Friday Free-For-All

Mike Lester cartoon via Townhall.

Patterico posts part 3 of his damning indictment of Weiner’s online antics: Evidence That Weiner Was Talking Dirty to Underage Girls? Part 3:

Early this morning I posted Evidence That Weiner Was Talking Dirty to Underage Girls? Part 2. In that post, I provided evidence that Weiner had discussions with an underage girl (“Ethel”) regarding fighting for his country in a cape and tights. I also noted that he had also discussed fighting for his country in a cape and tights with a grown woman, with whom he had discussions of a explicit nature that read like something out of a Penthouse Forum letter (“needless to say, I was at the ready in my cape and tights!”).

This is the followup to that post. I will now explore further the question of whether Weiner might have talked dirty to young Ethel as well.

Ethel (who rendered her Twitter account private after I published part 2) has been on Twitter since 2009. She looks like a high school girl, and her profile says she loves LeBron James, marching band, and sleeping. She frequently talks about her high school on her feed.

Keep reading. There is no doubt in my mind that Weiner was  sexting with this girl.

Meanwhile, The New York Post has: Fifth woman and Weiner exchanged messages like ‘sexy’ and ‘sugar’ in Facebook chat

In another Facebook posting dated Dec. 15, 2010, this one public, Nobles wrote that she had just donated money to a Democratic Party fundraising committee.

“Just contributed to ActBlue, Weiner. You and your balls use it wisely,” she wrote.

The following day, Nobles posted for everyone to see: “Weiner! Way to stand your ground sexy! Keep it up like I know you can! Heart you, heart your passion, and as always, heart your balls!

Weiner and the woman also appeared to be arranging a meeting — although it remains unclear from the postings if that meant over the computer or in person.

Interesting double entendre there, given that Weiner was recently married to the beautiful and dignified Huma Abedin. Very, very strange behavior for a newlywed to say the least.

Through all this, sophisticated New Yorkers refuse to be scandalized by their horndog congressman’s behavior. A Marist Poll shows that 56% of voters surveyed in Weiner’s district didn’t think he should resign.  Is it really just us “rural, conservative Christians who are culturally backwards who don’t like this stuff?…

Breitbart TV: New Anti-Weiner Ad: Stop Sexting and Spending

Michelle Malkin: Feckless feminists wimp out on Weinergate; Plus: Weiner’s lingering underage girl problem; Updated: MORE

Drain the swamp! Clean house! It takes a woman to do a man’s job!

Remember all that Year of the Woman rhetoric when liberal feminists were riding high?

Top Democrat women loudmouths in Washington would rather you forgot all of it now. If you ever wondered how to get one of them to clam up about gender and politics, now you know.

Zombie thinks it’s time to MoveOn from the Weinergate scandal, and has started a new organization to help us down that road:

Why SitOn? Well, you’ll just have to read all about it at PJ Tatler. Content Warning: {{{It involves Weiner’s lewd and lascivious sexting messages}}}.


Gateway Pundit: Unbelievable… Napolitano: Concentrating Terrorist Screening Efforts on Muslim Men Under 35 is Not Good Logic (Video)

Noooo. Good logic is concentrating on nuns, beauty queens, babies, etc. Makes perfect sense. We’re in great…er…hands.


AWR Hawkins, Big Government:Palin So “Irrelevant,” Media Begs For Help In Sifting Through Her Emails:

In making this request, both the Washington Post and the New York Times prove they’ve yet to learn how much the people love Palin. But we can help them learn this lesson after 1 pm by sending a ton of emails that have absolutely nothing to with Palin’s correspondence cache.

In other words, the Washington Post reports they’ll be posting Palin’s emails here, and they’ll include a link whereby readers can respond when they find that “most noteworthy” information. The New York Times has been kind enough to say they’ll post Palin’s emails here, and they will likewise include a link whereby readers can respond when they find that juicy nugget that’s going to prove Palin doesn’t love America after all (or that she really shot her Caribou from a distance of 120 yards instead of 123).

Our job is simple: once the emails post, we need to click the links for each paper (cited in previous paragraph) and send both of them an email (or emails) about the noteworthy information we found. But instead of sending something from Palin’s emails, send them your favorite line from a Charlton Heston speech or movie. Or send them your favorite line from your favorite song or from a piece of classic literature.

Even if both papers figure out what’s happening rather quickly, the knowledge that we’ve sent random information will them force to research and verify every email (and re-open and re-research those which they took for granted upon receiving them). In turn, this will ruin all their fun and shut this little experiment down before it even gets rolling.


