Speaker Boehner on IRS Scandal: ‘I Want to Know, Who’s Going To Jail’ (Video)

House  Speaker John Boehner made a rare appearance on Fox News’  Kelly File with Megyn Kelly, Monday night to talk about the upcoming votes pertaining to former director of IRS exempt organizations, Lois Lerner. The House Ways and Means Committee  will vote Wednesday on whether to refer Lerner to the Department of Justice (DOJ) on criminal charges. And the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will meet  Thursday to discuss holding Lerner in contempt for stonewalling Chairman Rep. Issa’s investigation.

Boehner hinted at what is in Lois Lerner’s near future by reminding viewers of what he said back in May of 2013, “I don’t care who’s going to be fired, I want to know who’s going to jail.”

We are getting closer that resolution.

When Megyn Kelly asked if there are any others at the IRS besides Lerner who will be referred to the Justice Dept, Boehner answered, “I think we’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see.”

A surprised Kelly, said, “Really?! Is it your information that it’s not just Lois?”

Boehner repeated, “I think we’ll have to wait and see on Wednesday.”

Kelly asked “what confidence can the American people have that there will be any end” to the Regime’s continual stonewalling on the scandals? Boehner answered, “the American people have a right to know what happened with Fast and Furious, what happened at the IRS, what happened at Benghazi, and there’s no one more serious about getting to the bottom of this, than I am.”

Kelly then asked a question on a lot of conservative minds, “but your detractors say – you mentioned Benghazi – if you’re so serious about getting to the bottom of that, why not appoint a select committee where it’s just one sort of clearing house for information because you’ve got 190 members of the House who are in favor of a Select Committee and you are overruling or ignoring the will of your own majority.”

Boehner said, ” there are four committees that are investigating Benghazi. Four Americans were killed – their families have a right to know what happened. And there’s nobody, NOBODY more determined to get to the truth than I am. These committees all have subpoena power, and at this point in time I see no reason to break up all the work that’s been done, and take months and months and months to create some Select Committee.”

He went on to say, “at some point it may be required. At this point it’s not.” Chairman Issa, who is also not currently for a Select Committee,  has made the same argument.

Kelly went on to ask the Speaker about immigration reform – the whole subject of which bores me at this point.

Look, I know we call them “the Stupid Party” – but they’re not THAT stupid. The GOP is not going to pass any kind of immigration bill with Obama as president, knowing that he will won’t enforce the law as written. People can stop hyperventilating about that.

“They were running”: Hundreds of Moore, OK Residents Run Westboro Freaks Out of Town

moore ok

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church  were in Moore, Oklahoma, Sunday, to spread the message that a vengeful God sent the tornado that devastated the town nearly a year ago. Westboro had a permit to picket the  junior high school that has been housing the elementary school students whose school was destroyed.  24 people died in that tornado, including 9 children, 7 of them at the elementary school.

Hundreds of Moore residents lined the street across from Junior high, ready to confront the WBC clan, and some crossed the street to go after them.

Amanda Eccles said, “It’s just sic kening. You know, it’s just innocent kids that lost lives and it’s sickening for them to even think that way.”

Kristy Hensley said, “They’re judging us because they think that, you know, we deserve what we got you know. But you know, their judgement day will come.”

Westboro’s permit to picket was for half an hour.

They had been there a mere eight minutes when several people took matters into their own hands.

Dan Eccles said, “I was afraid of a riot really. I didn’t know how long Westboro would stay, which they were smart to leave.”

Police held the Moore residents at bay while the Westboro bunch fled the scene.

Dan Eccles said, “They shagged tail, got in them cars and was leaving in a hurry. Oh yeah, they was gone!”

Tina Johnson said, “I thought it was hilarious. I mean I really did. We sat there and laughed the whole time. They were running, yeah.”

Amanda Eccles, no doubt spoke for many when she said,  “I think it’s just impressive how Moore comes together as a family and stands for their town.”

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers

Rush: Liberal Fascism Is Working (Audio)

Rush Limbaugh started off his show, Monday, analyzing the Mozilla controversy, and how we’ve come to a point in this country where people are afraid to espouse mainstream opinions.   He said, “there’s just a whole lot of bullying going on out there in the midst of an anti-bullying movement.  The real bullies are claiming victim status. They are the ones being bullied while they do the bullying, and they shut everybody up, or most people.”  And the chilling fact that the bullying is coming from the top.

