“Absolutely”… I mean… “No”… I Mean “Show Me”…I mean “It Was A Stupid Thing”…

Friggin’ douchebag, Ayers can’t get his story straight. When asked about it during a book-signing, he couldn’t decide whether he should cop to dedicating his Communist manifesto, Prairie Fire,  to Sirhan Sirhan, (among other reprobates), plead the fifth, or deny it all. So we ended up with this mangled explanation.

You can’t blame him. Obama’s Fight The Smears website probably hasn’t taken an official  position on that, yet.

Kudos to Kerry Picket from Newsbusters for asking the question, and recording that little bit of unpleasantness for posterity.

And don’t let his obfuscation cloud his chilling last words in this exchange:

It was a manifesto to all prisoners, and if I were writing a book like that today, I would dedicate it to 2.1 million people in prison. I think it was a stupid thing to single him out, but I also think that we have created a monster in the prison system. We ought to abolish the prison system. That’s what I think.

Obama’s “family friend”, unrepentant terrorist, William Ayers is a barking idiot, but a dangerous one, and one who most certainly did “exchange ideas” with him, as they sat on boards and panels together. And don’t forget that Obama found Ayers’ book on the Illinois Juvenile Court system, A Kind And Just Parent “searing and timeless”.

Also keep in mind that Ayers and Dohrn have yet another searing and timeless book about to be released, concerning, *SURPRISE!* “White Supremacy”:

White supremacy and its troubling endurance in American life is debated in these personal essays by two veteran political activists. Arguing that white supremacy has been the dominant political system in the United States since its earliest days—and that it is still very much with us—the discussion points to unexamined bigotry in the criminal justice system, election processes, war policy, and education. The book draws upon the authors’ own confrontations with authorities during the Vietnam era, reasserts their belief that racism and war are interwoven issues, and offers personal stories about their lives today as parents, teachers, and reformers.

Unexamined bigotry? We just elected our first black President. Largely because he’s black. How’s that for searing and timeless?


It Gets Worse…


Bloomberg News reports this morning:

Thanks in part to funding from benefactors such as billionaire George Soros, the Center for American Progress has become in just five years an intellectual wellspring for Democratic policy proposals, including many that are shaping the agenda of the new Obama administration.

Much as the Heritage Foundation provided intellectual heft for the Republican Party in the 1980s, CAP has been an incubator for liberal thought and helped build the platform that triumphed in the 2008 campaign.

Here’s what Discover The Networks says about CAP:

  • Leftist think tank run by Hillary Clinton and former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta
  • Helped launch Media Matters for America
  • The Center for American Progress (CAP) describes itself as “a nonpartisan research and educational institute” aimed at “developing a long-term vision of a progressive America” and “providing a forum to generate new progressive ideas and policy proposals.”

    Nonpartisan in the same way that groups like ACORN, VoteVets, and Media Matters are. Obviously there are plenty of ignorant people out there who buy that. They’re called “Obama voters”.

    Gateway Pundit reports:

    CAP helped launch the website Think Progress and David Brock’s Media Matters for America – a discredited “watchdog” organization monitoring “rightwing” media for ethics and accuracy.

    The Center for American Progress was also involved with the anti-Bush Legacy Bus that traveled the country this year and pushed a snuff film of our soldiers being blown up in Iraq. One CAP advisor argued the success of the surge was a bad thing for America and Iraq. Another CAP advisor blamed Israel and backed Syria after the nuke plant attack last year. The leftist group was behind the dishonest smear campaign against Rush Limbaugh for his phony soldier comments. The group helped slander Bill O’Reilly for his so-called racist comments.
    Quite a think tank, huh?

    The Nutroots now have more influence than ever before:

    Some of the group’s recommendations already have been adopted by the president-elect.

    Withdrawal of Troops

    These include the center’s call for a gradual withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and a buildup of forces in Afghanistan, a plan for universal health coverage through employer plans and proposals to create purchasing pools that allow small businesses to spread the cost among a larger group of workers. Obama has endorsed much of a CAP plan to create “green jobs” linked to alleviating global climate change.

    CAP also is advocating the creation of a “National Energy Council” headed by an official with the stature of the national security adviser and who would be charged with “transforming the energy base” of the U.S. In addition, CAP urges the creation of a White House “office of social entrepreneurship” to spur new ideas for addressing social problems.

    To help promote its ideas, CAP employs 11 full-time bloggers who contribute to two Web sites, ThinkProgress and the Wonk Room; others prepare daily feeds for radio stations. The center’s policy briefings are standing-room only, packed with lobbyists, advocacy-group representatives and reporters looking for insights on where the Obama administration is headed.

