Giuliani Doubles Down On Obama Criticism, Says de Blasio Should Apologize To NYPD (Video)

Did you catch former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on CBS with Major Garrett, Sunday morning?

He was very impressive in the first half of the interview, refusing to back down from his previous comments indicting Obama for “contributing to a rhetorical atmosphere about hating American police.”

Apparently Glenn Kessler, the WaPo “factchecker” fact-checked his opinion and gave it some Pinocchios after coming to the (not-so) shocking conclusion that POTUS has been generally supportive of the police in his rhetoric (as if the Alinsky-trained,  community organizer/president would be anything but supportive of the police on the surface in a center-right country.)

But Garrett was very impressed with WaPo’s fact checking, and wanted to clear the air.

“I’ve never come across anything that looked like propaganda urging the country to hate police,” he said crossly at the former Mayor.  “Do you want to recast that, or take that back?”

“No, not at all,”  Giuliani answered without missing a beat. “I think you miss one important point.”

That, of course,  would be the giant, teleprompter-challenged elephant in the room – “He has had Al Sharpton to the White House 80-85 times,”  Giuliani explained. “Often when he’s talking about police issues he has Al Sharpton sitting right next to him.”

“If you would like to have a poster boy for hating the police, it’s Al Sharpton,” Giuliani continued. “You make Al Sharpton a close advisor, you are going to turn the police in America against you.”

He added, “I saw this man help cause riots in New York. I’ve heard his anti-police invective first hand.” Giuliani then went in for the kill: “To have a man who hasn’t paid $4 million dollars in taxes – have a man who has spent his career helping to create riotsphony stories about the police – to have that man sitting next to you – it speaks volumes. Actions speak louder than words.”

Garrett tried to get Giuliani to admit that the president has at least been supportive of the police in his rhetoric, but Giuliani refused to back down.

“Look, who you associate with is part of your rhetoric,” Giuliani answered heatedly. He went on to make a perfect analogy that should have embarrassed Garrett because it was an indictment of him and the Obama-media as a whole.  “If I were talking to you about ending the mafia as I did in the 1980s – fighting the mafia – and I had Joe Colombo sitting next to me, you would say I was a big hypocrite, wouldn’t you?”

(The answer is yes, any journalist with a pulse would have called him out for that. But love is blind, as they say, and if President Boyfriend occasionally says nice things about the police but constantly meets with a notorious cop-hater and riot instigator, they fail to notice the problem.)

Giuliani drove the point home, saying, “It wouldn’t matter what my rhetoric was – ‘oh I’m fighting the mafia!’ There’s Joe Colombo!”

And he proceeded with the Obama example – ‘I’m for the police’ there’s Al Sharpton? Police everywhere are going to say, ‘give me a break. I get the point Mr. President.'”


Garrett suggested that Giuliani had had his differences with the police when he was mayor, and they had turned his back on him, too. and Giuliani quickly disabused him of that notion. (Makes you wonder who was feeding Garrett these weak arguments? Media Matters? The White House itself? Garrett’s star has fallen far since his days at Fox.)

Giuliani said that there had been  a dispute with the union about pay – “‘Double zeroes for heroes’ they chanted. “But they never turned their backs on me. And I never had an issue about policing with them.”

Unfortunately, in the second half of the segment, he criticized the police for turning their backs on De Blasio, and he repeated his assertion that it is unfair to blame De Blasio for the cop killings. (I think Obama/Holder/Sharpton/de Blasio do have blood on their hands for encouraging the false racial narrative about the police and allowing it to take root, and encouraging ( in Obama advisor Sharpton’s case) organizing the protests.)

Giuliani did say that he thinks that de Blasio should apologize to the NYPD.

“He created an impression with the police — that he was on the side of the protesters. Now some of those protesters were entirely legitimate, but some of those protesters were horrible, yelling, ‘kill the police, kill the police.’ I don’t remember protests with people yelling ‘kill the police’ since the 1960s and 70s.”

Giuliani said that if de Blasio would apologize to the police and lose Sharpton, “maybe then he can have a better relationship with the NYPD.”

Garrett’s only response to Giuliani’s numerous assertions, was, “interesting.”



MS/NBC should suspend Rev Al Sharpton until he gets on a payment plan to pay the reported millions he owes in taxes. And the IRS and state revenue divisions should garnish his MS/NBC salary until his reported tax bill is paid. NYT reports he owes $4.5 million in taxes.

