Nice Timing Obama!

Did you know that Friday, April 11, the same day the story of Barack Obama’s insulting words directed towards working class Christians (spoken to rich elites at a fundraiser in San Francisco) broke, he was also launching his National Catholic Advisory Council?

Oh yeah….not that he admits that he has a problem with Catholic voters, even with his profoundly pro-abortion voting record.

Obama’s Religious Outreach Director Joshua DuBois is a prominent pro-lifer (and koolaid drinker):

“This is the first time in recent memory that prominent Catholics have stood up in this way in a Democratic primary. Senator Obama is proud of his support among Catholics across the country and looks forward to working hard for every Catholic vote. This Council is a phenomenal milestone in that process.”

Of course, this hard work has been undermined mightily by Obama’s condescending words at the San Francisco fundraiser coming to light:

You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them…And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not.

And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

I’m sure a lot of Catholics, (as well as other believers) are wondering how their heart-felt faith in God wound up getting thrown in with guns, antipathy, anti-immigrant, (not anti-illegal immigrant mind you, just anti-immigrant) and anti-trade sentiment. They might also wonder why their religious faith was called a result of their “bitterness”. It all sounds so…condescending! We would do better, apparently, to put all of our faith in liberal politicians than to cling to our paltry old religion. Is our religion going to give us jobs? Will it give us healthcare? Will it feed our kids? No, but Barack Obama, the word made flesh can do it…yes he can! It’s time to replace our faith in a higher power with faith in Government. Everyone knows this!

And for Gaia’s sake, let’s open our borders, and throw away our guns, and stop being racist hillbillies, while we’re at it. Once our communities have been “organized” to sufficiently take care of all our needs, we won’t have to cling to such archaic notions.

Here’s Obama’s statement to Catholic voters:

“I am deeply honored to have the support and counsel of these committed Catholic leaders, scholars, and advocates. We share many important values, and I have profound respect for how these religious and lay women and men have put their faith into action to promote the common good. They have spent their lives serving others: shaping our public debates, caring for the poor, ministering to those who need our help, and fighting for a more just society. As a committed Christian, I welcome their help as we continue to build the largest grassroots network of people of faith in any campaign in history.”

Whatever, Barack.