    The inmates are now running the asylum. The Republicans in Congress better have the backbone to fight the moonbat onslaught that is surely to come, or we may not be able to recognize this country in a few years.


    Ace of Spades HQ commenter, and conservative dandy, Jackstraw, has connected some dots, and come up with a disturbing picture:

    As I have been saying for going on a year now, the real power behind this mess is George Soros.  It is his money and his far left policies that have been driving the Democrat party with the Clintons since Bush first got elected.  Now, the strategy is coming to fruition.

    Right after Bush won re-election, Soros and some of his pals started an funding far left groups (thank McCain/Feingold!) including the preeminent Center for American Progress, CAP.  He and Hillary install her stooge, John Podesta as the head of CAP.  He continues to fund other left wing groups such as MoveOn.org, Democracy Now, etc., through a sereis of cutouts.  These groups all appear to be indepedent but they amazingly all speak with one voice creating what seems to be a grassroots uprising against Bush and for “change”.

    When the ’08 election roles around, Soros hedges his bets with Hillary and Obama, ultimately settling on Obama with most of his money and support.  But Hillary (and importantly, Bill are never far from his thoughts.  Magically, John Podesta is picked by Obama to head his transition team.  He joins Rahm Emanuel, ex-Clintonista, as the agents of change.

    Actually, its not so surprising as CAP becomes the defacto organization providing policy statement to the Obama team.


    But why Hillary?  There is no more important cabinet position than Sec of State.  The Sec of State is the international face of the US and negotiates for US interests abroad.  This is exactly what Soros wants.  He wants to change America’s postion in the world for both his own warped views on Open Societies but mostly for cash.  This is something that interests Bill Clinton too.  He has made tens of millions since he left office in shady international deals.  Most notably among those deals was Kazakhstan where he went against US policy and even against his wife to support un-democratic policies of Nursltan Nazarbayev.  Why?  Money.  Lots and lots of money from Frank Giustra, a Candian Billionare who wanted the Uranium rights in Kazakhstan.  Giustra got them and Clinton got $31 million for his fundraising boondoogle.


    Where do Soros and Giustra intersect?  At the International Crisis Group where both are board members.


    Does the International Crisis Group ring a bell?  It should.  That is the group which employs Robert Malley, ex-Obama advisor, ex-Bill Clinton advisor, and the group which took credit for dispatching Mr Malley to Syria and Egypt when it first leaked out that Obama had sent him.

    So we have a couple of far left billionares sitting on the board of ICG.

    One of those billionares is in business with Bill Clinton, the other with Hillary Clinton.

    The head of the liberal think tank that Soros funds and was put in there by Hillary after he ran black ops for her husbands administration is now the head of the Obama transition team.

    Soros funded Hillary and Obama and they both had ACORN (Soros) money.

    Obama had recently been supported by the New Party and Hillary by the Workers Family Party which are also ACORN fronts.

    Soros and Giustra and Bill Clinton are fundamentally interested in working with foreign governments and the US government to affect left wing policy and to make shit loads of money.

    And I will not be a bit surprised when Hillary and Obama seem to both support the exact same foreign policy around the world and Bill makes billions.


    We are so screwed.

    Al Franken Is A Losing Loser


    Al Franken lost his appeal to have rejected absentee ballots considered in the mandatory recount:

    DFLer Al Franken asked Monday to have rejected absentee ballots be considered in the U.S. Senate election results that are to be certified today by a state board, a move later blunted by an attorney general’s opinion that the issue should be left to the courts.

    The eleventh-hour maneuvering occurred as the five-member state Canvassing Board prepared to meet at 1 p.m. today in St. Paul to review results showing Republican Sen. Norm Coleman with a lead of 215 votes out of more than 2.9 million cast.


    The Franken campaign filed a brief Monday asking the Canvassing Board to consider including improperly rejected absentee ballots in today’s official tally. Granting that request would make it practically impossible to proceed to the recount on Wednesday.

    However, the state attorney general’s office later issued a three-page opinion requested by Ritchie that said the board’s job today is purely administrative, not to determine the eligibility of a voter or whether absentee ballots were properly accepted.

    The mandatory recount starts on Wednesday. Franken, perhaps inspired by Obama’s two year display of over-confidence and presumptuousness, is in Washington DC, today, meeting with Democrats.

    More at Powerline.

    Meanwhile, in Georgia, The Saxby Chamblis re-election effort needs our support:

    With Democrats now controlling 57 seats in the Senate, they are perilously close to getting the 60 votes in the Senate they need to end filibuster and pass Obama’s radical legislation.