Via Truth Revolt: Fox News’ Jason Riley: Obama, Holder, Sharpton Push False Racial Narrative:

Fox News contributor Jason Riley brilliantly nails the false racial narrative perpetuated by the likes of Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and President Obama — that racism is an “all-purpose explanation” for everything that is wrong in America’s black communities.

Riley is right on target with this, echoing what Sheriff Clark and others (like me) have been saying.

The behavior in high-crime black communities must change, Riley said, if the community wants a positive perception. Yet, prominent black voices in this country — Sharpton, Holder, and the president himself — aren’t willing to have that conversation, he said.

More Riley via Bookworm Room on the culpability of the race-baiters: The murderous Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson:

JASON RILEY, WALL STREET JOURNAL: The one person of course who is responsible is the animal who pulled the trigger, he’s the one that we hold personally responsible for this and rightly so. And it’s also true, that Mayor de Blasio, with his anti-cop rhetoric, has created an atmosphere in the city that has made an occurrence like this much more likely than it otherwise would have been.

You know, what we have learned over the years is that when someone like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson injects himself in racially contentious situations people tend to get killed, whether it’s Crown Heights, Brooklyn, back in the early 90s, Freddie’s Fashion Mart up in Harlem in the mid-90s, or these anti-cop protests following the Ferguson shootings. When you the mayor, or the president of the United States, or Attorney General Holder, and you choose to align yourself with someone like Al Sharpton instead of with the men in blue who protect our cities nationwide, you’re asking for mayhem.

Weasel Zippers: Eerily Similar To NY Case: Durham Police Officer Targeted And Shot At By Two Black Men Who Came Up Behind His Police Car

Weasel Zippers: De Blasio Booed And Heckled During NYPD Officers Graduation Ceremony – Update: Crowd Shouts “Traitor!”…

Video here. MehYou can hear some boos among the applause but it’s not overwhelming. Officers were likely lectured about decorum and the need to behave themselves before the ceremony.

Ace of Spades HQ: Obama: Racial Tensions Are Now Coming Out in a “In a Way that is Probably Healthy “

The community organizer just keeps organizin’ his communities.

With racial issues and policing headlining the political conversation in America in the midst of nationwide protests and the murder of two police officers in New York, President Barack Obama said he believes the issue of race relations is surfacing “in a way that probably is healthy.”…

“I actually think that [the U.S. is] probably in its day-to-day interactions less racially divided,” Obama said in an interview with NPR released Monday and recorded before his family vacation in Hawaii. “The issue of police and communities of color being mistrustful of each other is hardly new; that dates back a long time. It’s just something that hasn’t been talked about.”

The fact that some residents in high crime, gang-infested neighborhoods feel hostility toward the police is not something we talk about because it’s an obvious, sickening fact everyone already knows.

The healthy conversation we should be having on race is the one Jason Riley talked about in the video above – the one Obama/Holder/Sharpton/de Blasio and their fellow travelers have no interest in discussing because it doesn’t help them politically.

And for this president to suggest that this country is less racially divided since he came into office when polls overwhelmingly show that Americans say they feel more racially divided than ever before, takes Gruberism to a new level. I’m actually impressed.

21 thoughts on “Giuliani Doubles Down On Obama Criticism, Says de Blasio Should Apologize To NYPD (Video)

  1. The last thing anyone should expect from Rudy, is for him to back down. Rarely has he ever shot from the lip.

    Bill Bratton made the rounds this Sunday and did a backward moon dance on Sharpton. After the Garner death, comrade de Blasio held a pow-wow trying fo settle things down. Sharpton was invited and sat to the Mayors immediate left at the dais, Bratton to his right. In short order, Sharpton hijacked the meeting and warned the Mayor that he would be his “worst nightmare”. Comrade Billy sat there and took it from him with no redress. He looked like a whipped puppy dog and appeared to be the last person in charge.

    Bratton is well respected by the PD, they like him, but Bratton even admitted this Sunday that inviting Sharpton to that meeting was a mistake. A big one. Right now comrade Billy is using Bratton as a shield between the PD and himself. Tensions are high there and Bratton could wear out his relationship with the PD real fast if he keeps it up. I haven’t seen it this bad since General Dinkins wasn’t in charge.

    If Bratton walks, comrade Billy will be a “wind sock” in a hurricane.

    Liked by 1 person

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