Ten years ago… Maybe not even that long ago. Six years ago, the polling data on gay marriage was different. You could hardly find a significant percentage of people who were for it. Now five/six years later, the polling data has done an amazing reversal, something like — if I remember this right, and I don’t have this in front of me. There was voluminous stuff I read over the weekend.

I think 60% of the country now favors gay marriage. Now, do you think…? I’ll just ask a question. It’s an open-ended question. I just want you to think about this: Has there really been a 50 to 60% shift in active support for gay marriage? Well, I’m just asking. People are saying it. I’m not challenging the polling data. Now, don’t misunderstand. I’m not challenging the data.

I’m accepting the data at 60% support gay marriage and in 10 years it’s gone from 50% to 60%. I’m accepting the polling data. Well, I can draw can you an analogy, I think, in perhaps answering this. How many people voted for Barack Obama ’cause they really supported what he intended to do, versus how many people were afraid not to? I think what’s happening here is fascism equals intimidation, and the intimidation is working.

You know as well as I that people are scared to death to tell you what they really think. The left has politicized everything — everything — to the point that people are afraid to go against what they know to be political correctness, which is nothing more than liberal fascism, nothing more than censorship or what have you. They’re afraid to speak up against it.

They see what happens to people who speak up against it.  They see it. Brendan Eich’s just the latest example.  They see what happens to Dan Cathy.  We had a woman call here. “I didn’t want to tell a pollster I didn’t like Obama. No way! I don’t want to get involved in anything controversial.”  Most people don’t.  I don’t think that most people really believe that David Koch is filled with hatred or that I am or anybody else.

But they’re afraid to say they don’t believe it, and low-information people buy it. There are some people that do. They’ve been successful with the low-information crowd creating this notion, but there’s just a whole lot of bullying going on out there in the midst of an anti-bullying movement.  The real bullies are claiming victim status. They are the ones being bullied while they do the bullying, and they shut everybody up, or most people.

Video via Daily Rushbo

The good news is, Mozilla is  Reaping a Whirlwind Of Disapproval even as it clams up in the face of criticism….

Mozilla experienced an extremely high level of negative customer feedback on Friday the day after they forced Brendan Eich to hit the bricks.  On Friday, the feedback showed 94% of respondents were “sad” verses 6% “happy.” As of this writing, it’s 91% “sad” verses 9% happy.

The comments on the Mozilla webpage are blistering: “Now that you have had time to think this over, do you continue to believe that a company committed to tolerance and diversity should fire people who make private political contributions you disagree with?” one sad face asked.

People are uninstalling Firefox in droves. You can register your approval or disapproval here, and commenthere.

 The results, thus far, indicate that even people who support gay marriage, are appalled by Mozilla’s fascist impulses. As the Chick-Fil-A dust-up proved a couple of years ago – when the gay mafia starts pushing too hard, the silent majority pushes back harder.
Today, negative reactions at Firefox have already crashed through Friday’s record. They are on target to have well over 10,000 negative feedbacks.
John Hayward, the Conversation: ‘Shut up,’ Mozilla explained:

Nothing says “wide diversity of views” and “culture of openness” quite like nailing boards over the window to the company press office while thousands of disgusted users uninstall its products!  You’d think our champions of tolerance would beeager to discuss the wonderful thing they just did.  Come on, guys, polish up those jackboots and give us a victory parade!  Brendan Eich even co-authored a book you could burn at the climax of your frenzied celebration.

You’re quite right to call that blog post from Mitchell Baker “Orwellian,” although it probably seems less bizarre to her fellow fascists and useful idiots.  Totalitarians are always eager to steal the language of freedom.  That’s why “tolerance” now means blacklists, and “diversity” means conformity.  At the far end of that ideological crime spree lie “democratic elections” in which the dear leadership wins 100 percent of the vote, with 105 percent of precincts reporting.

There’s been some talk in these quarters about Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s McCutcheon dissent, in which he inverts the First Amendment to become protection for the “collective” (which he means in the Communist sense: the inescapable entirety of the people) against individual dissenters with dangerous ideas.  Breyer merely put a scholarly veneer on the ugly totalitarian sentiments expressed by Mozilla when they gave Brendan Eich the heave-ho.  The “collective” interest in freedom of speech is served by gagging people with dangerous ideas, as defined by the wise and benevolent masters of the collective.  Tolerance for everyone… except of course those ruled intolerant, who cannot be tolerated on the long march to tolerance.  Joyous diversity must be policed by enforcers who tackle and handcuff narrow thoughts.

