Horror: Woman Tries To Flush Baby Down Toilet

We’ve all heard stories of overweight women who don’t know that they’re pregnant, winding up having their babies in a toilet, because they confuse the labor pains with bowel movement cramps. This happens every so often. They fish the baby out, and live happily ever after, (presumably).

How about a woman, who has her baby in the toilet, and then tries to flush it down?

The 20 year old Kansas City woman, a McDonald’s employee, had the baby in the restaurant’s restroom toilet.

Someone called an ambulance crew about 12:30 p.m. to the restaurant at 3741 Broadway and said a woman was in labor. When the crew arrived, they found the woman sitting on a toilet. She said she had “flushed three times but that it would not go down.”

The paramedic asked the woman to stand up, and saw the baby face down in the water. The baby had no pulse, so the paramedic and his partner performed CPR, and revived the baby.

An ambulance took the mother and baby to separate hospitals. The baby was listed in critical, but stable, condition.

Police say the woman claimed that she didn’t know she was pregnant, but have information that she had previously told friends about it.

Does it get any more disgusting and depraved than this?


A little more detail:

The baby’s mother reportedly told the ambulance crew that she did not know she was pregnant or had given birth. But police said they have information that the woman had told friends about the pregnancy, and a co-worker said many McDonald’s employees either suspected or knew it.The Missouri Children’s Division has custody of the baby. (emphasis mine).

The Missouri Children’s Division has custody of the baby.

Please God, don’t let them give the baby back.


13 thoughts on “Horror: Woman Tries To Flush Baby Down Toilet

  1. I hope this broad gets help… after a nice stay in prison.

    Why couldn’t she give the baby up for adoption? Trying to kill it was a selfish and barbaric act.


  2. This woman must have been really stupid and just plain dumb for not knowing she was pregnant. Every woman end up knowing at some stage of time.


  3. are u kidding? i get sad, nervous and guilty when my kid isn’t being naughty. wtf is wrong with these people?


  4. Maybe she was in denial about being pregnant. Alot of people (especially young girls) don’t want to acknowledge that they’re pregnant so make up the fact that they “didn’t know.”

    Still doesn’t give her the right to try and flush her baby down the toilet though. Hopefully she gets help and hopefully the baby is safe now.


  5. There is nothing to wonder about. This person is subhuman. Why the wonder? What separates people is what they are and do. They just look human..but the mind is what separates us. You see animals in different forms….right? And thus are the bipeds.


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