Obama Harvard Tape To Be Released On Hannity, Tonight

We might want to tune into Fox News, tonight.

The full Harvard tape Andrew Breitbart referred to at CPAC is going to debut, tonight on Hannity.

Big Government reports:

Earlier today, Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith announced on Twitter that video researcher Andrew Kaczynski had released “the mysterious Harvard/Obama/race video that the Breitbart folks have been talking about.”

Wow, I wonder how long they’ve had the video in their possession? One week? Two weeks? Four years? Gosh – It almost seems timed to steal  Breitbart’s thunder – as the Bigs were set to release the video in about a week.

Are we sure Journolist hasn’t reconstituted itself?

Breitbart.com’s Editor-in-Chief Joel Pollak reports that the video has been selectively edited–“either by the Boston television station or by Buzzfeed itself.”

Here’s the edited version:

The most impressive thing about that video is the fact that Obama was speaking extemporaneously – without a teleprompter.

Prof. Derrick Bell, the man Obama was lauding, is a radical academic tied to Jeremiah Wright.

Here is the Discover the Networks profile on Derrick Bell:

Derrick Bell is a professor at the New York University School of Law. Born in 1930, Bell may be considered the founder, or at least the godfather, of “Critical Race Theory,” an academic tradition in which race plays the same role as class in the Marxist paradigm. In the mid-1970s Bell was a pioneer in the field. He was not only angered by what he viewed as the slow progress of racial reform in the United States, but he also held that the gains brought about by the civil rights laws of the 1960s were being eroded in the 1970s.

Bell believed then, as he does to this day, that whites would support civil rights protections for blacks only if those protections would also promote white self-interest and social status. Since Bell maintains that racial minorities are a permanently oppressed caste — and that racism is a normal, permanent aspect of American life — he reasons that equality before the law is unfair to blacks, whose moral claims are superior to those of whites. He has endorsed a journal dedicated to the “abolition of whiteness,” called Race Traitor, whose motto is “Treason to the white race is loyalty to humanity.”

According to Professor Bell and his fellow Critical Race theorists, existing legal structures are, like American society at large, racist in their very construction. Critical Race Theory suggests that to combat this “institutional racism,” oppressed racial groups have both the right and the duty to decide for themselves, which laws are valid and are worth observing. Critical Race Theory also promotes the use of storytelling narratives in law-review articles to better reflect the “oral traditions” of black experience. Bell has used the technique of placing legal and social commentary into the mouths of invented characters extensively in his writings. While acknowledging that this “style of storytelling” is “less rigorous than the doctrine-laden, citation-heavy law review pieces,” he employs it nonetheless.

How is it that someone with such toxic views is allowed access to young minds?

A few of Professor Bell’s more notable quotes (all of them from his 1992 book Faces at the Bottom of the Well) on the subject of race include the following:

  • “Despite undeniable progress for many, no African Americans are insulated from incidents of racial discrimination. Our careers, even our lives, are threatened because of our color.”
  • “[T]he racism that made slavery feasible is far from dead . . . and the civil rights gains, so hard won, are being steadily eroded.”
  • “… few whites are ready to actively promote civil rights for blacks.”
  • “[D]iscrimination in the workplace is as vicious (if less obvious) than it was when employers posted signs ‘no negras need apply.'”
  • “We rise and fall less as a result of our efforts than in response to the needs of a white society that condemns all blacks to quasi citizenship as surely as it segregated our parents.”
  • “Slavery is, as an example of what white America has done, a constant reminder of what white America might do.”
  • “Black people will never gain full equality in this country. … African Americans must confront and conquer the otherwise deadening reality of our permanent subordinate status.”
  • “Tolerated in good times, despised when things go wrong, as a people we [blacks] are scapegoated and sacrificed as distraction or catalyst for compromise to facilitate resolution of political differences or relieve economic adversity.”

Joel Pollak and Ben Shapiro appeared on The Sean Hannity Show, this afternoon to discuss the tape.

The full tape will be released tonight on Fox News’ Hannity.


Breitbart TV: Obama’s Mentor: ‘We Hid This Throughout 2008 Campaign’:

“Open your hearts and open your minds to the words of Prof. Derrick Bell.” Those are the words of Barack Obama in reference to the controversial racialist Derrick Bell. Prof. Charles Ogletree, Barack Obama’s mentor said “We hid this throughout the 2008 campaign.” As more is uncovered about Prof. Derrick Bell and his radical views, it will become clear why Prof. Ogletree wanted this video hidden.

