New Ben Howe Video: Two Paths

” There are two paths! There are two paths! Anyone that’s willing to stand next to me in the fight against the progressive left, I will be in that bunker…and if you’re not in that bunker because you’re not satisfied with this candidate – more than shame on you – you’re on the other side.”

I watched the late, great Andrew Breitbart give this admonishment to fellow conservatives at CPAC 2012, last February. And I couldn’t have agreed more – in fact I may have let out a little whoop!

The purpose of this excellent Ben Howe video is back up our beloved “conservative Pied Piper” by reminding us what that other side is all about:


And no – the musical choice, (The Immigrant Song) is not meant to be a “birther dog whistle”, people. Come on, now!


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