Election Night Results

Image via Politico

No surprises as of 7:00 pm central time.

Kentucky, SC, Georgia, OK, Miss, WV, TN, AL and Indiana have been called for Romney and Vermont has been called for Obama. Avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders has won his race there, as well.

Obama has also  won MA, NJ, IL, RI, DC, NY.

CAC at The Ace of Spades decision desk is tabulating results and posting them here as soon as he is  confident a state will break one way or another. He’s looking at either from exit poll data and initial returns or the raw data trickling in before he calls the state.

Called states in the Senate and President race will be colored in solid, and their electoral votes will then be allocated to the winner.

What to watch out for:
Two big things.
Ohio’s early vote and absentees are going to go online first, per the Secretary of State. Since this bloc favors Obama tremendously, don’t croak if Obama comes out of the gate in the Buckeye with a large lead. Truth be told, Strickland seemed to be putting on a fight in 2010, but lost narrowly after all the exurban and rural votes came in.

That brings me to the second thing, Pennsylvania. If the state goes to Romney, it won’t be obvious for a very long time. In 2010, Toomey trailed for much of the evening as the Philadelphia and Allegheny numbers flooded in, only to be eaten away by the central and suburban county votes. The same is likely to happen tonight as well.

So far, Virginia is looking good for Romney. North Carolina was leaning Romney but the state has been riddled with Democrat voter shenanigans, and as it stands at 7:20 central – it’s looking good for Obama.

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Fox News Election results, here.

Ohio is giving me a stomach ache.

7:20: CAC has called Missouri for Romney – no surprise, there.

Ace: Romney Wins Tennessee; No Call Yet On Any Of the Tightly Contested States
Karl Rove Thinks FL, VA, and Even OH Look Strong for Romney

7:50: AR called for Romney.

North Carolina’s looking much better for Romney – VA continues to look good.

FL is neck and neck – Obama slightly ahead.

8:00: Romney takes TX, ND, SD, Nebraska, WY and KS called for Romney. Michigan has been called for Obama.

8:15: Heartache – PA called for Obama.

A snapshot of Missouri races as of 8:15 pm central:

President, Vice President (42 of 3394 Precincts Reported)
Barack Obama, Joe Biden Democrat 12,565 37.7%
Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan Republican 20,135 60.4%
Gary Johnson, James P. Gray Libertarian 522 1.6%
Virgil Goode, Jim Clymer Constitution 105 0.3%
Total Votes 33,327
Office / Candidate Name Party Votes % of Votes
U. S. Senator (42 of 3387 Precincts Reported)
Claire McCaskill Democrat 16,399 49.9%
Todd Akin Republican 14,318 43.5%
Jonathan Dine Libertarian 2,178 6.6%
William Dean Write-in 0 0.0%
Bernard J. (Spark) Duraski, Jr. Write-in 0 0.0%
Bernie Mowinski Write-in 0 0.0%
Charlie L. Bailey Write-in 0 0.0%
Arnie C. (AC) Dienoff Write-in 0 0.0%
Ted Kimzey Write-in 0 0.0%
Total Votes 32,895
Office / Candidate Name Party Votes % of Votes
Governor (42 of 3380 Precincts Reported)
Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon Democrat 16,798 50.9%
David (Dave) Spence Republican 15,226 46.1%
Jim Higgins Libertarian 1,002 3.0%
Leonard Steinman Write-in 0 0.0%
Ronald E. Levy Write-in 0 0.0%
Total Votes 33,026
Office / Candidate Name Party Votes % of Votes
Lt. Governor (42 of 3380 Precincts Reported)
Susan Montee Democrat 13,976 43.0%
Peter Kinder Republican 17,000 52.2%
Matthew Copple Libertarian 950 2.9%
Cynthia L. Davis Constitution 614 1.9%
Charles R. Jackson Write-in 0 0.0%
Total Votes 32,540
Office / Candidate Name Party Votes % of Votes
Secretary of State (42 of 3380 Precincts Reported)
Jason Kander Democrat 14,165 44.1%
Shane Schoeller Republican 16,638 51.8%
Cisse W. Spragins Libertarian 925 2.9%
Justin Harter Constitution 379 1.2%
Total Votes 32,107
Office / Candidate Name Party Votes % of Votes
Treasurer (42 of 3380 Precincts Reported)
Clint Zweifel Democrat 14,505 45.5%
Cole McNary Republican 15,971 50.1%
Sean O’Toole Libertarian 1,434 4.5%
Total Votes 31,910
Office / Candidate Name Party Votes % of Votes
Attorney General (42 of 3380 Precincts Reported)
Chris Koster Democrat 16,847 52.3%
Ed Martin Republican 14,173 44.0%
Dave Browning Libertarian 1,209 3.8%

U.S. Representative – District 5 (1 of 387 Precincts Reported)
Emanuel Cleaver II Democrat 1,248 52.1%
Jacob Turk Republican 1,084 45.2%
Randall (Randy) Langkraehr Libertarian 65 2.7%
Andrew Thomas Write-in 0 0.0%
Andrew Feagle Write-in 0 0.0%

9:00 pm central:

Ace:Was Wisconsin Called Too Soon?