Big Journalism: Ben Smith on Obama Harvard Tapes: Nothing to See Here:

This is nothing more than the left-wing media attempting to get out in front of and define Breitbart’s story (though this isn’t the full story) through a controlled explosion before it’s fully told. Because what Ben Smith and the rest of Obama’s Palace Guards don’t want you to know is just who Derrick Bell, the man Barack Obama called “the Rosa Parks of legal education,” really is.


I was under the impression that the full tape would be released tonight, but it appears that Breitbart had set this up for a slow roll out. Naturally, lefties on Twitter are triumphantly calling tonight’s event a nothingburger – which is easy to do, if you’re not willing to examine the story – A future President of the United States on tape 20 years ago – raving about and embracing a radical professor who teaches a toxic form of Marxist racial theory that poisons young minds. His mentor, Harvard’s Charles Ogletree admitting that he kept the video hidden from the public in 2008, a protective instinct, we know he shares with most of the MSM –  and now Ben Smith of Buzzfeed – racing to get ahead of the story with a clumsily edited video (watch again at :23 – hello?!) in order to blunt the blow of Breitbart’s roll-out.


I was still confused, but am slowly figuring it out….Ben Shapiro over at Big Government explains that the footage of Obama hugging the professor was “spliced and diced by the media” in 2008 to avoid  exposing just how close Obama was to Bell.

It’s what Obama’s allies did not want you to see, and what Breitbart found, and aired, last night.

 And it is damaging, because Barack Obama was as close or closer to Derrick Bell than he ever was to Jeremiah Wright. Obama didn’t merely sit in the pews – or not — for Derrick Bell. He didn’t just hang out with Derrick Bell for prayers. He said:

“Open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell.”

There’s far more coming on Derrick Bell. This is just the beginning. And this video is a smoking gun showing that Barack Obama not only associated with radicals, he was their advocate.

With that missing clip, the video is, I believe, is complete.


The Blaze:Revealed: The Radical Racial Ideas of the Prof. Obama Raves About in New Harvard Video

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!

15 thoughts on “Obama Harvard Tape To Be Released On Hannity, Tonight

  1. I put 25 years in the Military before retiring. It never ceases to amaze me how this guy was never vetted while he was running. Not that numerous people weren’t screaming that he should’ve been. If any individual had just ONE of this guys “associates” tied to them, they would never get a security clearance. Just ONE, never mind the dozens of shady characters of marxists, socialist, radicals and anti Americans that this guy is tied too.

    I use to be amuzed, now I’m just amazed!


  2. 1991 Obama video aired in 2008
    3/7/12 4:23 PM EST

    The “racially themed” video of President Barack Obama as a 29-year-old Harvard law student that’s gone viral on the Web was broadcast as part of a PBS documentary on the future president nearly four years ago.

    On the eve of the groundbreaking 2008 presidential election, the Boston-based documentary program “Frontline” broadcast a program on Obama titled, “The Choice,” which featured a version of the same video: Obama introducing Derrick Bell, Harvard’s first African American tenured law professor, at a rally in solidarity with Bell and support of affirmative action in the law school’s admissions process. The video was part of an extended broadcast tracing Obama’s path from childhood in Hawaii and Indonesia to his election as the nation’s first black president.


  3. At first I didn’t see the big deal. Everybody and anybody that pays attention knows how radical Obama is and knows about and/or suspected radical associations all along. I’m guessing this was a small step to introduce to people that don’t pay attention the concept of what their President actually is and how he thinks. Secondly, perhaps, this was the first “nudge” for them to pay attention to the media and how they cover for him. I’m hoping there’s more coming.


  4. Not that important, but what was with the (future dweeb-marxist in chief) constantly sticking his hand back in his pants pocket in between each gesture ? It was distracting and I wanted to smack him.


  5. Yes, yes – we’ve all heard about the Frontline thing. They had a “version” of the video. The bigs have the whole thing. And no one in the media at the time bothered to point out his professor’s noxious views about whites – he believed we’re all racists etc – No one heard the fact that he was a huge Farrakhan fan.
    I was paying close attention to everything about Obama in 2008 – I never heard anything about his relationship with the radical professor.


