Bishop of Phoenix sends Letter Of Rebuke to Notre Dame President

The  movement to prevent Barack Obama from giving the Commencement at Notre Dame just gained some steam:

Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix has released the contents of the letter he sent to Notre Dame President, Father Jenkins, yesterday.  It contains some strong wording:

“It is a public act of disobedience to the Bishops of the United States.”

“I pray that you come to see the grave mistake of your decision, and the way it undercuts the Church’s proclamation of the Gospel of Life in our day.”

See The American Papist for the screencap of the letter.

You can sign the Stop The Scandal petition, here. 170,000 signatures as of this writing!


Notre Dame “Stop The Scandal” Petition Update

Stop The Scandal: Obama Invited To Notre Dame Commencement

7 thoughts on “Bishop of Phoenix sends Letter Of Rebuke to Notre Dame President

  1. Thank you, Bishop Olmsted. Isn’t it about time you other bishops, archbishops, cardinals & priests stepped up. We need leadership here…enough is enough.


  2. I fear it is too late. The chances of withdrawing an invitation to the sitting President of the United States to speak is pretty much a non-starter in my view. I could be [and hope] I’m wrong, but ….

    I think Father Jenkins just blew his chances of ever becoming an Archbishop.


  3. Even the reasons for the honorary degree are wrong. Helping the poor by confiscating others’ money, telling different versions of immigration depending on the audience, claiming to want peace while we see continuing unrest in our cities over class envy perpetrated by the new government and let’s not forget Americans afraid of their own government now as they are on the verge of tripling the national debt. Fr. Jenkins really needs to examine his true motives here.


  4. Most Rev. Bishop Olmstead,
    Please accept my appreciation for your expression of disgust with the decision to award dignity through recognition of Pres. Obama at Notre Dame. The obedience of the faculty and staff at Georgetown to remove any evidence of Christian belief from view as directed by the White House staff as a concession for the privilege of having Obama speak was unconcionable.
    As a Catholic graduate of a Jesuit University, Regis Univ. of Denver, a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus and a practicing Catholic, I am appalled at the direction which the Church is taking submissive to the current political attacks which are directed against all Christian faiths particularly the Catholic Church in the US.
    A clear response is absolutely essential from our Clergy before we become the victims of another holocaust. I appeal to your sensibilities and ask that you direct the clergy of your Diocese to comment from the Altar at this weeks masses with a clear condemnation of what is going on in our church.
    Most respectfully yours,
    DR Nutile


  5. Very sad to hear this bishop sent such a letter. He missed an opportunity to dialogue and he missed a heck of a speech. I would personally talk to Fr. Jenkins first if I had Church issues. At least I know he would dialogue.


  6. Obama and Notre Dame horribnle decision to have this guy Obama speak am a catholic and believe and will pursue through every channel to the pope that this university to be be a non catholic univwersity…most of my friends are feeling the same way it is the enemy from within in government and the catholic church am oif course realizing that my true faith will not waiver but want to see this Prtesident and board atg Npotre Dame know of this dissent./ sincerely an American Bill Guilfoil


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