Both CAC and now Patrick Ruffini are talking about strong numbers for Romney/Ryan there.

Just throwing that out there. The Decision Desk is keeping Wisconsin uncalled.

I was thinking the same thing.

ALSO: Some Good News: Both Romney and Obama Camps Expect Romney to Carry Florida

So, there’s that.

And I think we’ll carry VA and NC, too.

Turk has taken the lead in Dist. 5  MO:

U.S. Representative – District 5 (29 of 387 Precincts Reported)
Emanuel Cleaver II Democrat 12,943 46.3%
Jacob Turk Republican 14,031 50.2%

9:30: Turk still leading 49% – 47%

9:48: a big change- Jackson County must have come in:

Emanuel Cleaver II Democrat 83,554 65.8%
Jacob Turk Republican 39,910 31.4%

Ohio has been called for Obama, but Carl Rove is disputing it.

Still, it looks like Obama has won reelection with a combination of voter fraud, campaign finance fraud, disenfranchisement of the military vote and a hopelessly obtuse electorate.


We really are screwed. We’re going to go straight downhill – Obama has no solutions to our problems. Everything he does makes things worse. He’s hopelessly corrupt – he has no compunction about lying to our faces on a daily bases – we have to put up with another four years of that? The constant lies – the corruption – the wanton destruction of the US economy while they spend exorbitant amounts of taxpayer money on their own expensive vacations? What do we have to look forward to?: A blizzard of new regulations to finish off the coal industry, ObamaCare, taxagedden, the corrupt DOJ, Obama’s next Supreme Court picks, and a continued assault on religious liberties – Oh my God.

Message transmitted to Vladamir: Obama can be “flexible”, now.

God help us.

Does blue state America understand what they have done?

Stanley Kurtz: Get Ready for Obama’s First Term:

The fact that Obama has only very narrowly secured reelection–unusual, since reelected presidents normally expand their initial electoral margins–might seem to contradict this high-conflict scenario. You can certainly argue that a barely-reelected president would be smart to pull in his horns and govern from the middle. Yet that’s not who Barack Obama is, and it’s certainly not the premise upon which he ran his campaign. Obama took the intentionally risky path of alienating half the country with an in-your-face negative campaign because he believed that demographics now allow him to cobble together a leftist majority in support of transformative change. Whether that demographic vision is valid or not, Obama and his advisors believe that it is, and so will govern with relative disregard for opposition, however vocal.

The reelection of a Republican House of Representatives might also seem to have a moderating impact on the president, and to a limited degree it does. Yet Obama has cast aside conventional restraints on executive power with his pre-election orders on welfare reform and immigration. He will thus interpret reelection as a license to rule by executive order–well beyond the traditional limits on executive power. In the absence of intense populist pressure on a Congress facing another Tea Party electoral wave in 2014, it will be impossible to prevent Obama from abusing his executive authority.

Even the conventional post-election honeymoon period may be short-lived. A huge controversy over the fiscal cliff looms in the lame-duck session of Congress. Obama has predicted that in the wake of his reelection, the Republican “fever” will break. Given the stakes, his conduct of this campaign, and Obama’s evident transformative intentions, a bitter showdown is more probable.

The long and short of it is that President Obama has won reelection, but in a way likely to propel national polarization well beyond its current level. By delaying his most controversial policy changes to a second term, laying the basis for (arguably unconstitutional) rule by executive order, and running a negative campaign designed to realign the electorate leftward, Obama has laid the foundation for a high-conflict future. What’s more, he knows it, and he’s ready for it. Obama is willing to pay the price of national division for the sake of making the transformative changes he seeks. So a massive increase in polarization is exactly what we’re likely to get.

To put it another way, because the public has never truly seen the changes he’s enacted put into practice, Obama has an exceedingly tenuous mandate. But he doesn’t care. All Obama wants to do is to squeak by, after which he plans to depend on shifting demographics to cement his sweeping transformation in place. The question is, have Americans really changed as much as Obama thinks, or will the actual arrival of his long-delayed first term agenda in his second term set off a populist movement that brings his plans to a halt?

An important update from Moe Lane at Red State:

“There is a lot of ruin in a country.” And despair is a sin.

I repeat: despair is a sin.  The worst of them.


8 thoughts on “Election Night Results

  1. Pingback: Election Results Open Thread | The Lonely Conservative

  2. FNC just called Ohio for Duh-1, effectively giving the election to the Pretender-in-Chief.

    Several thoughts come to mind, but the two that stand out to me are that 1) we will never find out who Obhammud really is and has been as a student (secondary, college and post-grad), and Democrats have effectively accomplished their dream of making enough people dependent upon the largess of big government (through both entitlement programs and government employment) that the country our Founding Fathers envisioned will never be again.

    Thanks, NY, CA, OH, MI, MN and all the rest of you government-teat states. It’s too bad you don’t have any self-respect, that you can’t see the stranglehold those chains of enslavement have on you, because now you’ve forced the rest of us into those slavery chains, too.


  3. Romney’s within 2,000 of Obama in Ohio now with several thousand counties left to go. They called that state remarkably early.


  4. Go to CBS full coverage there they have the numbers for the states. As of now: Midnight Eastern Time Romney is UP in Ohio!


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