An Obama Groupie Speaks


This op-ed in The San Francisco Chronicle is everything we’ve come to expect from the Obama cultist, and more.  The author, Molly Sweeny is a sophomore working toward a triple major in political science at UC Davis. What makes her idol worship even more disturbing, is that she would like, upon graduation, to be a ‘war-zone correspondent and analyst of terrorist activities’.

For the first time in my life, I feel as if someone stands for me and my ideals, understands my hardships and wants to make my life and the lives of my generation better than those of our parents.

“For the first time in my life…” – where have we heard that, before?

Barack Obama gives me hope that when I graduate from college, I will have a job and a place to start my life where I don’t have to worry about not having enough money to eat or repay my school debts.

Obama will put her to work, alright; “repairing our crumbling roads and bridges”, or perhaps building a wind-farm.

Obama understands the importance of my education, and wants to help ensure that I can receive that education, thus bettering myself and bettering America.

I don’t get it. The woman is a sophomore. What has Obama done for her to get her that far?

Obama wants to make sure that kids aren’t starving in our towns and cities; that men, women, children and teenagers have access to health care and don’t succumb to treatable illnesses because of lack of health insurance. Obama believes in life lived without fear.

Bush was all for starving children in our towns and cities, the cad. And he wasn’t happy unless people were living in fear of “succumbing to treatable illnesses”.

Obama wants the world to once again look at America with awe at our grandeur, and at the freedoms we enjoy; to have the world see us as a place of new ideas, a beacon of hope shining from our borders because of our faith in ourselves and our faith in the good of the world. Obama wants to replace the dark hallows of the world, which have been sucked dry of faith, with the resoluteness of righting the wrongs and atoning for the atrocities committed by humans upon fellow humans.

I suspect that when she says “freedoms”, she means her freedom to have an abortion. Economic freedom, free speech, right to bear arms…not so much.

Obama understands the environmental crisis, and wants to lead us into doing what we can to preserve the world and undo as much damage as we can. He wants to create a world for our children and our children’s children, a world where the air is crisp and the snow is still magical.

There is no “environmental crisis”, and snow has never been magical.

Obama lights a fire in my heart because he embodies what this country can be, not what it is; because he battles for morality and strives to pick up those who have fallen and can find no support. He fights for the people, all of the people – those like you and those like me. He fights for who I want to be and fights for the people who never knew they could be anything.

Obama understands my life, where I have been and where I am going. He is a real man, a man of good conscience and good character; a man I could turn to as a friend, a brother or a father. He is a guiding light in our country where the light has dimmed, and the people’s inspiration has wilted. He brings back the joy, and the hope of America. He does not discriminate against that which is not like him or that which he doesn’t understand. With an open mind and an open heart, he has a plan for where we are going. He is willing to take our weary bones and souls and put new life into them to create a place that can grow, prosper and renew.

This poor child needs to be de-programmed. This is what happens when a mind, incapable of critical thought, and devoid of original ideas is hit with a massive propaganda campaign. It’s beyond sad that institutions of higher learning are producing specimens like this. She probably won’t be right in the head until she’s been out of college for a good many years, but she may never recover fully.

I voted for Obama because I believe in him, and because he believes in me and in this country.

No ma’am. He does NOT believe in this country. In fact, he’s on record as saying that our constitution is “fatally flawed”.  He has promised to fundamentally “change” this country in a way that has his anti-American, Communist cronies in Chicago rubbing their hands together in delighted anticipation.

He will fight for my rights as a woman and fight for the rights of men. He will fight for the old and for the young. He will fight for those who have everything, for those with nothing and for everyone in between.

If you mean “my rights as a woman” to mean: expanding the right to abortion even to the point of infanticide, then yes, you are correct. As he has proven in the Illinois legislature, he will fight for that. But other than that, you should expect to see our rights receding like the oceans.

Obama understands the world in which we live.

THIS Obama?

He wants me to have control over my body, and will not dictate what I do or to whom I am accountable.

Kinda figured abortion was important to her.

He wants us all to succeed and to grow as people. He will not impinge upon my rights; instead he will fight for my rights, and fight to give Americans more rights.

Like the right to run a business as you (not the government) see fit, the right to free speech, and the right to bear arms?

Barack Obama makes me proud to be an American. He reignited the hope in our hearts, opened our minds and is ready to lead us into the bountiful future with an unwavering hand.

Our? Speak for yourself.

Can we change the voting age to, say…….35?

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