Saturday Movie Matinee: Obama’s Clown Car Diplomacy

Bill Whittle, PJ Media: Take Them At Their Word: Iran Might Destroy Us:

Krauthammer, Special Report: Obama Demonstrated Willingness To Create A Hegemonic Iran; “This Is Insane”:

Fox News: Iran’s Supreme Leader Accuses White House Of Lying About Nuke Deal – Cavuto:


Andrew Klavan, Truth Revolt: Obama’s Clown-Car Diplomacy:

Washington Free Beacon: The Capitulator: Obama’s Nuclear Surrenders to Iran | SUPERcuts! #180

C Steven Tucker: 4 15 14: Tax Day Tea Party Speech:

PJ Media, Trifecta: Are Lawsuits the Only Way to Keep Journalists Honest?

Washington Free BeaconWhy College Campuses Are Insufferable, In 2 Minutes | SUPERcuts! #181

LIBRE: School Choice Rally in Brownsville, TX March 2015:

Colin Flaherty: WAKE UP! says Sheriff after deputies kill black criminal:

For you Harry Potter fans – Severus Snape | Important Scenes in Chronological Order:

2 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: Obama’s Clown Car Diplomacy

  1. “Take them at their word” is an impossible task for the dedicated language deconstructionist… Words don’t convey truth! Words are merely tools for manipulating others, not reasoning cooperatively with others based on mutual respect.

    Obama will say whatever he needs to say to get his way.

    He knows he should not be taken at his word. It makes sense he does not take anyone else at their word.


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