    This why the special Georgia Senate run-off election slated for December 2 is now a national contest.

    If the Democrats defeat Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss, they will be very close to getting the 60 votes they need in the Senate to pass Obama’s radical legislation.

    Without the 60 votes, Obama can’t pass legislation to increase income taxes, increase capital gains taxes, increase FICA taxes or any other taxes.

    Without the 60 votes, Obama won’t be able to pass a new Fairness Doctrine limiting the power of talk radio.

    Without the 60 votes, Obama won’t be able to pass new social spending programs estimated as costing as much as $1 trillion.

    Without the 60 votes, Obama won’t be able to nationalize the healthcare system.

    Without the 60 votes, Obama won’t be able to give 12 million illegal aliens citizenship and other government benefits.

    You get the picture. Here’s the 30 second ad that is running in Georgia:

    Please Sign The FOCA Petition

    Obama  told Planned Parenthood last year that  the Freedom Of Choice Act was a top priority:

    Please Visit Fight FOCA and sign their petition.

    The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) would eliminate every restriction on abortion nationwide.

    • FOCA will do away with state laws on parental involvement, on partial birth abortion, and on all other protections.
    • FOCA will compel taxpayer funding of abortions.
    • FOCA will force faith-based hospitals and healthcare facilities to perform abortions.

    This can not stand. Let’s fight this abomination. If enough Americans cry out, maybe the forces of darkness will back down.  Obama says he wants to “end the abortion wars” He means to do that by stomping out his opposition, and removing the few barriers of protection for the unborn that we have. Most Americans support those protections.

    Celebrate Victory In Iraq On Nov. 22


    Don’t hold your breath waiting for an official announcement. There will be none – not from the MSM, the enfeebled, outgoing Bush administration, Congress, and certainly not the incoming Obama administration.

    But despite the Democrats’ best efforts, it can no longer be ignored:

    Zombie declares:

    Observations and statistics agree: The fighting has ceased, the war is over

    Michael Yon:

    “THE WAR IS OVER AND WE WON:” Michael Yon just phoned from Baghdad, and reports that things are much better than he had expected, and he had expected things to be good. “There’s nothing going on. I’m with the 10th Mountain Division, and about half of the guys I’m with haven’t fired their weapons on this tour and they’ve been here eight months. And the place we’re at, South Baghdad, used to be one of the worst places in Iraq. And now there’s nothing going on. I’ve been walking my feet off and haven’t seen anything.”

    Greyhawk at the Mudville Gazette:


    I’m not.

    I’ve been saying “we won” for some time now, so no argument on that point from me.

    Some video proof via Hot Air:

    Zombie says:

    The only reason that the war has not been declared “over” is that the media, which was generally opposed to the war and opposed to any of President Bush’s policies, doesn’t want to give him and his supporters the satisfaction of having been right. The media wants U.S. troops to return home, but only on condition that they do so with their tails between their legs in defeat — not as victorious liberators, which would invalidate five years of subtle and not-so-subtle anti-war propaganda on the part of the left-leaning media. The Bush administration for its part has not declared victory for two probable reasons: first, because they fear that by so doing they would only increase the call by the media and liberal Democrats to “bring the troops home now”; and also by so doing they might invite some last-ditch spectacular terror attack by the few remaining jihadists in order to embarrass the administration. And the incoming Obama administration will certainly never announce victory, since Obama spent over a year campaigning for the Democratic primary as the anti-war candidate. So both sides refuse to say the war is over. Even though it is, in fact, over.

    It is up to the American people to declare victory. Which is exactly what we are doing right now.

    There never will be an “official” announcement from the government or the media, so you can stop waiting for it.

    This is the official announcement.

    Join the VIDay movement!

    Do you agree with the concept behind VI Day? Then post a VI Day entry on your blog.

    Once you’ve posted it, email me (Zombie)the link! And I will post a link back to your blog here on this page.

    Make sure to make at least two different postings: Make one now to announce your support of VI Day and to spread the word ahead of time; and make another one on November 22 itself, to celebrate!

    (Blogs of all political orientations are invited to join: Even if you’re a progressive blogger and only want to announce an end to the war as a way to accelerate the homecoming home all troops, you are welcome to link to and/or mention VI Day too.)

    One last note: If anyone is planning to hold a “meatspace” (i.e. real world) party or celebration to mark VI Day, send me the details and I will post them here as well.

    Here are participating blogs, thus far:

    Gateway Pundit
    Little Green Footballs
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