is the right to vote without being intimidated. Not Adams’ conservatism. The Obami and their hacks in the MSM can simper about Adams’ political leanings  all they want — that doesn’t change the damning facts of this case.


Whistleblower Details Lawlessness and Hostility Toward Equal Enforcement Of The Law In Obama Justice Dept


Roger L Simon at PJ Media: DOJ Slimes Whistleblower Adams in Panthergate Case

Adams responds to the DOJ’s weak and laughable “charges”: ( he’s a {{{{conservative}}}}} with an axe to grind).

Adams appeared on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News show to tell his story Tuesday, following which a “source familiar with the case” came forward, trying to tarnish the lawyer’s reputation. Pajamas Media was informed by a Fox producer:

The person said that any story should include the fact that Adams only left DOJ after being put into a job he disliked, and that he has long been an advocate of conservative views. Source also says Adams’ claims are “willfully inaccurate.”


The attacks on Adams — whether from the “anonymous source” or from DOJ spokesperson Tracy Schmaler — were of surprising ferocity, indicating nervousness on the part of the Department.

Adams told Pajamas Media:

I was appalled and disappointed by the DOJ yesterday. They included a blatant lie in their response to my interview.  They told Fox News I had been “unhappy with my position.” Not only would this be a personnel matter they aren’t supposed to discuss, it’s a fairy tale. In fact on April 28 I got a promotion, so maybe they can let me know what position I was unhappy with.

The problem with smearing me is that there are many others who know the truth inside the Department. Documents which they refuse to turn over pursuant to subpoenas from the Civil Rights Commission prove it. Testimony from other DOJ employees, which they refuse to allow, would also prove it.