Judge Jeanine Unloads On Dirty Harry Reid: “Make My Day” (Video)

Judge Jeanine Pirro lowered the boom on  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid during  her opening statement on her show, Saturday night with new allegations of his involvement with the BLM’s attempted land-grab of the Bundy ranch.

“Reid labeled opponents of his federal land-grab, ‘DOMESTIC TERRORISTS'”,  she noted. “This, after calling terminally ill cancer patients who say that they’ve lost their doctors – LIARS, and calling a prominent family that builds hospital wings, schools, and gives away hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity – UNAMERICAN.”

Since Harry Reid likes name-calling so much, Pirro decided it would be fair to turn the table and suggest a nickname for him – “DIRTY HARRY.”

“The story I’m about to tell you starts with Dirty Harry’s longtime senior aide – his puppet on a string with virtually no experience at the Bureau of Land Management, who now runs it,” she began.

She wondered aloud if the federal land grabs are about protecting endangered species – or are they about something more sinister.

“For years, Dirty Harry introduced bills transferring federal lands to county commissioners to sell to profiteers selling homes and shopping malls – not giving a DAMN about the tortoises – routinely killing them – all sanctioned by BLM. Now fast forward – a new-found concern for the tortoise! How dare the cattle graze where the tortoise should roam. The BLM, with no police authority, come in like military paratroopers — to move some cows??? You need snipers to move cows, Harry?” Pirro asked.

Insisting that Harry was pulling the BLM’s strings, she continued, “then somehow – miraculously – you back-off because of – quote – “safety reasons.” So Harry? Why did your guys show up, armed to the teeth like they’re about to fight al Qaeda – if you were so concerned about safety?”

Was it just a coincidence that BLM backed off just as news of Dirty Harry’s dirty dealings with Chinese magnate Wang Yusuo, and his plans for a massive solar energy project in southern Nevada came out? Pirro doesn’t think so…

She noted that the BLM posted on their website that the designation mitigation area chosen for the desert tortoise had Bundy’s cattle on it.

“At first blush, everyone said,  ‘no this land grab has nothing to do with harry’s solar energy plan because that was going to be 50 miles away. But folks, it has everything to do with the land grab. The land where the cattle grazed was the mitigation area that BLM posted so that the solar power project over there could move forward.”

“Dirty Harry’s arrogance, his condescension and his name calling is only surpassed by his chutzpah”, Pirro declared.

She had on a Texas land owner from the disputed area that the BLM has set its sights on.


21st Century Wire: An American Oligarch: Senator Harry Reid’s BLM Land Scams, Bribes, Mafia Links and Bloodlines:

Former Nevada Gaming Comissioner, now Democratic Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, appears to have made a lucrative career out of ‘gaming’ the political system, seemingly for his own personal gain. His role in the siege at Cliven Bundy’s ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada, has only started to unfold, revealing highly questionable connections to the Chinese energy corporation ENN, through its Nevada counterpart ENN Mojave Energy. The land deal was reportedly a steal for Chinese business investors, who were set to receive a sweetheart deal of 87 percent discount for the shadowy land purchase.
Reid has also maintained a longstanding history with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Nevada, a corporate division of the US Department of Interior. The BLM oversees public land acting as a manager for the United States government and Reid and his crony associates have been caught distorting laws for development projects across the state of Nevada for many years, abusing environmental protection clauses to ‘fast track’ unsavory land deals. Reid worked behind the scenes with BLM to change the boundaries of the desert tortoise’s habitat to accommodate the planned development of a top financial donor, Harvey Whittemore.

Attorney Jonathan Emmord explains, “The desert tortoise is only a justification against development of those who are not politically connected to Reid. Whittemore gave Reid and Reid’s Political Action Committee $45,000. If Cliven Bundy were a Reid financial backer, his fate might well be different, but he is not. Bundy opposes Reid.”

For self-appointed oligarchs, it’s always important to keep the money in the family, and if one member of the family controls the political strings, then it’s a fairly straight forward operation. Harry Reid, the highest ranking Democratic Senator, is said to have been busy brokering a $5 Billion dollar deal to secure a solar farm site in Laughlin, Nevada – through his son Rory Reid, a shareholder and attorney at Lionel Sawyer & Collins, heading the law firm’s Gaming and Regulatory Law Department.

Emmord adds here, “Reid has been one of the project’s most prominent advocates, helping recruit the company during a 2011 trip to China and applying his political muscle on behalf of the project.”

Chinese magnate Wang Yusuo, with an estimated net worth of $2.2 billion, owns ENN Group. In 2011 Reid ventured to ENN’s headquarters in Langfang, China, to tour the company and then worked to get this enormous company favored by the Chinese Communist government to take on development of a massive solar energy project in southern Nevada that would endeavor to supply California with 30% of its energy needs. Wang spoke at Reid’s Fourth Annual National Clean Energy Summit last year.”

This cozy little set-up violates all fundamental ethics regarding an elected official’s conflict of interest code, but these days in Washington DC, guilt-free corruption has become the norm, as Senators spend most their quality time lining theirs and their family’s pockets while in office – with the US taxpayer covering all of their ‘business overheads’.

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