  6. On our side, we’ve all heard that Obama “sought out radical professors” when in college; the morons who voted for him last time heard it, too, but they thought “radical” meant someone who was just for bigger government, not totalitarian government.

    Maybe this will help, but the Republicans (are you listening, Mr. Santorum?) need to focus on the economy, jobs, real inflation (what with gas and food prices included, real inflation is between 6% and 8%) and the lower quality of life in our country as a direct result of four years of Democrat intervention. Social issues are nice and important, but until people understand Obama’s real record they will not vote against him, at least in the numbers we need to cleanse this country of his and the Democraps’ stench.


  7. Carlos – I think we need to focus on Obama’s record in office, but also focus on who he is – do the vetting the MSM refuses to do – because it helps explain why he does what he does.
    Otherwise, he can ridicule Fox News’ Ed Henry for asking a question about Obama’s plan to raise energy prices. “Would a President do that during an election year?”
    Yes, yes he would. He said he would, and that’s what he’s doing. Because he’s a radical Marxist who wants to force people into using green energy and who doesn’t care if that amounts a lower quality of life for all Americans.
    People will believe the lies until they understand just who the hell he is.


  8. I am not sure retroactive ‘vetting’ Obama is going to reap any benefit. Several weeks ago, Deb, I recall you published a rather long list of Obama’s questionable (dare I say impeachable) acts during his first three years in office. I think those acts make a stronger case for identifying who and what Obama is – than anything he might have said or done before taking office.
    Rather than playing Romney’s game of dirt-bag campaigning, all of the republican candidates should be constantly talking about exactly what Obama has been doing to the country – again referring back to the well drafted list you provided.
    Conservatives need to stop playing defense and go after the scum-in-chief rather than each other.


  9. The problem with simply attacking him on his record, without defining who he is, is that Obama is a consummate liar. And he deflects blame. And he has the MSM in his corner.
    After everything he’s done – he still has a fairly high personal approval rating because the American people want to believe that he means well.
    He doesn’t. They really have to know his background to understand that.


  10. I see nothing in this tape that would have stopped a true blue democrat from voting for him; even in the primary. They believe all the victimhood crap and don’t look at marxism the same way you and I do. But I do think that the independents (who decide elections) would have given more pause had they seen this in it’s entirety. But, like you said, people don’t fully understand that marxism is alive and well in this country. They think that all died with the Soviet Union.

    It is going to be a long and slow slog to get many to realize this.


  11. Pingback: Sean Hannity Says “Colored People” Repeatedly | GoodOleWoody's Blog

  12. ND – I think it is counterproductive to close the barn door now. The pig escaped the pen 3-1/2 years ago.

    I do, however, strongly believe that identifying this man through his actions and record (yes, amazingly enough after 18 years in public office he’s now got a record he can’t hide) is a good thing, and should be exploited to its fullest.

    I just don’t want some independents/conservative Democrats put off by constantly bringing up his past. You know how tired you are of hearing the Republican candidates tearing each other up? The same will happen if conservatives have a “new” revelation every day or week between now and November. And remember, most of this stuff has already been told or intimated. It’s old news, except to we that hate this blasphemy of a presidency.

    Point out what he’s done, how it has affected every Joe Nobody and Jill Everybody in the country, and move on to the next disgusting criminal thing he’s done or promoted. I fear we will have a hard time getting excited for our candidate, whomever that is, but the next best thing will be to generate anger over theirs.


  13. Carlos – ask your next door neighbor, or the checkout clerk at the grocery store who Derrick Bell is. Hell, ask them who Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers are.
    People like us – who pay close attention every single day – are not the norm. The key to getting winning the propaganda war is reaching those people.
    Again – why it matters – Obama’s not just some nice, clean, articulate black man who is in over his head. If we allow that to stand, then he gets the sympathy vote. He’s trying!
    He’s trying all right. It’s just not what most Americans would consider the right thing for the country. Why is that? Why would we say such awful things about our young, historic President who’s trying so hard, and getting nothing but crap from the Republicans – –You gotta look at his background to understand what he’s all about.
    I think his background is KEY.

    The RNC and Mitt Romney agree with you, though.


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