Worst Tweet… In The World!!!

Cagle Cartoon via Doug Ross

If you were wondering what Olby’s  been up to now that he has so much time on his hands, Newsbusters is there for you: Olbermann Bashes Vietnam Vet’s Letter to the Editor About Him:

The object of Olbermann’s disaffection was one Ed Driscoll who was quite pleased by the former “Countdown” host’s departure from MSNBC:

I participated in more than 10 combat missions in Vietnam, so I know a mission is not a war. Someone should have told that to Olbermann, as he demonstrated his ignorance by equating the two for years on his show.

He would end by saying it has been so many days since President Bush declared “Mission Accomplished’’ in Iraq. Bush never said that. Olbermann was referring to a sign on an aircraft carrier that said “Mission Accomplished.’’ The president declared an end to major combat operations, and therefore the aircraft carrier was headed home.

In Bush’s speech, he said that much work has yet to be done. The sign was for the brave people who had completed their mission.

Olbermann can take the money and run. I don’t care where.

Mr. Driscoll’s letter was short and to the point. And it very effectively eviscerated one of the left’s favorite talking points about George W. Bush. Why a megalomaniac like Olbermann would want to draw attention to it on Twitter is anyone’s guess, but it was retweeted over a 100 times by his brain-dead followers so I guess he knows his fans well.

As Newsbuster’s Noel Sheppard concludes, “pretty sad, isn’t it?”

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6 thoughts on “Worst Tweet… In The World!!!

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  4. If Mr. Olbermann wants to follow in the tradition of Dan Rather who is still looking for an old typewriter that prints like a modern printer, he may, but he should leave our brave veterans and service people out of his distortions. He should not deny them the credit they have earned and make them collateral damage in his attack on President Bush. Because, I am warning him as I paraphrase the Marine Corps Hymn, (If Mr. Olberman ever looks on Heaven’s scene he will find the gates are guarded by Unites States Marines).

    May God overrule the Marines at the gate and may Mr. Olbermann not end up where he has told others to go.


  5. Hey Ed, thank you for your service. And thanks for writing such an excellent letter. You know when you make their heads explode, you’ve hit the bulls-eye.


  6. Ed’s a friend of mine; here’s what I sent him:

    53 comments on the issue at NewsBusters. One thing came to mind was that “if you argue with an idiot, pretty soon you can’t tell the difference”. But you aren’t arguing with him, you are merely making observations. It does occur to me that your observations about the sign being for the returning servicemen (probably have similar signs on other troopships, in the homecoming airports, etc.) poses an existential threat to Al Qaida Keith’s worldview. His entire identity is being threatened, and has to react accordingly.

    Just as one meeting will ruin someone’s drinking, you have similarly ruined his Bush hating.

    Well struck sir.


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