At What Point Will America Have Had Enough Of Obama’s Constant Lying?

At what point is this country going to have had enough of this  shameless,  inveterate liar? He had to lie continually in 2008 in order to get elected, and he’s been a non stop geyser gushing lies, ever since.

Geoffrey L. Hunter of the American Thinker, wrote, “Lying has many shades; Obama has perfected the bald-faced type, the most jarring, with a repetition that files down the senses, grinds away at outrage.”

Obama is an incontinent bladder of lies, deceptions, and red herrings gushing virtually non-stop whether in press conferences, campaign speeches, the State of the Union addresses, or remarks to foreign dignitaries.

 Obama’s catalog of lies is truly astonishing:

Obama’s lying about the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United , about Al Qaeda “on the run,” about “deficits shrinking,” about Republicans initiating sequestration, about the Benghazi attacks incited by a video, about “you can keep your health plan and your doctor,”  about private sales of hand guns, and the latest about “we believe in the free market; we believe in a light touch when it comes to regulations,” is more than political rhetoric or partisan posturing.  Lying is a way of life; truth seems untouchable, toxic, red hot radioactive to Obama and his minions.

lying obama

Obama’s lies from the past year have been particularly galling.

He’s maintained from Sept 12 to the present:  ‘We Will Hunt Down’ People Who Attacked Benghazi Consulate. On October 26, for instance, he told Kyle Clark of KUSA in Denver:

…the minute I found out what was going on I gave three very clear directives. Number one, make sure we are securing our personnel and that we are doing whatever we need to. Number two, we are going to investigate exactly what happened and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Number three, find out who did this so we can bring them to justice.


TRUTH: Yeah, no. Personnel weren’t secured when they could have been, their investigation was a joke – the sham “Accountability Review Board”  didn’t even interview Hillary Clinton, and Whistleblowers are afraid to come forward lest they face retribution of the sort Greg Hicks had to endure. Back in May, Obama blasted the congressional probe as a “political circus,” a “side show” and said there’s “no there, there.”  That’s how much he wants to “investigate exactly what happened.”  Needless to say, no one from the Regime has hunted down anyone in Benghazi, and the killers remain free. But the creator of the  YouTube video, remains in jail.

benghazi lies

May 13, 2013: Obama Condemns IRS Targeting Conservative Groups: ‘This Is Outrageous’ And ‘I Will Not Tolerate It’:

During a press conference in the White House on Monday, President Barack Obama was asked about reports that the Internal Revenue Service targeted conservative groups for added scrutiny over the course of the last two years. The president condemned the actions of members of the IRS who enforced federal tax laws in a partisan fashion. “I’ve got no patience with it,” Obama said. “I will not tolerate it.” “I first learned about this from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this,” Obama began. “This is pretty straightforward. If, in fact, IRS personnel engaged in the kind of practices that have been reported on and were intentionally targeting conservative groups, then that’s outrageous.” “And they have to be held fully accountable, because the IRS as an independent agency requires absolute integrity and people have to have confidence that they’re applying it in a nonpartisan way – applying the laws in a nonpartisan way,” Obama continued.

Journalists reported that with a straight face. I kid you not.


TRUTH: The White House has been desperately trying to spin this into a bipartisan problem in which progressives were targeted, too. Meanwhile,  IRS officials who were in charge while the abuses were happening, have been given bonuses and/or promotions. The one guy Obama supposedly “fired” was scheduled to leave in June, anyway. And he replaced him with another Regime stooge.

June 7, 2013: Obama: Obamacare has already resulted in ‘Lower Rates’ in California.

Speaking in San Jose on Friday, the president heralded California’s implementation of his signature legislative accomplishment, which has resulted in an insurance marketplace that’s offering rates lower than anyone expected.


TRUTH: Obamacare will raise the cost of health insurance policies in California by a “staggering 64% to 146%.”

June 26, 2013: Obama: I won’t make churches conduct gay marriages:

President Obama, in his statement hailing the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, promised that he wouldn’t try to force religious institutions to conduct gay marriages. “On an issue as sensitive as this, knowing that Americans hold a wide range of views based on deeply held beliefs, maintaining our nation’s commitment to religious freedom is also vital,” Obama said. “How religious institutions define and consecrate marriage has always been up to those institutions.  Nothing about this decision — which applies only to civil marriages — changes that.”


TRUTH: He knows the attacks on the Church will happen via the courts. And he will fan the flames, himself.

June 27, 2013, Obama Says He Won’t ‘Wheel and Deal’ for Snowden –

Mr. Obama said he hasn’t called Russian President Vladimir Putin or Chinese President Xi Jinping concerning Mr. Snowden, who has been charged by U.S. authorities with stealing and passing on government secrets. “I shouldn’t have to,” Mr. Obama said. “This is something that is routine.” He said he was reluctant to have the case elevated “to the point where I’ve got to start doing wheeling and dealing and trading on a whole host of other issues.”

