#AttackWatch is a Hit on Twitter (With Updates)


President Thin Skin has revamped his old and patently dishonest “Fight the Smears” Website  under a new name, “Attack Watch”.  With a hip and slightly spooky black, white and red motif, it aims to correct the terrible, awful things people say about the Dear Leader. He doesn’t want to take away your guns,  he really *hearts* Israel, just listen to what world leaders say! He’s deported more Mexicans than anybody, ever! He’s created (or *ahem* saved) eleventy million jobs! etc! etc!

The Obama campaign is launching a new website to handle misinformation against President Obama.

In an email, Obama’s reelection campaign manager, Jim Messina, announced the formation of AttackWatch.com.

“Forming the first line of defense against a barrage of misinformation won’t be easy,” Messina wrote in a fundraising email to campaign supporters. “Our success will depend on a team of researchers and writers to stay on the lookout for false claims about the President and his record, bring you the facts, and hold our opposition accountable.”

As an example, Messina mentioned a claim by presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) that Obama was president when the Troubled Asset Relief Program was passed into law.

Messina said the site will be running from now through November 2012.

Jim f’n Messina!

Jim “Punch back twice as hard” Messina:

Messina’s name came up in this  Patterico report on  the Obama Administration’s responses to the  town halls and Tea Party protests of 2009:

Somewhere between August 2nd and August 6th a strategy was devised that put all tools at the [Obama] administration’s disposal in line and firing at the protesters. August 4th seems to be an important day in the roll out of this strategy. The White House famously posted a new aggressive offensive on their blog calling out what they described as “mis-information” about the proposed bill and directed true-believers to report any sources of these “lies” to a special e-mail address: flag@whitehouse.gov. Also on the 4th, an organization called Health Care for America Now (HCAN) released a document that became a blueprint for intimidation and, ultimately, violence under the guise of confronting the tea party protesters at these town hall meetings.

HCAN is an organization funded by various unions, most significantly SEIU, whose main purpose is to promote and push the effort for government-provided, universal health care. (To understand the SEIU’s reasons for pushing for this government health care, read this post.) The National Field Director for HCAN is Margarida Jorge. Margarida Jorge used to work for the SEIU as an organizing director.”

HCAN and Jorge issued detailed instructions (set forth at the BigGovernment link) on how to organize health care support and to limit protesters’ ability to gain media attention and ask questions at last summer’s Congressional health care events. The DNC, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and leftist blogs joined HCAN in criticizing the Tea Party protesters as “angry mobs” and calling for liberals to push back.

White House involvement became clear when, on August 6 as David Axelrod and Jim Messina talked to Senators about how to handle health care meetings with constituents, Messina promised: ”If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard.” Thus:

“Two days after the instructions on how to manage and control protestors at town hall meetings were released by Margarida Jorge at HCAN, one day after the Speaker of the House likened protestors to Nazis and mere hours after President Obama’s top political advisors assured Congressional Democrats that “If you get hit, we will punch them back twice as hard”, Kenneth Gladney lay beaten and bloody on the ground outside Rep. Russ Carnahan’s Town Hall meeting.”

Now we have Messina in charge of “Attack Watch”, but who’s going to be doing the attacking?

Conservative Twitter users are having a blast tonight, as @AttackWatch debuts on Twitter:

DLoesch: So glad #attackwatch is here to dispel those unfounded attacks involving Solyndra, Gibson, Fast and Furious, Gulf moratorium, NBPP, etc.
Paceset9999RT @TimGamble: #Attackwatch The head of Obama’s Jobs council, Jeffrey Immelt, is sending lots of jobs to China.Please stop him. @attackwatch
blogho Dear #attackwatch There are several former Dems who are in my tea party group. Is there a reward for turning them in?
keder Hey @AttackWatch, I heard GE’s Jeff Immelt flies in a cororate jet. Get him! #attackwatch
ctsa How 1930’s Germany of you Barry. #AttackWatch
MrsD55 Dear #attackwatch, Somebody made a Barack Obama joke the other day.
MrsD55 Dear #attackwatch, I heard that Vann Jones said, “F*** it, I’m buying some gold.”
MikeShawTV #attackwatch – When you care to narc on the very best
thomasa56 Hey, #Attackwatch I saw someone making Obama look bad. His name was Barack Obama.
And so on. There are too many too keep up.
You’ve got to give them credit for chutzpah. Most totalitarians pay you to report opposition to the state, these guys ask you for your money instead.
Mark Steyn at The Corner: Attack of the AttackWatch!

Jonah, re the President urging his supporters to report dissenters to ThinSkinWatch.com, I was flattered to discover via  a reader that I am the only sinister foreigner to be honored with my own page of Presidential smears at TouchyAndInsecure.com. You can find it here – http://www.attackwatch.com/tag/mark-steyn/ .


The hashtag was already in heavy rotation by Twitter users by Wednesday morning, but many users are conservatives such as columnist Michelle Malkin, who offered upher own daily column as an example of an Obama “attack.”The website is meant to be “the first line of defense against a barrage of misinformation,” according to an email from Obama’s campaign manager announcing the launch on Tuesday.



For more information, visit http://twitter.com/misfitpolitics.


More MSM coverage:

AoSHQ: Oh No: Washington Post Headline, “Attack Watch, new Obama campaign site to ‘fight smears,’ becomes laughing stock of the Internet”CBS News Political Hotsheet: Conservatives mock Obama’s “AttackWatch.com”


Linked by Ace of Spades HQ, and Cold Fury, thanks!

If any of you morons figured out what the lava joke was about, let me know. I didn’t get it, either.


24 thoughts on “#AttackWatch is a Hit on Twitter (With Updates)

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  3. One of the main jobs of the site is to collect eMail addresses; to bring new people into the fold. Every page has a “Join Attack Wire” box, that asks for ZIP code.

    Try to read the “Get the Facts” page while keeping a straight face.

    This is evidently part of the Democrats’ “Form the wagons in a circle” plan.


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  5. “He’s created (or *ahem* saved) eleventy million jobs! etc! etc!”
    That “ahem” was obviously meant to be disrespectful.
    Also, it was WAY more than eleventy million.
    And the use of “etc. etc.”—suggesting that our president was born in Siam? Hmmm?
    So I’m telling on you.


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  9. I’m turning myself in. Guilty of saying negative things about the…whatever he is. Actually, I’ve never said anything positive about him. Now what? Do I go to jail?


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