Big Government: Obama’s NLRB Silences SC Boeing Employees’ Voices:

The National Labor Relations Board continues to prove that the NLRB was established for Big Labor and Big Business while leaving employees out of the process. In complete arrogance, the NLRB has told South Carolina employees and their families that NLRB’s General Counsel Lafe Solomon’s plan to shut down Boeing’s South Carolina factory and eliminate jobs is none of their business.

As the National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation press release put it: “Obama NLRB to South Carolina Boeing Employees: ‘You Have No Stake in Your Jobs’”

Furthermore, the NLRB ruled that it was no one else’s business because it has chosen not to allow any amicus curiae briefs to be filed.


White House Dossier: Koffler and Carney: Why Not Demand Assad Step Down?

Yesterday I asked Jay if he could be specific about why we are not insisting that the bloodthirsty Syrian tyrant Bashir Assad step down, as we did Hosni Mubarak and are now demanding of Muammar Qaddafi.

His answer to other reporters on this has been, essentially, “every country is different,” which seems to have been generally accepted in the briefing room as a response that sheds some light on the subject.

Of course, this is approximately like asking someone “Why did you marry your wife?” and having them answer, “Because I really like women.”

So I asked him what specifically there is about Syria – and not Egypt or Libya – that leads us to stop short of pointing Assad toward the door.

The answer to my questions? “Every country is different.”

Watch video at link. Does it l.ook to you like Tapper in the front row is getting annoyed at the line of questioning? What’s that all about?


Doug Ross: Good Luck Charging Your Chevy Volts, Losers:EPA Shutting Down 5 Coal Plants For Reasons That Are Best Described As….Bull****

Consider this reason #3,405 to completely de-fund the EPA, which is nothing less than a Marxist front group.

The costs of complying with these specious EPA regulations will spike electricity prices by between 10 to 35 percent and cost 600 jobs. Well done, EPA.

Doug Ross: The Department of Education Has A Swat Team, Who Knew?

Using deadly force for collections?

Consider this reason #4,305 to completely de-fund the utterly useless Department of Education, which has yet to educate a single student.

Oh — and I’ve been out of town for a while. How’s that unlawful federal takeover of the student loan business working out?


Peter Ferarra, The American Spectator: The Coming Crash of 2013:

While the Reagan recovery, a real recovery from a similarly deep recession, averaged 7.1% real economic growth over the first 7 quarters, the Obama recovery has produced less than half that at 2.8%, with the last quarter at a dismal 1.8%. While the Reagan recovery produced nearly 20 million new jobs, and civilian employment rose by almost 20%, today America still suffers 6.8 million fewer jobs than when the recession started over 3 years ago. The labor force participation rate has fallen to its lowest level almost since the Reagan recovery started over 25 years ago. As the Wall Street Journal explained on Monday:

This is an important economic measure because it reflects the opportunities that Americans perceive in the marketplace. In the long boom from the Reagan years through 2000 or so, the labor force participation rate took a historic leap upward as women, immigrants and others entered the job market…. It has now fallen off a cliff, and we doubt that is what Mr. Goolsbee means when he hails the “trajectory of the economy.”

I have previously discussed why this happened. Obamanomics doggedly followed the opposite of Reaganomics in every detail. The centerpiece of Obamanomics was the old-fashioned Keynesianism that was a proven failure and left for dead 30 years ago. That was reflected most of all in Obama’s February 2009 trillion dollar stimulus package. That didn’t work because borrowing a trillion dollars out of the economy to spend a trillion dollars back into the economy does not add anything to the economy on net.

And borrowing two trillion for the stimulus instead still wouldn’t have done it, for the same reason. Those calling for still more of the same Keynesian snake oil are just self-identifying themselves as hopelessly deluded fools who must not be taken seriously ever again. Worse than not working, Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus already drove us to the brink of bankruptcy. Going for still more now as advocated by the mentally blinded would be walking off the cliff with our eyes closed.

Michael Walsh at The NY Post: Professor disaster: Bam’s theories killing economy:

The growth in GDP declined to a measly 1.8 percent in the first quarter of 2011 as consumers hung desperately onto their wallets. Job growth has completely collapsed. Fully 60 percent of the electorate thinks the country is on the wrong track. No wonder the daily economic briefing, once on a par with the intelligence briefing, has vanished from President Obama’s schedule.

Heckuva job, guys.

