Video: Voices Of Recovery – A Businessman Speaks Out

Via The House Oversight & Government Reform Committee:

 “Voices of Recovery: Neil’s Story,” a new video telling the story of Charleston, S.C. small business Dunhill Staffing, whose future is in doubt because of the Obama Administration’s unprecedented application of labor regulations to stop Boeing from hiring up to 3500 workers for a new plant in South Carolina. Before the NLRB suit, Dunhill Staffing Systems grew to support seven South Carolina workers and their families since opening in 2001, placing hundreds of employees into new jobs despite 10% unemployment in the state.

American Job Creators is part of an ongoing conversation between Congress and the people we serve about the regulatory reform to support private-sector job growth.

Also from Oversight and Reform: “Let’s Fix This”

Republicans have their work cut out for them. I can guaran-damn-tee you the answer to our problems is NOT for the federal government to “partner” with businesses (picking winners and losers) like Obama is doing with his heinous, “Advanced Manufacturing Partnership”.


One thought on “Video: Voices Of Recovery – A Businessman Speaks Out

  1. It’s this “partner with business”, “take-over of healthcare”, “mystery shopper with physicians”, “dream act by executive order”, “start a war without consulting congress”…the list goes on and on. Our country is like the frog that is boiled very very slowly until by the time the frog knows what’s going on…it’s too late. I just wish there was one Republican leader that would be screaming at the top of his/her lungs about the extreme danger we are in. We’re headed for the day when Obama and the Dems declare our beloved Constitution of the United States of America is officially declared NULL AND VOID!


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