Members of German Piraten Partei (Pirates party) hold the portraits of U.S. President Obama and Snowden, a former contractor at the National Security Agency (NSA),  during a protest in Berlin's Tiergarten district

But he might ask his Vice President to do some “wheeling and dealing”Biden Asks Ecuador to Turn Down Asylum for Edward Snowden …

The Friday phone call between Correa and Biden – it’s the highest-level conversation between the U.S. and Ecuador to be disclosed since Snowden began seeking asylum – added to the confusion about Snowden’s status. Facing espionage charges in the U.S., Snowden is believed to be holed up in a Moscow airport’s transit zone and seeking safe passage to Ecuador, the country seen as likeliest to shelter America’s most wanted fugitive.

June 29, 2013: Obama: I’m Not Spying On You.


“The American people don’t have a Big Brother who is snooping into their business,” he said, amplifying his answer to a question about the hunt for a national security leaker. “I’m confident of that. But I want to make sure everybody is confident of that.”

TRUTH: Yeah, guess what.. I don’t believe him.

What kind of chump believes a single thing this guy says at this point? Obama had exposed himself as a ridiculous, pathological liar by the beginning of the 2008 election season to anyone who was paying close attention. I finally had to give up my own effort to tabulate the daily lies coming from Obama and his campaign because it became too much of a drag on my time. Keeping up with Zero’s lies is a full time job. Not that there aren’t some industrious souls out there doing the hard work the media refuses to do.

Now, even Obama’s most faithful drones can’t help but notice the guy tells about 5 whoppers a day, but they’ll defend him to the bitter end. All politicians lie, right?  They’re happy to embrace  Obama’s culture of deceit as long as it leads us ever closer to the final transformation they dream about – the Utopia  that is in reality a dystopia,  but the drones will be the last ones to figure it out. The rest of us, are being dragged kicking and screaming into the dark,  Islam-friendly, virulently anti-Christian, collectivist,  totalitarian hell-state Obama seems to want to take us.

Allen West said on his Facebook page, Sunday:

Obama said he would fundamentally transform America. The time draws near to teach this usurper and charlatan the lesson our forefathers taught King George III. We will not be ruled by arrogance and edict.


Meanwhile in Egypt: Video Of Uniformed Egyptian Police, Joining Protests Against Morsi, Calling For A Military Coup.


50 thoughts on “At What Point Will America Have Had Enough Of Obama’s Constant Lying?

  1. Americans like to be lied to. We, as a society, would rather not face the facts of where this country is heading. If that were not true we would be demanding something be done about both the debt and entitlement spending.


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  3. The question is this: When will Congress get fed up? Congress has the responsibility, authority and power to stop him, and they don’t. I’m tired of being told that I should write more, speak more, think more, argue more and yell louder. I’m exhausted. I refuse to accept the premise that I should be still more fed up. I’m fed up to the max.


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  6. I agree with Sharon,I’ve been calling Sen.& Reps,E-mailing,signing petitions,attending rallies,nobody listens.It’s time for actions.Trials and executions are the only answer!


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  10. The Guardians revealed a FISA that said Michael Jackson molested 14 boys according to the FBI. The stupid obomba voters still worship the skin bleaching, White, African-American King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He just loved to sleep in the same bed with small, under-aged boys. They will never stop praying to their idol, Michael Jackson and obomba.


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  12. I don’t know if a majority American people will ever get to the point of no return and have had enough of this guy. I certainly don’t think that the Congress will ever get to that point, as evidenced by their inaction thus far. These clowns don’t have the cajones to impeach him. obozo is openly defying them and shredding the Constitution daring them to stop him and they haven’t so far, so I don’t see it happening. They will not allow history to record them as impeaching the first [actually the second] black U.S. President to ever hold office and he fully realizes it.

    This guy has a uncanny ability of standing around and having IED’s going off all around him, and walk away untouched. If you don’t like his position on something, wait five minutes [refer to DOMA or Bush policies]. Then again the entire dimoCrap party has had the ability of being on the wrong side of history and co-opting a issue to their advantage [refer to Slavery, Civil Rights].


  13. Speaking of the wrong side of history, and co-opting our issues – Turning Obama’s war against religion into a war against women is a particularly egregious example – and the drones fell for it, too.


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  17. Creeper- You are right. That has to be the explanation for the fact that King Obummer has usurped Congress’ constitutional duties and gotten away with it. I would like to know how to get rid of/put strict limitations on the “executive privilege” , “recess appointments” and other end-arounds that have been grossly abused.


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  20. Uh oh, did somebody’s comment just go bye-bye?
    That’s just too damn bad, isn’t it?
    Should have tried posting your pro-Obama agitprop before I imposed my 0 tolerance rule for Obama drones and apologists. You’re either knowingly lying, or a pathetic low info drone – either way, I have no time or patience for you.


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