And now Obama says he’s not worried about a double-dip recession. Easy for him to say: For Americans not feeding at the government trough, the first recession never ended.

We are witnessing the total failure of academic Keynesian economics, with its heavy emphasis on high taxes and exorbitant government spending. Yet Obama sails blithely on, already in full campaign mode and still blaming George W. Bush and the Republicans (admittedly no models of fiscal restraint or responsibility) for everything.

Worse, the what-me-worry president continues to insist that the ongoing hard times are just a “bump in the road” — that if we can just get the “fortunate” rich to “pay a little more” everything will be just fine.

Never mind that most of the “rich” got their own money by inventing a product or providing a service in the private sector. That they invested an enormous amount of their own capital and sweat equity before it paid off. That they did it for the most part without any help from Obama or his friends in academe.

And never mind that if you tax the rich at 100 percent of their wealth, the country will still go bankrupt.

Bump in the road to what, Mr. President? The road to perdition?


Pirate’s Cove:Democrats Fall Back To Their Default Position During Debt Fight:

Did you know that Sheriff Joe met with Republican negotiators on Thursday in another closed-door meeting that produced 0 agreement? Biden told reporters: “I’ve made it clear … revenues have to be in the deal.”

So, raising revenues, er, expenditures in the tax code, sorry, increased taxation is the only thing on Democrats’ tiny minds. They just can’t envision reducing the federal government’s spending. And, of course, they want to go after the tax breaks that oil companies receive, which would simply be passed on to consumers, who Dems can then demonize, and call for more “green” energy subsidies. No matter that increasing gas prices would destroy the fragile economy, which Democrats own. That’s not their concern.

The Minority Report: New Video: Democrats Nonexistent Budget Plan


I detect a pattern, here…Obama regime sides with our enemies once again, in Falkland Islands dispute.

Heritage Foundation:President Obama Should Side with Britain over the Falkland Islands:

President Obama was effusive in his praise for the Special Relationship when he visited London in May, but his Administration continues to slap Britain in the face over the highly sensitive Falkland Islands sovereignty issue by aligning itself with Argentina’s call for U.N.-brokered talks on the future of the islands.

This reckless approach toward the U.S.–U.K. alliance threatens to upset relations between Washington and London at a time when both countries are actively engaged in a major war in Afghanistan and American and British aircraft are enforcing the NATO no-fly zone over Libya.


 New Zeal: Allen West – “Im the Liberals Worst Nightmare”:

Watch the video…


John from Verum Serum: Super Short Super 8 Review

Short version – He likes it. I’m going to take my older kids to it some time this weekend.


Trending on Twitter: #PalinEmails:

My submissions thus far:

Sarah Palin was on Victoria Secret’s email list – received regular updates on lingerie sales! #VictoriaSecretGate #palinemails

Unpatriotic Palin was on racist Oriental Trading Co mailing list -received regular updates on (made in China) party good sales. #PalinEmails

Palin violates separation of church and state in #PalinEmails – prays, invokes God, mentions the BIBLE!

(I should have added #PracticingChristianGate)

When MSM is done sniffing through #PalinEmails, maybe they could pressure @LATimes to release Obama’s Khalidi Bash Tape.

Legal Insurrection: Behold The Mainstream Media Eating Its Own Anti-Palin Bile – A Running List of Headlines

A collection of headlines from the mainstream media after a feeding frenzy to break stories regarding the 24,000+ e-mails released by the State of Alaska from Sarah Palin’s time as Governor.

The rushed headlines and analysis reveal the mainstream media desperately seeking ways to confirm its long-standing anti-Palin bile, without any time to consume the meaning or (lack of) importance of the e-mails.

Today shows the mainstream media at its worst, featuring insatiable publicity hounds seeking to confirm their preconceived narratives regarding a leading conservative political figure.

5 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All

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  2. 1) I fail to see how “Secretary Napolitano” and “logic” makes any sense, either, any more than her conclusion regarding “under-35 Muslim men” makes any sense.

    But if residency in DC required any sense, the place would be virtually empty.

    2) The NLRB is a danger to America, just as much as Mr. Obhammud.

    3) Substitute “EPA” for “NLRB” in #2 above.

    4) Substitute “Department of Education” for “NLRB” in #2 above.

    5) Why should Obhammud care about whether Great Britain’s feelings are hurt by his position on the Faulklands? They’re just a bunch of ruling white folk anyway.

    6) There seems to be a pattern emerging here about the competence of this administration and their ability to accomplish anything that benefits this nation…


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