Gallup: Only 16% Of Americans Are Satisfied With Direction Country Headed In

Lowest Since Obama Took Office…says Weasel Zippers:

The glorious socialist revolution of 2009 down in flames.

I can understand why 11% would think things are going swimmingly….but who are these remaining 5%?

And why-o-why does Obama still have an approval rating in the 40s when he’s screwed things up so badly?


Of course, the only poll that matters is the one on election day, and damn, if things aren’t looking too good for the “Lightworker” on that front:

Gallup’s poll of registered voters: Obama 39 Generic R 47

Keep in mind, since our first Community Activist President is going to have nearly a billion dollars to demagogue his opponent with, the conventional wisdom is: 2012 Will Be “The Dirtiest Campaign You Have Ever Seen”:

Charles Krauthammer argues that President Obama’s campaign money will have “no effect” on getting him “out of the box on explaining high unemployment.” Instead, he says it will “be used on negative advertising. It’s going to be the dirtiest campaign you have ever seen. It’s going to be almost a billion dollars of sheer attacks because it’s essentially a referendum on Obama. Unless the Democrats can make the personality or the baggage or the history of the Republican the issue, and that’s what you do if you’re an incumbent. You have a lot of money, it’s going to be an incredibly negative campaign.”

RCP video at link.

More bad news for Bam:

Poll: Only 34% Are In Favor Of Obama’s Plans For Tax Hikes In Debt Deal, 55% Opposed…

Linked By Michelle Malkin in  Buzzworthy, thanks!



4 thoughts on “Gallup: Only 16% Of Americans Are Satisfied With Direction Country Headed In

  1. 16% of our passengers believe that an altitude of 1000 feet at Mach 1, heading straight in for the deck is satisfactory, as long as the pilot is racially and politically acceptable.


  2. Looks like even the rich volvo wagon libs have bolted. All that’s left is the non tax paying, food stamp, section 8, ObamaNation. Cant win an election with that……yet.


  3. How many of those dissatisfied with the country’s direction are upset because he’s gone too far left, and how many are upset because he hasn’t gone far left enough? That’s a question whose answer would be a little more revealing.


  4. @jadams76: With nearly half the country (49%) not paying any taxes and victim groups gaining in numbers daily, it’ll be a wonder if he does NOT win next year.

    I will do everything in my power, as little as that is, to prevent that from happening, but can only say that it’s our own fault for allowing victim groups and the poor enough power to allow this to happen. It’s through such twisting of language as “tax refunds” to people who didn’t pay in a dime to begin with that the socialists in this country blinded those with any common sense to the power grab they were actually making.


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