There’s really nothing else to say:

“His confident smile and his kind eyes are an inspiration to us all…”

It’s enough to make Kim Jong Il blush…

SNL couldn’t (and wouldn’t) do a better job satirizing Obama worship.

Via Hot Air Headlines: “Whole industries being spawned by Obama cult, now.”  The Washington Post has finally noticed…and finds it all so charming.

I repeat: Arrrrrghhh!!!

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Hat tip: Yuval Levin at The  Corner


It was only a matter of time:


No Black Friday Shopping For Me


What a relief.

My attempt last year was an epic fail. Shopping just ain’t my thing.

We are going to be on the road, today, so I’m escaping the temptation to run out like a maniac and hit all the awesome sales.

I’m going to be more thoughtful and methodical this year in my Christmas shopping, anyway – fewer presents for the kids, but focusing on the “big” things they want…not lots and lots of little things.

When I get home, I guess I’ll take a gander at the ads and see what’s on sale this weekend…but the first thing I’m going to do is put up the beautiful new wreath I bought at a craft show a few weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to put that thing up since I got it.

– Gotta run!