Saturday Movie Matinee: Where’s Putin?

UKRAINE TODAY: Where Is Putin? Kremlin releases Putin photos in bid to quell speculation over ‘disappearance’:

Amid mounting speculation of the whereabouts of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has not been seen in public for over a week, the Kremlin has released a series of new photographs.The pictures apparently show Putin at his countryside residence meeting with Russia’s top judge in the past 24 hours. They could not be independently verified.

Wochit General News:Where is Putin? Rumors Swirl of Botched Botox, Cancer and Death:

Where’s Putin? It’s been over a week since the Russian president made his last public appearance, prompting people in Moscow and around the world to wonder what’s become of him. Hashtags such as #WhereisPutin ” are trending. The last confirmed public appearance of Putin, was at a meeting with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on March 5. His noticeable absence since has the rumor mill buzzing. The rumors as to the reason for Putin’s disappearance run the gamut, from the president undergoing plastic surgery and needing time to recover, to botched Botox, having a cold, cancer and even death.

Washington Free Beacon: Hillary Clinton’s Horrible Press Conference | SUPERcuts! #175:

PJ Media: Possible Felonies! What Does Email-Gate Mean for Hillary? | Trifecta:

ReasonTV: DC Matic: The Hillary-Approved Email Server!:

Do you run a government agency but hate complying with the law? Then you need DC Matic, theHillary Clinton-approved email server!

Here’s how it works:
First you select the government business you’d like to conceal from the public.  Then, simply use DC Matic’s proprietary privacy controls to fix the problem. Simple as that!

Krauthammer’s Take: Americans Don’t Like Country’s Direction”

Truth Revolt: Andrew Klavan: Magical Leftist Thinking:

Megyn Kelly, Kurtz Pile on ‘Sanctimonious’ MSNBC: ’500 Liberals and Joe Scarborough’

Megyn Kelly tonight touted a new study finding Fox News to be more trusted than all other national news networks, and neither she nor Howard Kurtz could resist taking shot after shot at MSNBC for its ratings woes.

Hillary Clinton’s Horrible Press Conference | SUPERcuts! #175

Washington Free Beacon: MSNBC Is Overplaying Its Hand | SUPERcuts! #176:

Unholy War ➠ The March Of ISIS Part 1:

Unholy War ➠ The March Of ISIS Part 2:

Unholy War ➠ The March Of ISIS Part 3:

This special will be replayed at some point during the weekend. If you want to see the whole thing, check your local listings for your area.

A song of sadness: Denez Prigent & Lisa Gerrard Gortoz A Ran – J’attends:

And ending on a happier note and with upcoming St Patrick’s Day in mind…

Irish dancers surprise the Judges with their modern twist | Britain’s Got Talent 2014:

4 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: Where’s Putin?

  1. I saw that – but I think the correct wording should be – she pushed the story. Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi committee was making the discoveries – media should have been reporting what they were finding. Of course – as I’ve said all along – the MSM know how to bury a story if they want to – (see F & F.) If they wanted to bury EmailGate, no one would be talking about this but rightwing blogs.The NYTs was merely given permission to write the story.

    It’s pretty sick that it works that way – and our weak-ass Republicans don’t know how to fight it.


  2. While that is always a distinct possibility when it comes to the Clinton’s. Expose the problem, so it becomes a “old story” as fast as possible. Gowdy claims he only learned of it a day or two before it hit the nyslimes. The dims claim otherwise.

    If it’s the case, “Team Hill” severely under estimated the reaction it got. There is plenty of coverage across the msm and no tingles going up and down most of their legs right now. It also has loads of dims running for cover, so they dont have to answer questions or continue making excuses for the Clinton’s.

    Sycophants aside……..Davis, Carville, Bagalia and Brazile, of course. Most others are taking a wait and see position, having been burned in the past defending them. I wouldn’t doubt for a second that galpal Val is the source. She is a total loyalist. On the other hand Klien has been wrong on published information in the past.

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