Kevin D. Willianson, NRO: The Liberal GulagThe Brendan Eich case brings out the nature of liberal fascism. 

The Left should be feeling, at the very least, ashamed. As Andrew Sullivan noted, its crusade for absolute conformity with and submission to some version of virtue as understood by its members calls to mind the worst tendencies of the old Religious Right, even if those tendencies mostly existed in the imagination of Andrew Sullivan. The intellectual stultification on display is remarkable. The Left’s most energetic foot soldiers today are MFA dropouts who are too stupid to tell a genuine Sarah Palin quote from a Tina Fey line and spend their idle afternoons (one gets the feeling there is a surplus of them) sharing Snopes-discredited political memes on Facebook and discussing last night’s Jon Stewart show. The bovine instincts of the stampeding herd that surrounded Miss Timpf would embarrass anybody capable of embarrassment. Being on the wrong side of two First Amendment issues at the same time ought to be cause for some critical examination among our so-called progressives, but their omphaloskepsistic contemplation of the unrivaled virtue they perceive in themselves protects their intellects, such as they are, from the discomfort of contact with noncomformist ideas.

Which is, of course, what this is all about. Bakers and photographers are to be locked in cages if they hold the wrong views on same-sex marriage; pundits and scholars are to be locked in cages if they hold the wrong views on global warming; actual criminals who break the law and abuse their official trust in the service of punishing nonconformist ideas enjoy official protection from an increasingly lawless administrative state. The words “progressive lynch mob” sound strange only to those unfamiliar with the career of Senator Rebecca Latimer Felton.

Jack Cashill, The American Thinker: What Mozilla Has Taught Us:

Fascist mobs routinely reduce the most decent of opponents to cruel stereotypes and demand their exclusion from polite society.

As is often the case with such mobs, there is a certain selectivity about who should be punished.  Although he did not support Proposition 8 per se, then-Senator Barack Obama paved the way to its passage when he told Rick Warren’s California congregation in August 2008, “I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian, it’s also a sacred union. God’s in the mix.”  Black voters, who turned out in record numbers to support Obama, voted overwhelmingly for the amendment and made victory possible.

“Mr. Eich,” lectures the sanctimonious Oremus, “right now we’re in a world where you have to not be a bigot if you want to be an effective leader of an organization like Mozilla.”  Should that same standard not be applied to the president of the United States?  The craven Obama did not “evolve” out of his “sacred union” position until 2012, when the polls told him it was safe to do so.

The Christian-led civil rights movement took decades of patient appeals to biblical and constitutional principles before it prevailed.  Although its leaders suffered mightily along the way, they eventually persuaded America that it was both un-Christian and unconstitutional to deny people full human rights based on their race.

The “marriage equality” movement has made no such case, because it has no such case.  It has no grounding in the Constitution.  It defies the very tenets of Christianity.  And its leaders have suffered little more than the occasional unkind tweet.  To throw out empty clichés like “marriage equality” or insulting jibes like “The Bible also says that eating shellfish is an abomination” shows just how intellectually bankrupt the movement is.

Pat Caddell: ‘The Government Is Oppressing the People” (Video)

Fox News Political Insiders Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen, John LeBoutillier joined Harris Faulkner Sunday night to talk about the latest on the political grapevine – Jeb Bush’s “New GOP”, SCOTUS, Obama’s April Fools Day ObamaCare Victory speech, and Fox’s special, Enemies of the State.

Most of the show was a rather mundane discussion of the usual stale subjects, but the panel came alive during their discussion about Fox’s special, Enemies of the State.

Caddell said,  “the problem we have in this country – someone referred to it as soft authoritarianism – is  this is supposed to be a democracy, not a country where if you get out of line, the government can come after you – and the problem is, they can come after you in every possible way.  They’re also writing more and more laws, making everything criminal to in fact  intimidate and oppress the American people.  This is not freedom, folks! He went on to say that “the government is oppressing the people.”

LeBoutillier mentioned the NSA spying as another way the government is violating the rights of the people. He exclaimed,  inside the beltway, “it is a corrupt system out to screw us!”